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Daily Telegraph - Fri Oct 12 12:14 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Michael Carrick has wondered for a long time if he might have something in common with two of England's highest-profile cricketers of the modern age, Marcus Trescothick and Jonathan Trott, both of whom decided that the stress and anxiety they felt on and more »
Daily Telegraph - Fri Oct 12 3:10 AM
Telegraph.co.uk It seems inevitable that Jose Mourinho will be sacked at some point this season but there could be value in taking the view that his departure may not be as imminent as odds of 4/7 suggest. When attempting to focus on a value alternative, it's worth and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Oct 11 9:46 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Against the most testing opponent of the Ryan Giggs regime, Wales were subjected to a gruelling examination that provided few reasons for optimism. Giggs would have known that Spain are a top class side, even when they field a second-string team in
Daily Telegraph - Thu Oct 11 12:30 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho may consider it a small price to pay in the circumstances but Anthony Martial's crucial goal against Newcastle came at a cost of more than £8.7 million to Manchester United. The France forward's 76th minute equaliser at Old Trafford on and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 9 9:52 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The Football Association are to investigate allegations Jose Mourinho made an offensive remark as he walked along the touchline after Manchester United's dramatic 3-2 win against Newcastle at Old Trafford on Saturday. Mourinho appeared to be letting and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 9 3:32 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Wayne Rooney has thrown his support behind his embattled former manager Jose Mourinho, telling those Manchester United team-mates he once played alongside that they have under-performed in recent weeks and must take their share of the and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 9 3:32 AM
Telegraph.co.uk The evening heat in Washington DC on a Sunday evening seems to get ever more intense as the sun drops low and in the changing rooms at Audi Field, Wayne Rooney is one of the last pulling on his shoes and finding a drink for his oldest son Kai and more »
Daily Telegraph - Tue Oct 9 1:55 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Ask Wayne Rooney what he loves most about his new life in the United States, and he says that is the simple things – being able to go about “everyday life” without the scrutiny that was so all-encompassing as one of Britain's most famous public figures. and more »
Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 8 6:08 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Manchester United face a serious battle to convince David de Gea to stay at Old Trafford beyond the end of his current contract. United are invoking an option to extend the Spain goalkeeper's existing deal by 12 months until the end of next season. But and more »
Daily Telegraph - Mon Oct 8 2:09 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Even amid the euphoria of this most unexpected of comebacks, Jose Mourinho could not just be happy to celebrate. He fired shots, took swipes, poked, prodded and pushed. He still sounded like a man at war with everyone. That is the problem. This was a and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sun Oct 7 9:58 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho was partially correct. The Old Trafford manhunt has begun, but it has nothing to do with forcing his exit, and its origin can be traced to half-time on Saturday. That was the moment publishers drew up the list of candidates to pen the
Daily Telegraph - Sun Oct 7 6:52 PM
Telegraph.co.uk This could be the moment Jose Mourinho changed the course, not just of a football match, but of Manchester United history. A fightback so unexpected it left you feeling stunned, as well as amazed. He had looked broken, any lingering illusions of and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sun Oct 7 6:03 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho has claimed there is a “manhunt” against him and his Manchester United team that some players are struggling to cope with and which he does not believe even a sharp upturn in results will be enough to stop. Manchester United produced an and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 6 6:02 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Jose Mourinho's Manchester United sadness factory vs Rafael Benitez's Newcastle United abject football factory in the Premier League. There were reports yesterday suggesting Mourinho would be sacked regardless of the outcome of the Newcastle match. and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 6 4:43 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Is this it? Could today's match really be Jose Mourinho's last in charge of Manchester United? We are told that Mourinho retains the backing of the club's hierarchy, but another defeat today would surely push him to the brink. Thankfully for Mourinho and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 6 6:24 AM
Telegraph.co.uk A less-than-forthcoming Jose Mourinho made for an awkward eight and a half minutes in his press conference on Friday, as the Manchester United manager admitted that his side's form was unacceptable but refused to go into detail about why they had and more »
Daily Telegraph - Sat Oct 6 2:01 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Gary Neville has accused Manchester United's hierarchy of “playing football manager with the biggest club in the world” and being “rotten to the core”. He has also blamed Ed Woodward, the United executive vice-chairman, and other board members for and more »