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RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 10:55 PM
I did not see any thread about them for the upcoming season so I decided to start one. They have just signed Nolito and will probably sign another winger. How do we think he will line up? With Nolito and another winger coming in, I can't see how he would fit Silva, Sterling KDB and he new players...
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 10:18 PM
06/07 - Premier League winners, FA Cup runners up, Champions League semi-finalists. 07/08 - Premier League winners, Champions League winners 08/09 - Premier League winners, Champions League runners up, League Cup winners, FA Cup semi-finalists 09/10 - Premier League runners up, League Cup winners...
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 9:58 PM
Scored a cracker last night. Great player.
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 5:43 PM
One of you actually listened to @oneniltothearsenal !?!?! "The Donald Trump of CR7 fans"
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 4:44 PM
One of you actually listened to @oneniltothearsenal !?!?! "The Donald Trump of CR7 fans"
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 4:41 PM
I never know where to post videos, in the MMA or Boxing thread so I'm creating this one in the spirit of no megathreads to put all of the hybrid rumour stuff in.
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 2:44 PM
http://rmcsport.bfmtv.com/football/mercato-martial-souhaite-quitter-manchester-united-1416031.html It's in French but I think we all saw this coming the moment we signed Sanchez. He'll be a great player, but there are high chances it won't be in a red shirt. He has 2 years left on his deal (1 + 1...
RedCafe.net - Tue Apr 10 12:50 PM
I can’t find a thread on this so apologies if it’s been done to death, I haven’t been on Caf much since City match. Anyone find out what Pep said to Poggy at full time? Was it simply “I still can’t find a good pasta restaurant in Manchester.” “Yeah tell me about it, there were loads of them in Tu...
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 7:59 PM
Nothing but nothing can compare to the look on Sourness face when Pogba scored. Almost instantly the game ended, the media were looking for excuses for City. The airwaves were full of ‘If, but’s and maybe’s’. If Sterling had scored, if Atkinson had given the penalty the usual crap. I could give t...
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 7:54 PM
Sky Sports reporting that Spurs have appealed to the FA asking them to award the second goal against stoke city, credited to Christian Eriksen, to be awarded instead to Harry Kane. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date I suppose they want to help him get the golden boot but it’s a bit kiddish if you a...
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 6:56 PM
And if that wasn't bad enough Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 2:55 PM
We have let a tragedy hinder progress. It's been 25 years ffs. Everyone bar a strong and vocal minority wants it to happen. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 2:47 PM
https://www.theguardian.com/music/2 peech-on-how-to-build-a-better-society-at-boe But will they listen? "Focusing on economic growth and GDP figures alone is, argues Bragg, part of the problem rather than the solution. “Politicians have moved from changing the world to just trying to manage the e...
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 2:20 PM
I found this to be both bizarre and absurd. The US really is backward sometimes. After police killed a burglary suspect in a shootout, the officer was not charged - instead a teenage boy who did not fire the gun has been found guilty of his murder. How do accomplice liability laws work? Lakeith S...
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 1:41 PM
How will he fare in his first season? Instant impact making Liverpool serious contenders for top 3 or does he require serious amount of rebuilding? Squad looks awfully fragile when a couple of key players are out so surely this won't be plain sailing for The Normal One?
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 9:30 AM
Seems like City will put in a complaint. What do we think, deliberate? Coincidence? I wish he'd got his todger out and pissed on it, personally
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 5:28 AM
Well he probably most certainly won't get sacked unless they get into serious meltdown, but how long do you think Pep will last at City? Mind you he only lasted 4 years at his boyhood club before he's burnt out. If I'm a betting man I'd wager a bet Mourinho will outlast pep in their respective cl...
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 2:55 AM
Six part drama on Sky Atlantic. Just binged the season, it’s getting great reviews. Worth a watch.
RedCafe.net - Mon Apr 9 1:47 AM
Looking like the young England and Sheffield We'd striker is heading our way. Son of David. Scorer of many a youth league goal. Been in dispute over a new contract for a while with Wednesday and out of contract this coming summer. Don't know much about him, aside he's very tall and a lethal finis...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 9:15 PM
is he the cheap mans Gareth Bale? Developing into a fine player
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 7:42 PM
There are thousands of guys over the world blessed with football talent they might not even know of, or for some reason they didn't manage to turn it into a career. I used to play lots of street footy and there was this one kid with absolutely insane skills. Not just flashy technical skills, but...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 6:13 PM
Do we have any right to criticise Jose for anything but the Sevilla tie this season? We need to win 5 of our last 6 games to get 86 points, we could potentially get 89 if we win all of our games. That would be enough to win the title most seasons and either of those totals would make us...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 6:00 PM
Republican-led decay of US democracy predates Trump – and may be irreversible after him Guardian said: Several contributors focus on the potentially catastrophic reaction President Trump could orchestrate in the wake of a large-scale terrorist attack. The Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman argues...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 5:38 PM
Right i'm starting it here to stop derailing the Pogba thread. Mods if you wanna move my posts into here to clear it that's fine, or delete them if needs be because they're ostensibly OT. I don't think these 'tactical' or 'clever' or 'taking one for the team' fouls should be acceptable at all. It...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 5:34 PM
Now I know I'm going to be labelled overly negative regarding this and, don't get me wrong, I'm still buzzing over that second half performance but This is the kind of performance that could and should surge the team on to glory and (at least) better performances. Players renewed with confidence...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 4:35 PM
Who’s watching it? Who watched NXT last night? Thoughts on both
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 3:30 PM
This season has been a challenging one but there have been some memorable away performances. Out of yesterday's match (still buzzing), the Palace one last month and the back-to-back Watford and Arsenal games, which was the standout away performance for you?
