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Marcus Rashford is a 19-year-old kid who is in love with football, said Mourinho. He stays after training for half-an-hour to practice taking free-kicks and waits for the opportunity.
Mirror - 11:51 PM
He worked really hard and created problems, Mourinho said. He had a fantastic shot in the first half with that beautiful save.
Sky Sports - 11:36 PM
The players that have accumulated lots of minutes are not going to play next weekend, said Mourinho.
BBC - 11:28 PM
He's a 19-year-old kid in love with football, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 11:17 PM
Marcus is one of the boys we trust, said Jose Mourinho last month. Because he's so young, he's able to keep developing that day after day.
Sky Sports - 11:14 PM
I am pleased with the performance, not so pleased with the result, Mourinho told BT Sport. At half-time it should be already -- I don't want to say three, but two.
Soccernet - 10:42 PM
He's a 19-year-old kid in love with football, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 10:33 PM
I want us to fight for a result that will allow us to go at them in the second leg and reach the final, said Mourinho before kick-off.
Daily Mail - 9:57 PM
If you can't go hunting with your dog then you have to take your cat, said Mourinho in 2011.
Daily Mail - 12:06 PM
I think I would ask myself why, said Mourinho.
Mirror - 11:25 AM
Mata was injured for a while, but he's ready to play, said Mourinho. He's experienced, he's one of the few players who has played European semi-finals and finals, so it's nothing new for him.
Mirror - 9:35 PM
I know the Europa League is the only competition Manchester United as a club have never won, Mourinho said. It would be great to close the circle and say we are a club that has won every single competition in the football world.
Soccernet - 7:21 PM
Smalling and Jones are back, and Pogba, Mourinho said. Bailly is ready to play -- he is this kind of personality that fights against every problem unless it is impossible.
Soccernet - 7:08 PM
Shaw has an important injury and we are waiting for one more opinion before the medical department decides what to do, said Mourinho. But he is out for the season.
BBC - 6:57 PM
We have two matches in one week against Celta. It is important to have everyone back, said Mourinho.
Daily Star - 6:40 PM
Bailly is ready to play, he is the kind of personality that fights against every problem unless it's impossible, said Mourinho.
Mirror - 6:34 PM
I don't want to go in that direction, said Mourinho last month. I just feel that when a player reaches a certain level, it doesn't make a lot of sense to drop levels.
Mirror - 12:40 PM
Mourinho told me: What? Is this real? This is a very bad move.
Daily Star - 7:05 AM
If we beat Celta, we have the final and, in this moment, it is obviously hypothetical, Mourinho told the United website.
EPL Talk - 3:05 PM
I don't want to speak about it, Mourinho said. He is the kind of ref that if he makes mistakes with my team there is no intention. I know because I've watched on video a few times but I don't want to say whether it was a mistake or not because he is a good ref.
Soccernet - 1:31 PM
You can say that is an unfair fight, said Mourinho recently.
Sky Sports - 12:18 PM