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RedCafe.net - Sat Oct 20 3:14 PM
Their most successful manager and treat him like dirt. Real classy
RedCafe.net - Sat Oct 20 3:12 PM
I suppose there is no honour among cnuts (Mourinho's been a twat to opposition managers in the past), but this is so disresepctful, the FA should do something about this shit. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Sat Oct 20 2:28 PM
RedCafe.net - Fri Oct 19 8:59 PM
Talks Chelsea and rumours about getting the sack after Newcastle It was those pre-match headlines that affected some of his players in the first half of that game, according to the United boss. "I think the players in that weekend we didn't sleep in the hotel, everyone stayed at his own house, an...
RedCafe.net - Wed Oct 17 2:39 PM
Or making it more concrete: Imagine you were Sarri or Poch and you had the option of buying one of these 2 players, which one would you go for? Note: Sterling you could get for 90m and Rashford 65m I'd take Rashford BTW!