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RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 10:42 AM
We've got far bigger problems than Mou. The structure of the club is a mess. Let's start off with all the other clubs City - Director of football, have strategy and mimicking Barcas model. Players bought to fit style rather than just signing big names like they did at the start of the Sheikh era....
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 7:03 AM
Maybe it's just a coincidence but since Fergie left all three of our managers have been out-of-contract at the time of joining, or allowed their contracts to run down in LVG's case. Maybe I am looking at things that aren't actually there but it strikes me as a strange coincidence.
RedCafe.net - Sun Mar 18 3:42 AM
I honestly can't believe that we have the most gullible fans on the planet it seems. So now we're meant to believe that mister Mourinho the paragon of attacking virtue has been teaching them attacking football all week and the players aren't buying it? What about the rest of the season when they...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 10:31 PM
No to megathreads and no to any in depth Mourinho analysis. For speculation purposes, name a minimum of six players who you think Mourinho meant when saying 'minimum of 6 players lacked desire'? I will start. 1. Shaw 2. Martial 3. Smalling 4. Lingard 5. Valencia 6. Mata
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 9:48 PM
Man Utd 1:0 Brighton - Lukaku (37') Man Utd 2:0 Brighton - Matic (83')
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 9:48 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 7:26 PM
Thought of this while hearing the news of Darron Gibson being arrested for smashing his car up prior to the Sunderland match today. Gibson scored in the Semi Final of the 2011 Champions League, past Manuel Neuer, of all keepers. Anderson scored twice in that game as well. Any other players you ca...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 4:54 PM
Ok so we are sitting 2nd in the PL. How are we doing in terms of entertainment value? Is this something we should be taking into consideration or should we focus on results only? Are we being doctrined into accepting anything that’s dished up for us as long as we get the 3 pts? Looking at the top...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 4:22 PM
This draft will be based on player performances in World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy tournaments only. Snake Format Rules: 12 picks Minimum of 6 nations in the starting 11 Maximum of 2 players from one nationality in the starting 11 Draft rules * Managers will take turns to draft players (first...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 2:20 PM
Inspired by this reddit thread, guess your lineup in five years time. If I remember to look at this thread in five years, the closest one will win something of insignificance. Spoiler: Spurs fans discuss Kane /spoiiler
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 11:01 AM
Just 4 PL games as the FA Cup quarterfinals are also being played this weekend League Table PL Fixtures FA Cup fixtures
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 9:26 AM
A thread for general discussion in the build-up to the World Cup. The draw takes place on Friday (3 PM GMT). Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Following the approval of the draw procedures for the Final Draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in September 2017, the Click to expand World Cup 2018 - Genera...
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 9:10 AM
At Carrington Kick off at 11 am Live on MUTV
RedCafe.net - Sat Mar 17 6:46 AM
Any chance of a poll please mods? A link to the full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/horse-racing/43438392 Big things are Four horses put down on the final day. One suffered a leg injury during the County Hurdle, three more during the Grand Annual Chase. The British Horseracing Authority will...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 9:50 PM
Welcome to the next chapter in my fight against my own ignorance of all things film. I don't think I've ever seen a proper Western before. Shameful, I know, so how should I go about rectifying this? Should I jump straight in and watch what people regard as the classics? Or are there particular on...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 9:30 PM
This is insane
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 7:19 PM
I'm guessing there will be sick feckers on here cheering every Scouse goal tomorrow?
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 1:17 PM
Very impressed by longlegs against United on Tuesday night, dominant in the air and good on the ground. Only 22 and now Madrid are sniffing around Worth considering?
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 1:06 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date This will be interesting
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 1:05 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Manchester United is delighted to announce that Marcos Rojo has signed a new contract which will keep him at the club until June 2021, with the option to extend for a further year. Rojo, 27, signed for United on 20 August 2014. During his time at the club, he has...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 12:19 PM
About to start Madrid v Arsenal please
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 11:46 AM
The Champions League quarter-final draw takes place today at 11:00 AM GMT. TEAMS Barcelona Bayern Munich Juventus Liverpool Manchester City Real Madrid Roma Sevilla The matches will be played on 3rd-4th April and 10th-11th April.
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 9:06 AM
Do people generally celebrate the shennanigans?
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 5:53 AM
The Champions League quarter-final draw takes place today at 11:00 AM GMT. TEAMS Barcelona Bayern Munich Juventus Liverpool Manchester City Real Madrid Roma Sevilla The matches will be played on 3rd-4th April and 10th-11th April.
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 2:40 AM
Having just watched Twelve Monkeys again i got to thinking that its a film i can watch over and over and over and i love it and i think its the best film (for me) ever made, i think all three main characters are fantastic and it hits me emotionally every time. I like and rate many other films and...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 2:40 AM
Forget that crap happening on the hard court. The real NCAA men’s tournament is happening this week on the wrestling mats up in Cleveland, Ohio. ESPN is carrying full coverage of the NCAA Men’s Wrestling tournament today through Saturday. Penn State is trying to defend its national title, but Ohi...
RedCafe.net - Fri Mar 16 12:59 AM
On this week's podcast, host Nik ( @Rood ) is joined by Ed ( @That'sHernandez ), Craig ( @Schmiznurf ) & Alex ( @Alock1 ) to discuss United's comeback at Palace, lock down against Liverpool and come down against Sevilla. Also, is Mourinho the worst manager ever? Podomatic (for Itunes and Android...
RedCafe.net - Thu Mar 15 9:19 PM
We should have a thread for discussing crime in various parts of the world. Failed Afghan asylum seeker is arrested in Germany for killing his girlfriend because she refused to convert to Islam Prosecutors say Ahmad G. snapped when Mireille B.'s refused to wear a hijab The 18-year-old was appeali...