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A Champions League week is always a good week, even if you expect a difficult match, a difficult opponent, Mourinho said. Everyone wants to play Champions League, not everyone can do it. So we are here and we have the chance to play a big match. So, big match, big week.
BBC - 11:54 PM
The only truth is that I made the decision for Paul not to be the second captain anymore. But no fallout, no problems at all, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 8:58 PM
I think that some care more than others, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 4:40 PM
Is my job on the line? No, I don't think, Mourinho said.
Mirror - 4:15 PM
What Luke Shaw said is something I agree with but not totally because I am part of it too, Mourinho said. He said: 'We players on the pitch have to perform, we have to give more' and I like that perspective, but it's not the whole story.
Guardian - 3:48 PM
I think that some care more than others, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 3:10 PM
Every player is different, no player is the same, Mourinho said. I see different actions, but what you see is not really inside. But in the little two sessions of training we have had [since West Ham] everything is normal, desire to work and play. Sometimes what it looks is exactly...
Soccernet - 3:08 PM
Ask the guy behind you, he wrote the story, said Mourinho.
Metro - 2:52 PM
I felt we needed quality on the ball on the building up from the back and Scott McTominay has that quality with the ball, Mourinho said.
Metro - 12:37 PM
Look for how many months are people asking for [Anthony] Martial, Martial, Martial and saying how Alexis isn't play well enough, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 7:09 AM
For myself, speaking of my own feelings, I am really happy that we have a game on Tuesday, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 10:57 PM
The third goal killed the game and mentally killed the team that had a reaction and had a little bit of reward for that reaction, Mourinho said after the game . Not the pride – it didn't kill the pride.
I hope so. I hope we can see it, said Mourinho.
Daily Express - 8:09 PM
Tomorrow he plays. He is a player like the others, said Mourinho on Friday. No player is bigger than the club.
Daily Express - 10:30 PM
For how many months people are asking for Martial, Martial, Martial. For how many months people are saying, 'Alexis Sanchez is not playing well enough', Mourinho said.
Sky Sports - 7:25 PM
I want to play Martial, something that you [the media] are asking for a long, long, long time, Mourinho told a news conference. I left Alexis out and I think Martial is not a player very, very focused on his defensive duties. I thought to play him as a second striker would be easie...
Soccernet - 4:43 PM
Mourinho told BT Sport: For how many months people are asking for Martial, Martial, Martial.
Metro - 3:18 PM
We had a reaction but an own goal makes 2-0, Mourinho told BT Sport. We are not aggressive and intense enough, then we are losing 2-0.
Mirror - 3:14 PM
He was the best. He had a fantastic attitude, Mourinho said after the 3-1 loss.
Metro - 3:12 PM
Look, for many months people have been asking for Martial, Martial, Martial, said Mourinho on BT Sport.
Mirror - 3:12 PM
Mourinho told BT Sport: Options, it's options.
Daily Star - 1:15 PM
Mourinho told BT Sport: Options, it's options.
Metro - 12:17 PM
I think for you was amazing because you made a story, an incredible story, out of 15 minutes of open training session, said Mourinho. But what happened the other day happens many days, conversations with players I have many, many, many times.
Mirror - 9:10 AM
He is a player like the others, said Mourinho.
Daily Express - 7:48 AM
I explained in detail to the people who have to know, which is the squad and especially Paul, Mourinho said. Myself and my coaching staff decided to do that and I always analyse a player as a player.
Sport Review - 5:40 AM