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We need to get Cardiff back in the Premier League, said Pulis.
Swansea - 1:23 PM
I'm hoping it'll all be sorted out, said Pulis.
Daily Mail - 12:28 AM
It's always one side wants to have a little bit of this and the other, said Pulis. I'm sure they'll come together. I'm convinced.
BBC - 11:07 PM
I'm sure they will be much better off for it next year, Pulis said.
BBC - 1:04 PM
Every manager and club will say it's happened to them, but it's something we want to take out of the game, Pulis said. I'm pleased it's the way forward. I don't think there's any place for it in the game. I would most probably fine the players as well and give the money to charity.
BBC - 12:20 PM
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