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I think he understands the game better, said Dyche.
I could have changed anyone in the back four, I could have changed numerous people. It's certainly not down to one change, nothing of the sort, Dyche said.
I could have changed anyone. Every shirt is now up for grabs after a first half like that, said Dyche.
Daily Mail - 12:30 PM
We've got a meeting coming up with the Premier League and it is one of the talking points, so that could be interesting, said Dyche. I'm not backward in coming forward.
Sky Sports - 12:29 AM
It only makes a story now because it's that difficult to stay in a job that long, said Dyche.
Daily Mail - 6:22 PM
Drinky is getting fitter, his injury is just about right now, Dyche said.
The only gripe I had with the game is that I can't stand diving, said Dyche. It's ridiculous.
Mirror - 2:31 AM
The only gripe I had with the game is that I can't stand diving, it's ridiculous, said Dyche. We had a Premier League meeting at the beginning of the season and the worst they can get is a yellow card.
Metro - 10:00 PM
I was getting absolutely ­mullered, said Dyche. Graham, bless his soul, said, 'Hang on a minute – this fella is answering every one of your questions with candour and honesty, so let's show him some courtesy'.
Mirror - 11:04 PM
We're hoping by next week he can join in on a day-to-day basis with the first-team squad, said Dyche.
Sky Sports - 8:15 PM
We're hoping by next week he can join in on a day-to-day basis with the first-team squad, said Dyche.
Daily Mail - 4:58 PM
I thought the performance, generally, was good, Dyche said.
First of all, for the record, I'm going to say it again, I am a big fan of VAR and I do think it's needed in the game, said Dyche. However, it has got to be used more wisely than that.
Johann Gudmundsson won't be figuring, Dyche said. Unfortunately he got injured on international duty, a reasonably serious hamstring injury, so it certainly won't be days, it will be more like weeks and I don't know how many yet, but it's serious enough to speak in that way.
It's a very difficult task for us going through every season, trying to play well every week, and technically play well, Dyche said.
For (Tarkowski) and Ben, they both scratch their heads, said Dyche. I definitely think either or both should be considered at very close quarters to be in the England set-up, at least.
Daily Mail - 10:28 AM
I think it's interesting for me, over these years, and now we're very confidently talking about Burnley players being in the England squad, Dyche said.
No, I don't need to (use it as motivation), said Dyche.
I think over time it's not surprising how well he's done, it's the consistency he's done it with, said Dyche.
We only want parity, I don't think Barnesy gets a lot, said Dyche.
It was a funny kind of game, Dyche said.
The change of shape was tactical, but the injury helped us think like that, we thought it needed changing in the first half, Dyche said.
I think you do (know the style) with a lot sides, Dyche said.
I treat all these players like they're my own family members, I try and be as good with my guidance as I would be with my own children, Dyche said.
That's a non story here, don't worry about it, Dyche said.
I think it's a subliminal change, I certainly don't sit there taking notes on myself, Dyche said. I think you just change with the job and through the experiences you have from doing the job.
Sky Sports - 5:29 PM
To be fair to our defensive unit, they've played against some very, very good players in the Premier League, Dyche said.
There's a few who are in the thinking, said Dyche.
I just think he can affect the game in so many different ways, Dyche said of his midfielder.
I've had a chat with him about what happened and the situation that led to it, said Dyche. Now it's a case of where we go from here.
Daily Mail - 3:32 PM