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RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 10:40 PM
Another quote from a few days earlier: "I finish playing a game and feel a lot of pain. My body starts to feel it, and it no longer brings me that much happiness, it takes a lot more to do the same job." http://www.espnfc.com/orlando-city- t-retirement-and-reveals-interest-in-coaching That's it t...
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 6:40 PM
Maurizio Sarri's style of play: Pep Guardiola's style of play: So who wins? I must admit Napoli's style of play is just sublime
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 6:02 PM
She was investigating into The Prime Minister of Malta and his family. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/16/investigative-maltese-journalist-killed-car-bomb/ Sickening . That's a political murder.
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 5:27 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 4:33 PM
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 4:33 PM
Don't particularly want this to turn into a rehash of all the other Mourinho/anti-football threads, but am genuinely interested in seeing who can put up with a few displays like Anfield if the upshot is that we win the league, and who doesn't want to play that way under any circumstances? Yes, it...
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 10:20 AM
Shocked there isn’t a thread. I’m sure some could gather some great quotes this weekend. The state of this place you’d think we’d just lost 4-0! Put things into perspective. We ended up 6th last season, 5th the season before. Now it looks like we’re fighting for the title. Also a point at Anfield...
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 7:41 AM
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business lions-revised-figures-reveal-uk-490bn-poorer/ Making matters worse, foreign direct investment (FDI) by companies is plummeting. It fell from a £120bn surplus in the first half 2016 to a £25bn deficit over the same period of this year. Click to expand Probably s...
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 16 4:05 AM
Timo Werner is 21 and 5'11 and a goal machine of a striker. His figures for both Leipzig and Germany have been phenomenal. He'll be someone who will be most sought after the World Cup. Yes, we have Lukaku and Rashford but let's face it Rashford is not a striker like Lukaku, he's more of LF or a R...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 9:25 PM
Howcome nobodys ever there , c'mon ppl
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 4:30 PM
http://www.thejournal.ie/graham-linehan-leaves-twitter-3647748-Oct2017/ FATHER TED CO-CREATOR Graham Linehan has left Twitter. Linehan was an early adopter of the platform and his following had grown to nearly 700, 000 after sending 148, 000 tweets. However earlier this week he signalled his inte...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 4:28 PM
Huge one today in downtown Mogadishu: Somalia: At least 230 dead in Mogadishu blasts
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 3:56 PM
https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Jose-mourinho-au-psg-il-ne-dit-pas-non/842504 "I have ambitions and desires to do new things and I don't think I am certain I won't finish my career here, at Manchester". Even though it's not likely for him to leave anytime soon, he chose to say these wo...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 3:56 PM
Not sure how long Jose Mourinho will stay at the club, surely another 2/3 seasons atleast, hopefully more - but re: the next manager, I'm almost at a blank. Any names caught your eye, someone you would like to take over, assuming Jose Mourinho has steadied the ship? Pochettino, err Giggs, Ancelot...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 3:37 PM
Every now and then we see an example of what is happening with Kevin de bruyne right now. It is not the players fault and he is a fantastic player with huge potential to develop over the next few years. However, right now the current thinking is that de bruyne is some sort of unstoppable force. "...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 2:12 PM
http://www.tribalfootball.com/artic -man-city-man-utd-target-aaron-martin-4203585 Espanyol expect Premier League offers for Aaron Martin . Sport says Espanyol are preparing to receive offers for Click to expand Aaron Martin
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 12:37 PM
Moby Invictus Moby For the final, we have transformed into a standard 5-2-1-2 formation based on an unbreakable defensive line, all action powerhouses in midfield and a trio of absolute geniuses in attack. Watertight defensive line led by Synth Draft: Final - Moby vs Invictus
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 12:33 PM
So we are set to have the youngest Prime Minister ever and a coalition of right-wing/far-right. Kurz is gonna surely work closely with Orban and the other right-wing government in that area. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2 elect-youngest-eu-leader-in-move-to-the-right
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 12:33 PM
The Soccer Manager Red Cafe League ​ If you want to join send me (Damien) a PM with your team and username ​ To join just pick a team in this topic and then search in Free online football manager game - Soccer Manager for world id 101474 and apply to that team. The rules are very simple: 1) there...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 12:02 PM
Did anyone else notice the paper airplanes thrown on the pitch? I thought it was a pretty tasteless reference to Munich.
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 11:20 AM
A lot of people (myself included) thought there were a lot of silly criticisms of Guardiola (e.g. a mannequin could've won the treble with Barca) prior to coming to the PL. In his first few months his team was playing some unbelievable football and steaming through teams. Since then they've looke...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 9:27 AM
At London Stadium Kick off at 1pm BST Live on MUTV
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 9:25 AM
It seems to be a widely held assumption on this forum that for football to be entertaining, it is essential that games and competitions are "competitive" and results are unpredictable. This is usually the major argument for the Premier League being the "best" league. Am I alone in finding this fa...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 8:53 AM
For years Chelsea's transfer record was held up as an example of how well run they were. Well here we are years later and I can't remember a bigger club having a worse time of it. Top scorer in the Premier League - Lukaku Best performing player in the Premier League - De Bruyne And that's with pl...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 15 4:26 AM
Another typical Arsenal player? Looks good on the ball but when his team really needed him today he went into hiding, and in the crucial moment he completely blew it.
RedCafe.net - Sat Oct 14 11:51 PM
This is brilliant start watching at 40 seconds.
RedCafe.net - Sat Oct 14 7:33 PM
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