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We are so satisfied about his level, Guardiola said. We have spoken to him many times and still he has a big gap to improve, his style, his way to play and his focus in the game. Hopefully we can help him have a target for next season, to try and help him be a better player.
Sky Sports - 10:48 PM
We are, all of us, so satisfied with his level, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 10:40 PM
I think it's not going to happen. My desire is it will not happen, but I don't know, said Guardiola.
Daily Telegraph - 11:53 PM
The club, the chairman and myself would like him to stay for a long, long time and sign a new contract, Guardiola said.
Goal.com - 9:42 PM
I think it's not going to happen, said Guardiola. My desire is it will not happen, but I don't know.
Mirror - 8:16 PM
The club, the chairman and myself, we all want him to stay a long time, renew his contract, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 5:15 PM
I didn't know it but, all respect, it looks ridiculous to me, Guardiola said of the rule. If they want my medal I will give them the medal.
Guardian - 4:41 PM
We all want him to stay as long as possible, Guardiola said. The chairman and myself want him to stay a long time.
BBC - 3:05 PM
Sergio is going to stay until he decides 'my time here is over', said Guardiola. I said it many times last season, this season, and today. I think it is not going to happen but in football you never know.
Sky Sports - 2:47 PM
Your career is behind you now, Guardiola told Clichy bluntly. But you have a duty, every day, every session, every behaviour you have; young players are looking up to you and even if you don't feel like a special player, you've done so many years in England, you've won trophies, you are s...
Guardian - 12:03 PM
What I like the most with Leroy, seeing his outstanding performance, finishing the game and I felt he could do better, Guardiola said.
Daily Mail - 9:54 AM
At our party three days ago Leroy danced a lot so I was scared about his level today but he was excellent, Guardiola said, laughing.
Daily Telegraph - 7:31 AM
We cannot deny, we are so proud [of the records], Guardiola told Sky Sports.
Sky Sports - 4:46 AM
He's not leaving because he'll always be part of it, Guardiola said. He lives close to here, he's loved by the crowd, the locker room, his speech was amazing, it was a perfect night for us.
Soccernet - 12:33 AM
The way we played it's fantastic for us, said Guardiola. We did that in the day we will always remember, that's it's the day for Yaya.
Daily Mail - 12:09 AM