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LFC Reds - Sun Apr 8 9:58 AM
Team picks itself however wondering if Clyne may start over TAA. I think we should not sit back and invite pressure. Just get the goal and then we can relax. They are not scoring 5 unless we go down to 10 men again.
LFC Reds - Sun Apr 8 8:30 AM
Massive game for us and we need to be on our 100% concentration. If we beli
LFC Reds - Sun Apr 8 1:12 AM
Yeah the biggest factor is that all our major first team players are available. Robbo and Salah. We don't want any bad news as our bench is going to bland. TAA needs to be the same as last time.
LFC Reds - Fri Apr 6 2:05 AM
Quote from DanMann on Today at 01:15:40 am Oh dear. So if a team plays badly, concedes 5 simple goals that they should defend, but horrendous officiating negates each goal. Would that be a good performance? The fact
LFC Reds - Wed Apr 4 11:03 PM
Wasn't he great tonight?
LFC Reds - Wed Apr 4 9:58 PM
Easily the best LFC performance over 90 under Klopp, that. Two halves of totally different tactical brilliance.
LFC Reds - Wed Apr 4 6:46 PM
Thought Pep might have put Sterling in against TAA. No better chance to stake our claim. Attacking line up..looking to blow them away first time. 3-0.
LFC Reds - Tue Apr 3 10:02 AM
Quote from JD on Today at 09:43:39 am Not to mention they've already 8-4'd us on aggregate in the league. Just had a look at the odds on actually winning the whole tournament and City are 2nd faves and we're 6th so th