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He [FĂ bregas] is a better guy than I thought, Mourinho told ITV Sport. He's a fantastic guy, he's a fantastic professional. Now I understand why at the age of 19 or 20 or 21 he was Arsenal captain.
Sport Review - 6:17 PM
Pepe's problem has a name and that name is Varane, Mourinho said. It's not easy being a 31-year-old and being overtaken by a 19-year-old kid.
Daily Mail - 5:26 PM
I was not expecting Didier to play 75 (minutes), Mourinho said. I spoke with him yesterday and we spoke about 30.
Daily Express - 1:32 PM
I'm not worried. We don't cry on injuries, said Mourinho.
BBC - 12:12 AM
I cannot speak about Man United, said Mourinho. I can speak about ourselves.
Sport Review - 11:50 PM
I was not expecting [Drogba] to play 75 minutes, Mourinho said. He had to come on as the striker. He could be there [against Manchester United]. It was good for him to be on the pitch.
Goal.com - 10:52 PM
I was not expecting him to play 75 minutes, Mourinho said of Drogba. I spoke with him yesterday about 30.
Sport Review - 10:35 PM
Loic Remy has a problem in his groin, said Mourinho. I don't know. Now he has to improve his condition, we know the player he is and we know he can still give us a lot.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
I don't have Man United in mind, Mourinho said. I have Maribor in mind.
Daily Express - 11:41 AM
You speak about Diego, I don't speak about Diego, said Mourinho. I say to my players: 'I don't want to speak about injured players'. When somebody is injured, I always look at it as an opportunity for another player. When he's not here, he's not here.
Sky Sports - 11:36 AM
There are no rules, no laws to protect us, said Mourinho. Just the mentality of the national coaches and teams.
Daily Star - 8:04 AM