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I felt it was a big test for us, a mental test because many people question if we can turn up on an occasion like this, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 1:18 AM
Alexis Sanchez was today like the team, Wenger told the BBC. He had problems to start and became stronger and stronger.
Soccernet - 10:09 PM
People questioned us, we went through tough times, Wenger said. You can be divided or united and we have shown the right response.
BBC - 9:06 PM
Alexis Sanchez was like the team, Wenger said. He is an animal, always ready to kill the opponent.
Soccernet - 7:18 PM
I'm very proud of the performance and the spirt we have shown, said Wenger.
Daily Star - 6:39 PM
Alexis Sanchez was like the team. He had problems to start and became stronger and stronger, said Wenger.
Daily Star - 6:39 PM
I am very pleased, it was a big game today, Wenger told the BBC. Overall it was a great performance not only technically but mentally.
Mirror - 6:23 PM
I want him to be part of Arsenal Football Club for the next 10 years, said Wenger.
Daily Telegraph - 4:33 AM
He is a Frank Lampard-type player, said Wenger. He gets in the box and he has a huge capacity to run.
Mirror - 10:51 PM
It's more natural for local players because they have been educated in Arsenal - players like Ramsey, Chamberlain, Wenger said. They have to take charge.
BBC - 10:34 PM
They have to take charge of the future of the club, said Wenger. They should lead and take responsibility to say Yes, that is how we want to behave, this is how we want to play, let's go together.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
He looks like he is on an upward curve, says Wenger. He has always had little problems, but now he's getting stability and more freedom to play. He's a big talent, but he used to wonder if he could be as good as people want him to be. Now his mental level has adjusted with his foot...
Daily Express - 10:30 PM
He is a player who is box-to-box so overall he pushes the team forward, said Wenger.
Goal.com - 8:49 AM
I'm very proud because you have many strong managers in England for many periods, said Wenger. It's not easy to do.
Daily Telegraph - 7:53 AM
We will know tomorrow when we start the game if that is the prospect, said Wenger. I have not thought about it, because we play City. Let's first deal with City and see what happens. It's a 50-50 game. If you ask the neutrals, maybe they would say City are favourites.
Daily Express - 12:30 AM
If we played, for example, a Championship team, I would honestly say, Yes, said Wenger. Because we play City, it would be absolutely stupid to speculate on the final.
Daily Mail - 10:33 PM
We will know that on Sunday when we start the game, said Wenger. But I've not thought about it at all.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
It was special pressure in 2014; this time it is a special opportunity, Wenger said. It was difficult for us in 2014.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
We don't have to make a choice, said manager Arsene Wenger. We are not in a position to chose this or that. The next game is a semi-final, so we have to give everything to get to the final. We are ambitious, we have done it before, we know we can do it, but in the previous semis we...
Sky Sports - 3:46 PM
It is sad because Jack is a great football player with a great football brain, said Wenger.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
This injury is nothing to do with the extension of Jack's contract, said Wenger. We think it's a very simple fracture that doesn't need any surgery at all. Hopefully he will be back in July for normal training. The rehab will certainly be done here because the season will be over.<...
Daily Telegraph - 3:24 PM
It's time for you to take the next step, Wenger told him. In London I can help you reach that stage.
Mirror - 1:21 PM
I've followed the situation closely because he sees a specialist. We think it's a very simple fracture that doesn't need any surgery at all, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 12:05 PM
I'm sad about this injury because Jack is a great football player with a great football brain, Wenger said. His career has been stopped by many injuries. You have to be consistently present. When you look at all the players who are at the top level in the world like Cristiano Ronal...
Guardian - 11:42 AM
It was more designed to give us a bit more defensive solidity because recently away from home we conceded too many goals, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 11:31 AM
This injury has nothing to do with the extension of Jack's contract, Wenger said. I don't know, we haven't entered into any negotiations. I think for all these cases where there is only one year to go, we will enter into negotiations during the break.
Sky Sports - 11:13 AM
I don't know, I just felt that sometimes the team needs to believe in something new, something different, just to find a bit of confidence back, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 3:13 PM
Football today is a lot of talks and talks and talks, said Wenger. But at the end of the day, good players on the pitch is more important than anything else.
Sky Sports - 12:12 AM
When you are lacking in confidence it always comes back slowly and good results help, Wenger told Sky Sports.
Sky Sports - 11:43 PM
It [the top four] is mathematically still alive, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 11:03 PM