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He's going to be a Chelsea player, that's no doubt, said Mourinho. We have other kids I also believe can perfectly do it: good work at academy level; good cooperation with us when the players go into the zone where they are almost but not quite there. In the last game [against Sunde...
Guardian - 12:00 PM
In the last game I'll play the players with more minutes in the Premier League, said Mourinho. The players who were the basis of the first-team.
Daily Express - 8:13 PM
I'm so happy with the ovation, said Mourinho. The negative song Chelsea fans sing for him is respect for an old, dear enemy that fought so much against us in every competition.
BBC - 7:28 PM
It is my time to honour the champion, said Mourinho. It's my time to honour Steve Gerrard and say with opponents like him that I am the manager I am.
Daily Mail - 6:57 PM
Liverpool wanted to play with Luis Suarez behind the defenders, Raheem Sterling the same thing, and Steven Gerrard in front of the defenders, Mourinho said. So I go there, I play Frank Lampard on Stevie G, I play my block completely low.
Daily Telegraph - 9:00 AM
One thing is a team. Another thing is a team with Messi, said Mourinho. It is a different story.
Mirror - 9:35 AM
For me, decision No.1 is Petr will stay. After that, second point to go but not in England, Mourinho said.
Caught Offside - 8:09 AM