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He trained just one week but we needed him today, and he did so well except when he was very tired at the end, said Guardiola. His mum and dad gave him a special body shape: he's small, tiny, so these kind of guys in one week are ready.
Sky Sports - 11:30 PM
We are delighted with him and would like Raheem to stay, Guardiola said.
EPL Talk - 10:37 PM
For the record, I'm not a sports director, not even a manager. I'm a trainer, Guardiola said. I try to make a good team spirit in the locker room and win games.
Guardian - 8:53 PM
We have a lot of players with a lack of condition but we are more than two seasons together and know what to do, Guardiola told the BBC.
EPL Talk - 6:55 PM
I have a great, great, great opinion of Unai, said Guardiola in 2011. When you watch his teams, you can see there is sense to everything they do.
Sky Sports - 1:58 PM
People say now we have to forget what we did last season, Guardiola said. No way.
Daily Telegraph - 4:09 AM
People say now we have to forget what we did last season. No way, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 10:35 PM
The target is to win on Sunday and then, after that, (against) Huddersfield and then Wolves. At the end we will see our level, Guardiola said this week.
Daily Mail - 5:08 PM
They show me in two seasons, especially the last one, we can trust them, Guardiola said. We believe we have a good squad.
Daily Mail - 2:09 PM
In the first half we were passed out of the game, in the second we were much better, said Guardiola.
Soccernet - 9:35 PM
He's not allowed (to play in England, Guardiola said. So we are going to try to help him to be on loan again and try to get the work permit. He (Luiz) has ability, quality to play and we decide he can play. I accept the rules but I don't understand, anyone in the world can work whe...
Daily Telegraph - 7:54 PM
He's not allowed [to play for us], Guardiola said. We are going to try to help him to go on loan again [to Girona] and try to get the work permit [for that].
Guardian - 4:44 PM
I accept the rules but it's difficult to understand. They don't know him, Guardiola said.
BBC - 3:56 PM
The ideal situation is [all leagues] finish at the same time but it is what it is, Guardiola said. I like to start the first game with players who I'll have for the season.
Goal.com - 3:25 PM
I am so sad and disappointed for Douglas, Guardiola said. I think he is a player with a huge capacity to play with us.
Soccernet - 2:01 PM