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RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 29 6:16 PM
We were initially in pursuit of Morata, but after some difficult negotiations with Madrid and Chelsea also struggling to reach a deal with Everton, we ended up with Lukaku for £75m while Chelsea got Morata for £60m. Lukaku is reportedly on £200k per week while Moratais on £140k per week Back then...
RedCafe.net - Mon Oct 29 5:59 PM
Fairly newly created Everton fan forum ComeOnYouBlues has messaged the caf twitter some questions. If a few of you can answer them, some of the responses will be used for a feature on their website. Hi mate, if you don’t mind can you answer these questions at your convenience please? Congratulati...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 28 6:06 PM
2:1 in the end and we made it more difficult that it probably should been when we gifted Everton that second-half penalty to make it 2:1. We held out for the win in the end and leapfrog Everton into eight. A game that won't stick in the memory but Martial's performance was excellent, winning the...
RedCafe.net - Sun Oct 28 1:22 PM
The leak that appeared via the MEN prior to the Chelsea game had the line up spot on, and another has now appeared in advance of the Everton game. What does the person leaking these line ups (assuming it’s the same person) hope to gain from doing this?
RedCafe.net - Fri Oct 26 9:44 AM
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