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 3:08 PM
When its laid out like that you think, imagine if we were playing well, would it even be any different? 3 L 11 W 1 Draw thats not worth cracking the shits over. I remember doing the same thing when LvG was still here and it was horrendous. 2 wins in 11 or something.
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 2:35 PM
I was bored so I decided to check back on the standings over the years after 32 games (Starting from 1995/96 with the introduction of the 38 game season). Interesting results, though. Out of 22 campaigns (excluding this one), we'd currently be top in 9 of those (bolded seasons). Of the others, we...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 1:35 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Info Telefoot: Manchester United are interested in Djibril Sidibé.
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 12:35 PM
https://www.foxsports.com.au/footba k=ec36b22a2b16c55bb5b05e682d166ea7-1523185129 As per the title, some interesting mini statistics: In our 1999 premier league winning treble run, we made 79 points and that was enough to win the title. Before that, 75 points a few years previous was enough. When...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 11:30 AM
That seemed to be the tactical change at half time. Pogba went to LCM, Sanchez left forward with Lingard CAM. We played with so much more tempo, desire and energy. The movement was more like what you'd expect from a top class side, we filled the box plenty of times with Pogba/Herrera helping Luka...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 10:51 AM
Not only is it bad enough that Spurs won't play for a week before the semi final on neutral venue at their home ground, it will be United's third game in a six-day period.
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 9:19 AM
In the last month or so we’ve seen comeback wins against Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Man City yesterday as well as blowing Liverpool away in the first half so there’s 100% proof there that WE CAN literally blow teams away and play attacking football and that we have the players to do it regularly...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 6:49 AM
90+ minute free kick winner by RVP or yesterday’s 3 goal comeback. Both cagey. Both ended 2-3 United. Which was better?
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 4:48 AM
So Iborra is set to join Leicester. Weird decision from him. But i guess money talk. @SfcNervion Regarding the other teams, big summer ahead for Barca. They need a massive overhaul at the back and in the middle.
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 12:44 AM
Just to clarify before we start, by gap I do not mean points gap, I mean performance/ability gap going forward. We have all had our share of criticism recently regarding our performances, admittedly I am guilty of this and pretty hasty in my posts sometimes especially when I am disappointed with...
RedCafe.net - Sun Apr 8 12:36 AM
Graphic Footage Alert Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 11:47 PM
2 big comebacks in the space of a month? Hmmmmmm
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 11:47 PM
Horrible news The death toll from a horrific crash involving a Saskatchewan junior hockey team bus has risen to 15. The RCMP said a 15th person died Saturday, after 14 fatalities were announced overnight. Another 14 people were injured — some critically — in the collision near Tisdale, Sask. The...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 11:17 PM
Maybe we are not as bad as it's made out to be?A good summer recruitment program and I don' think we're far off.Mourinho is doing a great job in the big games, apart from Liverpool 2nd half.All the results against Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea were whitewashed because of the Seville result (which...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 10:12 PM
First time since 2009/10 we’ve beaten every team in the league. Lovely.
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 9:43 PM
Felt like City were winning every single header against us despite having such a shorter team. Every corner felt like a potential goal from them. We are a team of mostly 6ft+ yet lost the physical battle, ridiculous to see repeatedly. Got to sort this out. Every single one of our CB's has issues...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 9:08 PM
Think thay trumps Juanfield as our best game since SAF retired. Everything about the win is beyond my belief. We had City fans crying. Souness and Bellamy looked distraught. Best win since Moscow 2008?
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 9:00 PM
all the analysis our win is getting due to the time Sky booked out for the program assuming they'd spend the time creaming themselves over City's title win
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:32 PM
Who writes this man's script for him? When it went to 2-2 he went into full on "Remember when Aguero scored and won them the league? Could it happen again?" He was so desperate to recreate the "AGUEROOOO!" moment wasnt he?
