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I've had a chat with him about what happened and the situation that led to it, said Dyche. Now it's a case of where we go from here.
Daily Mail - 3:32 PM
When we take somebody in - regardless of being on loan - he becomes part of us and anyone who joins us becomes part of us, said Dyche.
Mirror - 3:23 PM
They are human beings and people do get in scrapes, Dyche said.
BBC - 3:11 PM
I think he's earned the right, said Burnley boss Sean Dyche.
First of all, the start has been positive especially in our performances, said Dyche.
The starting point is with Pope, we're very pleased about that, said Dyche.
The reality of football is delivering a performance, said Dyche.
I was taking my wife and kids, I wasn't in the mosh pit or even headed to the mosh pit, said Dyche.
There will definitely be changes for the cup game, we want everyone active and alive and I believe in the players, said Dyche.
We are getting him assessed today and scanned but we don't think it is anything serious, Dyche said.
Daily Mail - 6:12 PM
We're looking a different animal to last season, which is important at this early stage, said Dyche.
BBC - 9:51 AM
We want him to get recognition because he deserves it, he's a very good player, said Dyche.
Danny has taken another big step towards real fitness by getting 90 minutes under his belt, said Dyche.
It's hard coming to these places, and going with a mentality that we want to take something, said Dyche.
The game is in a really poor state, with players literally falling on the floor, Dyche said. Tony Adams, when he was captain here.
Daily Mail - 10:52 PM
I am really worried about the game of football with players falling all over the floor, Dyche said. Today it was impossible how many went down. I'm told it's a yellow card at worst and in my view that's a free shot for every player to do it once. That can't be right.
Goal.com - 5:06 PM
I played that to my kids and they seemed to think it was pretty good, said Dyche. I had a different view, it is not quite my style, but joking apart the lads have had a bit of banter with him about that.
Daily Mail - 5:03 PM
He's fit and well, but he just needs more game-time and he will get that in the next week or so, said manager Sean Dyche. We have some reserve-team football and he will definitely feature.
It is a really good start, a really pleasing start, said Dyche.
We can't play everyone all the time, said Dyche.
We can't play everyone all the time, said Dyche.
Tarky has got a thigh injury, Longy has a groin injury, Dyche said.
Normally in the last friendly everyone goes 'that will be the team', Dyche said.
We hope Popey can play on Saturday, said Dyche.
Tom has been a terrific servant to the club, as an individual, for the team and for the fans, said Dyche.
We don't have to (move people on before bringing any in), said Dyche. If we do that there will be reasons why but we don't have to.
Apart from the obvious thing, the scoreline, which I will remind you how important that is the performance was very good, Dyche said.
Popey is just a bit tight in his groin, and Robbie's got this rib thing, which is painful, said Dyche.
At Port Vale he turned his ankle and was a bit unfortunate with it, Dyche said.
It'll be about who is looking sharp, who needs more match time, who needs less, said Dyche.