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The first marker for probably 14 (clubs), apart from that top group and Everton historically, is 40 points, Dyche said.
Everyone knows it could have been anything, looking at the draw with the amount of different teams from different countries involved, Dyche said.
We can only go on evidence, most players we've signed settle in really quickly, as people and professionals, said Dyche.
You'd like to think a few of the young lads could get around the squad, depending on recruitment and stuff, Dyche said. You'd like to think they could, and get that experience that comes from being around it, the travel, it's great experience for a young player, with the training and what...
What a season Nick has had and to be in the main squad speaks for itself in terms of the season he's had, said Dyche.
Not the end we wanted to a magnificent season, said Dyche. Two horrible goals, no lack of effort, we had the game under control and then we gave two awful goals away.
Sky Sports - 7:51 AM
Today it was only two horrible moments and two horrible goals, we were never really under any undue pressure, Dyche said.
People here will tell you those stories of 30 years ago, says Dyche. That bloodline has carried the story through.
Daily Mail - 10:32 PM
They've been through a few ups and downs in my five-and-a-half years, but mostly ups, Dyche said.
I'm really pleased. We try and be open with all of our players and their agents about their contractual situations, Dyche said.
Ben Mee and Ashley Barnes won't make it, Barnesy is nothing too serious with a shoulder, said boss Sean Dyche.
You get to the point where we are now, you're in a European competition, there's nothing but positives for me, Dyche said.
We have made the players aware that there will be a lot going on, and rightly so, Dyche said. But when the whistle blows we want to perform, go about our business in the right way.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
I couldn't see what it was, I wouldn't imagine knowing the class of Man Utd it's exactly a vase, Dyche said. If it was I'd be thinking maybe not of a certain chain store. Arguably there's a fair shout Sir Alex's wine cost more than the vase. In my experience Sir Alex drinks very ni...
There are certain things - timings and planning of a different sort but we try not to go for radical change, Dyche said.
Sky Sports - 5:59 PM
The players deserve a fantastic amount of credit for this season and every other season I have been here, said Dyche.
Sky Sports - 3:49 PM
We've got two big games to finish the season, we had a chat with the players about that, Dyche said. Keeping the mental stimulus and that mental focus to take on the next two games.
I have no interest in what the Belgian papers are saying, Dyche said.
It comes in at the end of pre-season, we'd probably play against two foreign sides any way, Dyche said.
I've just found that out, I hadn't looked at all the results, just a few chats on the way, Dyche said after the game.
Leadership's now changed, it's not one figurehead captain, you want them all to have an understanding around the group, Dyche said.
There are some agents throwing players out who maybe wouldn't have done before, Dyche said.
Ben Mee won't make the weekend, he's settling down, he's got a possible chance before the end of the season, but not definite, Dyche said. GK (Nkoudou) has had a good week, he trained with us (on Thursday), so as long as there's no reaction he comes into the squad.
Both (have been) tremendous servants for the club and if their futures can be aligned in a simple process then we would obviously be open to that, Dyche said of the duo. It's important for any player here - we try and be really fair with them - but particularly ones who have done what the...
We have to allow these lads the right and the chance to align their futures and honour the fact they've been fantastic servants to us, as well, said Dyche. I have nothing but respect for the people and the players and, therefore, if we can help them along the way and be open-minded about ...
BBC - 5:07 PM
We have to allow these lads the right and the chance to align their futures and honour the fact they've been fantastic servants to us, as well, Dyche said.
Daily Express - 3:57 PM
That in itself is a marker, it's very difficult, Dyche said of the win ratio.
Can you score a great goal? All strikers want to, like Barnesy at West Ham. Can you nick one like that? Just as important for us and the strikers, Dyche said. At the end of the season, however many they have, you're not bothered how they got them.
I don't think it's such a surprise to me, he has a thirst to coach and manage, said Dyche.
He's always been really open with us to speak to, Dyche said.
Goal.com - 10:29 AM