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You can't win every game, said a sanguine Mourinho. If you lose points because of complacency or lack of commitment then that's a big problem for my mentality, for my kind of leadership.
Guardian - 10:29 PM
I could see he had qualities as a coach, of course, says Koeman of Mourinho. But if you'd asked me at that time if he was going to have that kind of success, I would not have been sure about that.
Daily Mail - 10:33 PM
They defended very well and the lines were very good, said Mourinho. We had a lot of the ball, we tried and didn't change our football, we tried to play.
Sky Sports - 9:29 PM
Brown is very experienced and he used his body, said Mourinho. They can frustrate a striker and can also be clever enough to get cards. But no problem. It's a yellow card. He doesn't play against Tottenham.
BBC - 9:27 PM
I didn't see it [Diego Costa elbow incident] but the referee was close and he made in my opinion a very good performance, Mourinho said to Sky Sports. I thought everything was under control.
Daily Mail - 9:09 PM
The team is much more important than anyone, said Mourinho. For me, that's clear. And they have to think about the team.
Daily Star - 11:22 PM
For me that is the perfect situation, said Mourinho. I don't want people to leave.
Daily Mail - 10:57 PM
This kind of trophy is not good for football, said Mourinho. Sometimes it looks like we are looking for stars and people to be more important than others.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
There are Christmas parties and 'Christmas parties', said Mourinho. This one I think the families deserve and the boys are very happy to be with their families.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
I'm sure there is much more to come, Mourinho said. A young team with lots of young players.
ESPN - 4:13 PM
Complacency's the only risk we don't have, said Mourinho. We have all the other risks, the risks that belong to football.
Sport Review - 3:37 PM
My reaction is that your world changed so much that our world also changed so much, said Mourinho.
Daily Star - 3:36 PM
Complacency's the only risk we don't have, said Mourinho. We have all the other risks, the risks that belong to football.
Daily Star - 3:36 PM
Complacency is not a risk we have, Mourinho said. It's not a profile of this group in this moment. We were winning 5-0 against Schalke and in minute 88 Eden Hazard made a sprint to defend. There was a clear evolution and I don't think the group as a group can be complacent.
Guardian - 3:17 PM
It's difficult to say why we have few injuries, said Mourinho.
Sport Review - 2:14 PM