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Man Utd Talk - Mon Apr 28 5:21 PM
​ Old Trafford Saturday, 3rd May 2014 15:00 ​
Man Utd Talk - Mon Apr 28 5:16 PM
http://www.theguardian.com/football d-beat-chelsea-luke-shaw-transfer-david-moyes
Man Utd Talk - Sun Apr 27 12:19 PM
OK, so we know there will be lots of movement this transfer window. ( hopefully ). So which player is our weakest link and needs the biggest push for a sale, and why?
Man Utd Talk - Sun Apr 27 2:34 AM
I feel Ryan Giggs has the perfect attributes to be our manager. He's driven, a winner, knows the club inside and out, was even raised by the club and learnt from the best(Fergie). However; there's obviously a lot more to management then we as the public know about; and Giggs has little experience...