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I cannot tell you half of the things I told my team at half-time because there would be lots of bleeping, said Mourinho. But what I can say was all about the tactical positioning.
Daily Telegraph - 3:22 AM
Being in the top four is the most important thing, said Mourinho. Obviously we want to finish second, but there is huge pressure on all of us to finish in the top four.
Mirror - 10:46 PM
The option, it's obvious that we're not going to let the option disappear, said Mourinho.
Daily Express - 4:41 PM
It is a big game against Liverpool, Mourinho said. I think we both want to finish in the top four, but we both want to finish second so, yes, it is a big game.
Daily Mail - 3:54 PM
To come back from 2-0 down away home against a team fighting desperately for points and scoring in the last minute gives us a great feeling, said Mourinho. It's the feeling that Manchester City start had at the beginning of the season when they won against Bournemouth in the 97th minute, ...
Daily Express - 8:56 AM
David De Gea had to do better with the second goal, said Mourinho. He is the best, no doubt, but he had to do better.
Mirror - 1:30 PM
I've given him my advice but I think the advice of his parents is more important than mine, said Mourinho.
Sky Sports - 12:53 PM
The boy is tired. He is physically a monster but not a machine and he is feeling it, Mourinho said.
Daily Mail - 11:59 AM
I always believe we can win. I will be like that until my last day, said United boss Jose Mourinho.
Daily Express - 8:09 AM
I cannot tell you half of the things I told my team at half-time because there would be lots of bleeping on television, Mourinho said.
EPL Talk - 2:15 AM
It was a fantastic comebacks but with mistakes, Mourinho said. We started bad once more. But after that the attitude was fantastic, and the intensity, the quality, the dynamic. You need luck to win in the last minute but I say we deserved it because our domination in last half hour...
Guardian - 12:22 AM