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I am not annoyed with anything, Mourinho said. What happened with Sarri's assistant, Sarri was the first one to come to me and say he will resolve it.
Soccernet - 7:36 PM
Players make mistakes and I prefer to focus on the global performance, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 7:26 PM
Mourinho told Sky Sports: No, I don't think so.
Sky Sports - 6:33 PM
Martial is improving, he is doing different things than before, said Mourinho. He is a more complete player than before but he needs to improve.
EPL Talk - 6:30 PM
Everybody knows with closed eyes which man is their man and which zone is their zone, Mourinho told Sky Sports.
Sky Sports - 6:05 PM
It is not my reaction, it is Sarri's assistant, Mourinho told BBC Sport. Don't do what everyone does and say, 'It's Mourinho who does things.' They have apologised, everything is fine.
BBC - 4:47 PM
I did not get respect back from Chelsea (fans) but that is not my responsibility, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 4:24 PM
I think it was a fantastic game with a fantastic result for Chelsea and an awful one for us, said Mourinho.
Metro - 4:05 PM
I don't see because I'm far away, Mourinho said. We defend mixed.
Metro - 3:57 PM
We were the best team on the pitch, Mourinho told Sky Sports. If you say before the game that one point at Stamford Bridge is a good result, it is so difficult to win here but after the game with the way the game was it is an awful result for us and a phenomenal result for them.
CNN - 3:49 PM
If they focus on the performance [against Chelsea] they will be really happy with themselves, said Mourinho. If they focus on the result they will be very, very disappointed.
Soccernet - 3:47 PM
What happened with Sarri's assistant; Sarri was the first one to come to me and say he would resolve the problem internally with me, Mourinho told Sky Sports.
Mirror - 3:29 PM
For me it's another game, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 11:30 AM
The results speak by themselves, said Mourinho.
Daily Express - 10:52 AM
I felt that after the match, then, as you say, it looks an eternity [with the international break], Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 9:40 AM
We had a good relationship, we were champions together, so I think the feelings are good, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 8:13 AM
I would love to have him [Eden Hazard] in Manchester United but I don't think Chelsea will sell him to Man United so it's a not problem, Mourinho said, as quoted by ESPN . Chelsea is led by intelligent and experienced people in football and they would never sell Eden to Man United.
Caught Offside - 7:33 AM
Their results speak by themselves, said Mourinho. Obviously they are not playing Champions League.
Soccernet - 10:52 PM
The results speak by themselves, said Mourinho. Obviously they're not playing Champions League.
Mirror - 10:30 PM
Some came back in good condition and the happiness of some good results, Mourinho told MUTV.
Mirror - 7:04 PM
It's a bit strange when you come from the international week, but I think the feelings of the last match remain, Mourinho said. So the players are fine, are happy and focused on the match.
Daily Express - 6:07 PM
For me, it is another game, said Mourinho. Would I celebrate like crazy my team's goal at Stamford Bridge or my team's victory at Stamford Bridge? I don't think so.
EPL Talk - 3:18 PM
Yes I did but I don't comment, Mourinho said. If I answer to your question I probably have another process because I cannot imply bias so my answer is no answer.
Daily Express - 2:06 PM
I felt that after the match, then, as you say, it looks an eternity [with the international break], said Mourinho.
Mirror - 1:53 PM
Mourinho told MUTV: Players that are going to make an effort to be available for the team, like Herrera.
Daily Star - 1:38 PM
Luke fully deserves this contract, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 8:53 AM