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:31 PM
Maybe we are not as bad as it's made out to be?A good summer recruitment program and I don' think we're far off.Mourinho is doing a great job in the big games, apart from Liverpool 2nd half.All the results against Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea were whitewashed because of the Seville result (which...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:26 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:23 PM
Hang on, Spurs beat City next week and we beat a West Brom and the gap is 10 points with 15 still to play It's on yeah?
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:07 PM
Looked a pen to me on the limited replays I saw for dangerous play but noticed some on here saying he didn't touch Aguero, any GIFs?
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:06 PM
I've never seen anything like it. The league is won ffs. How soft as a fanbase do you have to be for that to happen? This is a club that almost got relegated 20 years ago.
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:05 PM
They'll end up with the title and the league cup, which isn't to be sniffed at but not really the 'greatest team of all time' moniker complete feckwits like Oliver Holt were bestowing on them in mid November. It's a good season by any standards, nothing ultimately spectacular though. Likely going...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:04 PM
Last season, we won just two big six games, beating just Chelsea and Tottenham - both at home - drawing four, and losing four. But this season, we have beaten all our top six rivals for five victories, drawing once and losing thrice, we still have to play Arsenal at home. Our players are putting...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:04 PM
Just brilliant. Had it all. feck off City and feck off Kompany
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:00 PM
Why are people getting worked up about this? Okay, it’s not something to relish but we have had a bitter rival come to old Trafford and turn us over to win the title when we were actually in the race, and we’ve had aguero win it from us with the last kick of the season. City deserve the title and...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 8:00 PM
I don't know if this is down to Mourinho or not. However, the difference between United looking like they did in the second half, vs the first, is urgency. More often than not the team lacks urgency. Too often the team is complacent, and only turns it up when it goes wrong. If the team can find u...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 7:24 PM
Can this now please be put to bed?
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 7:23 PM
Fixtures: League Table:
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 6:37 PM
This is a serious question. What are our training sessions comprised of? Do we actually practice 1-2 passing, movement, and breaking open defences? Or is it only tactics, structure, discipline, blocking passing lanes, marking players, tracking runs and heading clear? I am pretty sure we don’t do...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 6:37 PM
Go nuts you crazy, crazy bastards. But keep it to this thread.
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 6:34 PM
The gap between them and us is too great to be overcome in one summer. We could give Mourinho £200m in the summer and we wont catch them because they have a much better coach. It's not just City having better players than us. Next season will be betweeen City, Liverpool and Spurs. It's time for u...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 4:48 PM
This is a spin-off from Pogba's blue hair discussion by Neville. Spoiler: Neville on Pogba's hair Neville tears into Pogba ahead of kick-off Paul Pogba’s decision to sport a blue hairstyle for today’s game has not gone down well with the former United defender “The problem with Pogba is he doesn’...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 4:07 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Der Spiegel reports 'several' deaths and injuries and police are urging people to avoid the area.
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 3:00 PM
It's just so typically Pogba Always has to be the centre of attention Everything's about him, to hell with everybody else I"m honestly getting fed up of his attitude and his endless shenanigans I obviously still want him to stay because he's a class act who could potentially become a great player...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 2:15 PM
It dawned on me as I can't bring myself to turn around and watch the Merseyside derby that this league season has been a year to forget. City have wrapped the league up early April. The race for top four isn't there, and there is not much difference in finishing second or fourth in the fact that...
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 11:34 AM
At Rockliffe Park Kick off at 12:30 pm Live on MUTV
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 10:21 AM
Fixtures: League Table:
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 10:07 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Don't copy paste any stuff but it's a very good article by Henry Winter. Good to see our academy getting some well deserved praise.
RedCafe.net - Sat Apr 7 4:34 AM
I see lots of comments on various online media like ‘watching the team is a chore’, ‘going to give this game a miss’ and so forth. Have you ever decided to not watch your team (united or otherwise) even though you have nothing substantial to do instead? By not watching I mean not even checking sc...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 8:47 PM
Surely it's time for this FWIW I would hope we don't sign more of his players or players with similar ego maniac agents that are quite obviously bad news. I'd also hope to see players at United that have hired this bastard to drop him.
