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Raz [Raheem] is staying here, Guardiola told a news conference. The club trust him, that is why we have invested a lot of money in him, so the players we have are going to stay.
Soccernet - 10:36 PM
Leroy was not good in pre-season in the first games and he didn't deserve to play, Guardiola said. But now I have five strikers and they all deserve to play.
Daily Telegraph - 4:03 AM
We need our fans, hopefully they can come. I know they have more problems in the Champions League, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 1:09 AM
The first half we had problems as the ball must be moved and we didn't move it, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 6:50 PM
Last season we had a lot of problems at home winning games, said Guardiola. That's why we dropped our competition in the Premier League.
Sky Sports - 6:41 PM
That is going to happen – he is going to take that record, said City manager Pep Guardiola. He has to be so proud, and Manchester City have to be so proud of that.
Guardian - 2:28 PM
It's good for the players you don't use a lot, Guardiola said. It's a prize where, when you win, it's OK, but after that the people don't give too much credit. I think the prize is good when you win another one. But you waste a lot of energy.
Daily Star - 12:35 AM
I think every player gets better over the years because you have more experience, you handle situations better, Guardiola said.
EPL Talk - 11:17 PM
He has to be proud and City has to be proud, said Guardiola. Being a long time in one place and breaking the record is so fantastic. I'm not thinking about tomorrow that he is going to score three goals, just that we score one, we win the game, the team plays good and we will have ...
Soccernet - 10:46 PM
He has always had the character to score goals, said Guardiola. His mother and father gave him that talent.
Daily Express - 10:30 PM
We have a lot of games. If you have to play in a competition you have to play in it, Guardiola said on Friday.
EPL Talk - 4:05 PM
Vinnie has come back in today's training session, said Guardiola. Gundogan, we will see today if he is able to train.
Mirror - 3:34 PM
The injury situation is OK, Guardiola said. Vinny (Kompany) has come back.
Sky Sports - 2:33 PM