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King of the Kippax - Fri May 20 12:31 PM
STEVE PARISH’S LETTER RECENTLY PRINTED IN WHEN SATURDAY COMES Most fans think referees are biased against their team. Some think they don’t get a fair deal from TV coverage, but it’s rare for that bias to be openly admitted. When BT Sport covered Manchester City’s Champions League qua...
King of the Kippax - Thu May 19 12:23 AM
Didn't watch it - was there amention of City beating Sevilla twice??? Dave
King of the Kippax - Wed May 18 3:31 PM
No mention anywhere yet of City beating Sevilla 2-1 home and 3-1 away. Obviously saving it for the TV coverage later today. Dave
King of the Kippax - Mon May 16 4:50 PM
Monday Swansea and after a few days with youngest daughter’s family in Newport parked up in Pizza Hut, had a snack and strolled to the ground, meeting up with the rest of the KK team. As for the game the least said the better, it just summed up our season. We’ll fight to the end? In our last six...
King of the Kippax - Sat May 14 3:01 PM
Lovely here in S. Wales. Well done West Ham on Tuesday, but not their fans pre-match, though understandable? That leaves us with just a point needed at Swansea, who’ve had a good end to the season, and can afford to rest a few players for the Euros. Let’s hope we take advantage, are not in Euro m...