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I don't know (why he has not scored against top-six sides) but I'm not worried, Mourinho said.
Daily Mail - 6:46 PM
I think, I don't give trust for free, said Mourinho. I think [it] is the other way around.
Daily Telegraph - 2:36 PM
I think the next few weeks at Old Trafford will be amazing, Mourinho said.
Sky Sports - 2:02 PM
To play against Chelsea will mean less and less and less with the years, said Mourinho. I left a couple of years ago and next season three years ago, so step by step that feeling of I was the Chelsea manager or I was their manager for them I think disappears, so the real meaning of it is ...
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
Ander is out. I don't know the final diagnosis but I know he is out for a few weeks, Mourinho said. I don't know how to say 'few' -- two, three four five or six, I don't know.
Soccernet - 8:49 PM
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