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I spoke with him and he knows the reason why, but it's between him and me, said Guardiola.
Mirror - 9:42 AM
At Barcelona he showed us the importance of pressing high - he's a player that moves well between the lines and in the area he's a killer, said Guardiola.
Daily Telegraph - 4:28 AM
Vincent is in Manchester, he's much better, Guardiola said. I don't know when but he'll be back soon.
Daily Telegraph - 4:28 AM
The players at Barcelona and Bayern Munich played more than 100, or 80, Guardiola said. That is the difference.
Daily Mail - 8:10 PM
I spoke with him and he knows the reason why but it's between him and me. It's a sportive decision, Guardiola said. He was so important last season. Hopefully he will play soon. It depends on the player. I'm always happy [with him] but of course I demand as much as possible. I want...
Guardian - 7:52 PM
I don't say to the striker pass the ball, I say score a goal please, Guardiola said via FourFourTwo .
Daily Mail - 11:20 AM
We had an agreement with Sancho, said Guardiola.
Mirror - 10:35 AM
That means a lot for me, what Sergio did – a lot, a lot, said Guardiola.
Daily Telegraph - 8:37 AM