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What me and John spoke about is private, Pulis said. He's a good man.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
The board of directors will decide what they have to do, Pulis told BBC Sport. I have been in this position before.
BBC - 7:02 PM
If I left tomorrow I'd put my record on the table and put it in front of anybody and see what they think of what I've done here in three years, Pulis said. Yes, we're on a bad run and everything is determined by the next game – no one ever looks back and sees there was Samaras, Varela, Po...
Guardian - 10:48 PM
We are very, very disappointed, said Pulis. Chadli has come back, (having) played two games for Belgium.
Sky Sports - 12:33 PM
Pulis told the media on Friday: Last year we were one result worse off than we are this year (at this stage).
Sky Sports - 10:20 AM
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