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LFC Reds - Mon Oct 16 10:03 PM
Quote from skolRED on Today at 11:28:49 am Just read that Barca want VVD in January window. If it's true I think Southampton more likely happy to sell him aboard. If so hope VVD still want only to join us, fingers cro
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 7 2:25 PM
Theo Walcott; he played for Southampton, didn't he? Edwards is bound to be interested. 👍
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 3 11:35 PM
Well, he hasn't held back in his view of wanting to leave.
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 19 10:06 PM
Quote from sore monad on Today at 10:04:35 pm We can't sign her cos she doesn't play for Southampton. The club scout doesn't know who she is. Well we’d better nick the CD off someone's Mum and send it over to
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 1 3:12 AM
Well that was a monumental waste of every f**king ones time. Southampton you Cu*ts. Hope you get relegated.
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 30 10:56 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Today at 10:49:55 pm Apart from that little episode around Dec 2000 during the home game against Southampton!! To be fair to Gomez here, he's a lot better on the ball and a lot more adventurou
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 30 6:18 AM
Quote from Swab on Yesterday at 11:44:07 pm Every window is strange in its own way I think, but the money in this one has been nothing short of obscene, and if I'm honest, it pushes me away from football a bit. A
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 28 8:59 PM
Woah, would be great if this one would came home to daddy. Ideally wouldn't leave stuff late, but deffo better late than never Fingers crossed.
LFC Reds - Sat Aug 26 1:13 AM
Quote from MIRO on Today at 12:21:25 am WTF ? The Arse taking the piss ? James Dodd @JamesDoddUK #AFC have met with Van Dijk & his reps but I'm fairly sure all the big PL clubs have. I guess Saints would rathe
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 24 7:24 PM
Hopefully we put a bid in for VanDijk before the window closes. So far we've only TRIED to sign Keita, it would be nice if we TRIED to sign VD too. Even nicer if we actually signed him mind!
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 21 2:01 PM
I believe it when they say he isn't a replacement for VVD. They started Yoshida and Stephens in central defence the past two games.
LFC Reds - Sat Aug 19 10:36 AM
Quote from Muzzman1969 on Yesterday at 09:52:43 am It makes sense why they were adamant he would not be sold - with a takeover in the offing you wouldn't sell him first. Miss Liebherr didn't want the boat rocked
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 17 11:19 AM
They should go immediately to Southampton, apologise for what they did approaching VVD directly and tell Southampton, VVD wants to come to us, and name their price. Then soddin' pay it. After what they have said about Coutinho, they are going to look l
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 17 8:07 AM
Forget this one it wont happen. For the craic though id sublit an offer for another player of theirs just to wind them up.
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 15 11:58 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Today at 11:49:14 am Southampton defender Virgil van Dijk, 26, is more likely to join Chelsea or Manchester City than Liverpool, but the Saints will demand a fee of more than £70m. (Yahoo) http
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 13 11:39 AM
Quote from bad boy bubby on Today at 11:35:08 am Didn't we "confirm (tail between legs) we have ended any interest in the player."? We did. And then something about not approaching Soton'
LFC Reds - Fri Aug 11 7:53 AM
Some suggestions out there that were waiting until the first round of league games have been completed before we submit a bid, probably to see if Saints name him in their match day squad and if VVD rules himself out I can only presume, If it is indeed
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 9 1:14 AM
Quote from Pippen on Yesterday at 02:23:57 pm I can understand Southampton. I would do the same to Liverpool if I am them. How many good players did we take from them? Did we give them a bone back, like a guy for cheaper?
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 7 1:14 AM
Quote from LFCexiled on Aug 05, 2017 11:24:53 am As do lesbicans. Lebijans .
LFC Reds - Sat Aug 5 9:08 AM
Quote from Beerbelly on Yesterday at 11:10:22 pm When we're interested in a player, why does it appear that the onus is on the player we're interested in to kick up a stink at his current club? No other club operates like
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 3 6:14 AM
probably gonna be a deadline dayer. that's how they milk the most out of the saga. genuinely think the timeline for this revolves around publicity and what the league think is best to maximise attention.
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 1 2:07 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Today at 01:51:46 am i heard that Southampton are lining up Wesley Hoedt for 12m. We should get in there before them. How about we let them have him and we sign VVD?
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 30 1:03 AM
Alfie Jones was wearing VVD number 17 in their game today. Would that really be a change of number for VVD or a sign he's off?
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 28 8:11 AM
Left out the squad and he mentioned he doesn't want to stay there? On his way. Get yer finger out Naby lad..
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 7:39 AM
Because we've already embarrassed ourselves here we're now reluctant to bid for the player; unless his agitation allows the Saints to transfer list him. From what I've heard, they'd sooner sell VVD to Chelsea than us for obvious reasons.
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 1:34 AM
Quote from red_kaiser on Today at 01:18:52 am Yeah because this current team is sh*t and cant win to save their lives. To be honest, I think they are in for a good season with Pellegrino. I didn't rate him as
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 12:10 PM
Virgil van Dijk has told Southampton he wishes to join Liverpool, as he bids to force through a move to Anfield. (Joseph Musker, Di Marzio)
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 13 2:00 AM
Also from Klopp about VVD: "You wrote everything about it a few weeks ago, I think. I was in Iceland when somebody told me this. That's all I have to say about it." The bold part is interesting to me.
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 11 2:04 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 9 2:06 AM
Quote from KopiteLuke on Yesterday at 10:46:02 pm Mirror reporting that VvD has told Southampton that "he only wants Liverpool" although I must be blind to the quote as I couldn't find it. Also suggesting that "someone hi