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King of the Kippax - Thu Jun 2 1:03 PM
England beat Australia at The SOL. Raheem laid on two then was booed off. It’s all been, Mourinho this week, apart from Rooney and Rashford, plus even the ads have got Cantona doing em, though I have to admit that I quite like em. Got my letter printed in the MEN re Mourinho falling into the lege...
King of the Kippax - Fri May 27 5:54 PM
Friday Brian Reade in the Lpool/manumirror reckons that Pep only came to City for the Sheikh’s petro dollars. Couldn’t have had anything to do with it being too easy in Germany to win things with Bayern creaming off all the best players plus there was the pull of his buddies Soriano and Begristai...