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We believe in him and of course we believe that sooner or later there will be no problem, Mourinho said earlier this week.
Daily Mail - 8:16 PM
They were the three players that start almost every match in the Premier League and now we lose all three in the same period, said Mourinho.
Sky Sports - 12:13 AM
They were the three players that start almost every match in the Premier League and now we lose all three in the same period, said Mourinho.
Sky Sports - 8:43 PM
Antonio Valencia is having surgery today, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 5:04 PM
You can write and say what you want about Wayne, but it is not true, Mourinho told reporters.
Yahoo! Eurosport - 12:23 PM
With [his age being] 31, I know he can [play on], said Mourinho. I know he can, I know he's a top player, I know he can play at the top level.
Sky Sports - 11:22 PM
I know he can still play at the highest level. I know he's the type of player I need, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 10:46 PM
Mourinho told MUTV : We spoke about the fans before the [City] game between us.
Daily Star - 4:47 PM
Mourinho told MUTV: It was not just a victory against Man City, it was a victory against Man City days after such a big defeat [against Chelsea].
Soccernet - 4:22 PM
After the defeat, we had to play Man City two days after and because of that defeat, the match became more than just a normal cup match, Mourinho said.
talkSport - 4:09 PM
We are a team in the process of building up, Mourinho said. You don't do that with one transfer window, you don't do that in three or four months but in this moment we just think about game by game, and now it is Burnley and Burnley is difficult.
Sky Sports - 4:01 PM
He's not just a player, he is somebody who has a big understanding of the game and it's a pity sometimes you can't stop the clock, Mourinho said. In five years' time I think [Lionel] Messi will be 34 and we will be crying that the guy is 34. Michael is such an important player and is a pl...
Sky Sports - 4:01 PM
Mkhitaryan is not injured, he is training with the team 100 percent, Mourinho told a news conference. Some players have the profile of adapting easily, but some other players need more time to feel the intensity.
Soccernet - 3:43 PM
What I know is in the last seven matches we lost one, said Mourinho. It's better to lose one match 4-0 than lose four matches 1-0 – that's 12 points.
Daily Mail - 3:31 PM
Mourinho told MUTV: The same way everybody wanted to play against City because of such a big defeat the match before, it's the same for this. Everyone wants to play now for different reasons, everybody wants to play now because they're happy and they're confident. Little problems we have ...
Mirror - 3:23 PM
It's one thing to be 25, another thing to be 35, said Mourinho. That's the logic of things.
Daily Express - 3:12 PM
Some players, with their profile they are adapted to come and play, some others they need more time, Mourinho said on Friday.
EPL Talk - 3:02 PM
Willian when he arrived at Chelsea he had problems, he went through a process and the next season he was a champion. He was phenomenal and he still is, said Mourinho.
BBC - 2:42 PM
We had to play with two left-footed central defenders and Marcos had not played for a while, but he played phenomenally, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 9:18 AM
We were getting confident step by step, we were starting to trust our defensive organisation, Mourinho said.
Sport Review - 8:45 AM