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The key to making sure we do not have the same sort is season is starting strongly, said Clement.
Daily Mail - 11:42 AM
We are very happy that he is going to be staying on because he is very popular, Clement said last week. He is a quiet, humble man considering what he did as a player. He has great experience and he has passed that on to the players.
Sky Sports - 1:29 PM
He cannot have another situation like he had there [at Tottenham], said Clement. He doesn't want to go somewhere else and find he is in and out of the side.
Daily Star - 6:05 AM
It's very clear for us. We don't want to sell him [Sigurdsson] or any of our best players, Clement said. We want to keep our best players and strengthen, not get weaker. We're not a club that needs to sell.
Sky Sports - 2:39 PM
We have to build and look forward. The potential of this current squad as it is can get even better, said Clement.
Swansea - 7:01 PM
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