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I like my players very, very much, Mourinho said. Not just the players, but the combinations between the players as people. I love my group so I'm really happy. And at the top of that is the challenge of bringing Manchester United Football Club to the space that it belongs. So I'm ...
Sport Review - 10:04 PM
Well, the thing that made me immediately feel deeply about the club and the people, and the desire to work for the people, is the people, Mourinho said.
Sport Review - 9:00 PM
It was a difficult match but I had ammunition on the bench, Mourinho told MUTV .
Sport Review - 4:40 AM
What was the Liverpool result? [Interviewer: 2-2.] I didn't know it was 2-2. So we have gained two points on Liverpool, Mourinho told MUTV . I was thinking about Chelsea and Tottenham [playing on Tuesday], because one of them will lose or both will get the draw. But also Liverpool, so we ...
Sport Review - 4:00 AM
One is one of the greatest players this club has ever had: Ryan Giggs, said Mourinho. His second season was not comparable with the season when he started.
Soccernet - 6:20 PM
We will see Chelsea-Tottenham and somebody may lose, or both could lose two points, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 10:09 AM
The biggest trust I give him is when I told you that I don't want another striker, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 8:13 AM
When we play at home, I have in my office everything recorded, said Mourinho. After the match, I can watch.
Daily Telegraph - 6:45 AM
We have not received one single offer that we are going to accept, Mourinho said. I don't want to sell players.
Daily Telegraph - 6:00 AM