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 8:42 PM
Professionalism at its finest. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 7:27 PM
The 2018 Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores is the 59th edition of the CONMEBOL Libertadores (also referred to as the Copa Libertadores), South America's premier club football tournament organized by CONMEBOL. The winners of the 2018 Copa Libertadores will qualify as the CONMEBOL representative at the 20...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 6:11 PM
Are we in the title race? Progression in CL? Examples of events/issues that could influence our season 2018-19. - The transfer market: players of significance you think we will bring in. - Pogba’s future at the club. - Other key players you think could be sold. - Will City have another season lik...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 4:59 PM
After a couple of weeks, Pep Guardiola's answer to Mino Raiola arrives . The prosecutor had gone down heavy, insulting the coach of the City calling it "coward" and comparing it to a dog. In the press conference on the eve of Manchester derby (which can be worth the title for the City), the forme...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 4:46 PM
Anytime I read about who we need to sign it can range from a destroyer (somebody like Fabinho or N'Zonzi), a deep playmaker (what I think we need, players like Verratti, Jorginho, Seri, Weigl), or a box-to-box (Vidal, Nainggolan, Fred, arguably Milinkovic-Savic). Juventus best midfield in a long...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 2:26 PM
https://www.google.co.uk/amp/variet e-war-of-the-worlds-edwardian-1202745335/amp/ http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/ne tion-sci-fi-classic-war-worlds-begins-filming Just spotted a preview of this. Mot even sure if filming has even finished though.
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 2:24 PM
April 1993. I remember watching this and it seemed as special then as it does watching it back now. We just murdered a very good Norwich side here. Cantona pulling the strings, Ince in the middle charging forward and the two wingers slaughtering the fullbacks. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 1:37 PM
Golden_blunder just mentioned the Milan team that lost to Liverpool in 2005 Milan team: Dida, Cafu, Maldini, stam, Nesta, Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf, Kaka, schevchenko, Crespo I had to start a thread for this. Literally the only one there who wouldn't replace someone in our current first team is Did...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 12:37 PM
I noticed Wenger's comments recently regarding him having to change his whole way of thinking for the Moscow tie because the previous 2 matches Arsenal played the first leg away first. Back in the day a manager's preference was always to play away first because 'you had a better idea of what you...
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 12:15 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date At Old Trafford Kick off at 7pm
RedCafe.net - Fri Apr 6 12:15 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 8:07 PM
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-4747584/amp/Man-Utd-set-Tinder-12m-year-sleeve-sponsor.html Would be reportedly worth more than any other sleeve sponsorships and what a company to partner with. £12m a year.
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 6:11 PM
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 2:00 PM
Didnt see any other thread open for IPL 2918 discussions. Really excited for this season considering Csk are back.Although, not sure if they have a strong squad to win it. Have a feeling DD or Punjab may surprise as they both after a long time have a stable and a strong squad. Warner would be a h...
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 12:50 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 12:41 PM
For someone touted as the best manager of his generation, Pep's record in terms of results at away matches in CL knockout ties is pretty bad. He has no signature win to speak of other than a 2-0 win away at Madrid. (I checked the numbers just to be sure. ) I remember Barca utterly dominating Arse...
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 12:36 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Jose and Mkhi imo.
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 11:23 AM
Has this been posted? Do you know anything about it? Liverpool fans let off flares outside Anfield as they ramped up the atmosphere ahead of the Champions League quarter-final first-leg against Manchester City. Hundreds of Reds fans lined the streets around the ground, singing songs and waving fl...
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 11:23 AM
Was having a think about next season and whether I see a genuine title challenge from us or not and came to the conclusion the answer probably relies on two factors 1- New signings 2- whether the current negativity subsideds before this season ends I was looking at where it all went wrong for Mou...
RedCafe.net - Thu Apr 5 9:15 AM
Quite apt to announce it this morning after getting fecked on quite an important date last night. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 9:34 PM
Dreadful news. In an induced coma , hope he pulls through. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sp ng-life-suffering-suspected-heart-attack.html
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 4:04 PM
apparently. Probably isn't but some sort of news regarding next gen consoles must be coming in the not too distant future, surely?
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 3:23 PM
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 2:25 PM
Dreadful news. In an induced coma , hope he pulls through. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sp ng-life-suffering-suspected-heart-attack.html
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 2:25 PM
Ok, let's see if we can come up with a list of greatest (most skillful) goals of all time Not by the impact of the goal (as in winning the game etc), but just by piece of skill that resulted in the goal. The most obvious candidates are Maradona's Goal of Century and the van Basten volley, but who...
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 11:13 AM
On a serious note, where does Cristiano now rank? IMO comparisons to you-know-how have always been unfair, despite him putting in a serious effort.. IMO there still remains an overall class differential but taking him out of the equation, where should Cristiano generally rank at this stage of his...
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 10:06 AM
Let's do a poll? I'll be supporting Liverpool.
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 9:46 AM
Just going to leave this here: an article by Andy Mitten that voices a lot of the concerns I have about trigger happy reactions in the summer. http://www.espnfc.com.au/club/manch d-more-upheaval-they-must-trust-their-players Has this been a particularly satisfying season? Not really. The manner w...
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 9:44 AM
RedCafe.net - Wed Apr 4 7:39 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date What a man this guy is, paying everyone lower than himself, i guess either spurs will have to raise the salaries of their players or some will feel hard done by. They have had good financial results with revenue increasing to over 300 million but still, paying him...