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I think he knows that, without me, he probably wouldn't be at Chelsea in this moment, said Mourinho. But I also know that, probably without him, I would not be again Premier League champion.
BBC - 10:44 PM
If I own an English club, I sign Tony Pulis, Mourinho said. It's as simple as that - he's a guarantee to achieve what the club wants.
BBC - 2:07 PM
He didn't have a head injury, said Mourinho.
Sky Sports - 11:41 PM
He didn't have a head injury, said José Mourinho on Friday. He had contact, strong contact with Ospina.
Guardian - 10:43 PM
What I never did was to put big pressure on him to try to persuade him to leave Liverpool and play for me. I always respect the feeling, said Mourinho.
Daily Mail - 7:33 PM
Every player is linked to our club: some because they want to come; some because they want better contracts in their clubs, said Mourinho. That's the nature of the market.
Guardian - 4:46 PM