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I never see this type of mistake in the Premier League before, said Southampton manager Mauricio Pellegrino. To live this injustice is really hard.
BBC - 8:57 PM
It is so clear, the linesman is there but there's nothing we can do, said Pellegrino.
Sky Sports - 7:14 PM
I've never seen this type of mistake in the Premier League before, Pellegrino said. To live this injustice is really hard.
Daily Mail - 7:05 PM
The pressure is part of the job for every single manager, the biggest risk is to work in football, said Pellegrino.
Daily Mail - 4:13 PM
All of them have been training today with the team, said Pellegrino. They are not 100 per cent but tomorrow I think they will be part of the team in training. Until we decide because one thing is the medical condition and the other is the football condition. We analyse and we decid...
Sky Sports - 3:20 PM
For me, the club and the board from the first day has been really supportive - not (only) right now, from the first day, Pellegrino said.
Daily Mail - 4:56 PM
I am a lucky guy because these people trust in me and because I am in a really good club, Pellegrino said.
Sky Sports - 4:20 PM
Everybody that works at the top level works under the opinion of everybody. I respect those opinions and I have the same feeling as the fans, Pellegrino said.
Daily Star - 4:35 PM
Charlie will be out more than normal. He will have another test to analyse a little bit better his injury, the grade of his injury, Pellegrino said. We will see but I expect Charlie will be out for a couple of months minimum. It's a big pity because Charlie was in a really good moment.
Soccernet - 5:10 PM
It's important to know how people react, said Southampton manager Mauricio Pellegrino. You can realise how people really are.
EPL Talk - 12:55 AM
We have to wait until January, Pellegrino said. I can't control the market.
Guardian - 6:12 PM
I decide that it's the best for the team. I know that around Virgil there will be a lot of speculation but this is my decision, Pellegrino said.
Sky Sports - 5:50 PM
The main problem is that they are competing in the Champions League, said Pellegrino. You have to spend a lot of energy, a lot of strength in this competition.
Sky Sports - 10:54 PM
I was with (Southampton vice-chairman) Les Reed talking about that but nobody knows about that, Pellegrino said.
Liverpool FC - 2:38 PM
Virgil is like everybody else, said Pellegrino. He can be on the bench because I rotate all of the players when you have got a lot of games in a row like we did last week. This week we have another three games and I think we will need all of them fresh and I think we have got enoug...
Sky Sports - 3:20 PM
I can't control the market, said Pellegrino. I'm not the owner of the player. After, the board can decide all together which is the best for the team.
Sky Sports - 9:00 PM
Obviously Virgil is an important player, Pellegrino said after the game. It always depends how they are, the energy they've got in every training session.
Goal.com - 8:08 PM
It was a difficult game, especially in the second half. We suffered a lot, Pellegrino told Sky Sports. When you play with five defenders, you do not have a lot of people in the middle and they managed the ball more.
Goal.com - 6:51 PM
We have to choose the players who want to help the club 100 per cent, Pellegrino said.
Mirror - 3:49 PM
We don't usually do something special when we play against important players, Pellegrino said.
Daily Mail - 11:36 AM
I think it was a bad game from the beginning until the end, said Pellegrino.
EPL Talk - 1:22 AM
When I talk about a lack of connection it is when you are not mentally 100 per cent on the pitch, Pellegrino said.
talkSport - 9:35 PM
When I talk about a lack of connection it is when you are not mentally 100 percent on the pitch, Pellegrino said.
Soccernet - 5:33 PM
When I talk about a lack of connection it is when you are not mentally 100 per cent on the pitch, Pellegrino said.
Daily Mail - 4:49 PM
When I talk about a lack of connection it is when you are not mentally 100% on the pitch, Pellegrino said. In difficult moments for me obviously you have to come back to the foundations of the team, to the discipline of the team, and get them to think about the possibility they have to be...
Guardian - 4:27 PM
It was a really bad game, from the beginning to the end, said Pellegrino.
Sky Sports - 11:10 PM
It will be crucial to try to keep the ball, as much as possible, and to try to be really balanced when we're close to them with the ball, said Pellegrino.
Daily Mail - 12:54 PM
The behaviour of the players 100 per cent depends on themselves, said Pellegrino. In good moments you have to be humble, have the humility to look forward, to try to be a better player every day.
Daily Mail - 4:44 PM
At the beginning the feeling is that we have conceded at the end again, as it was more or less the same against [Manchester] City, Pellegrino said. But it is different because we played a good game, showed intelligence and we got a point. I think we competed really well, even with ...
Sky Sports - 5:00 PM
Obviously our three strikers are different, Pellegrino said. They have different profiles and different qualities but the connection between them is good.
Sky Sports - 5:50 PM