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RedCafe.net - Sun Jan 28 5:12 PM
Liverpool footballer Jon Flanagan sentenced for assault - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-42715074 Career over? Didn't realise he's 25 so hardly a young promising talent anymore.
RedCafe.net - Sun Jan 28 2:20 PM
Bruce Grobbelaar was Liverpool's last title winning goalie and whilst he achieved a lot he was never the best keeper in the game during his time but he was an integral part of their title winning sides. Since then the scousers have failed to win a title and for the most part have never really had...
RedCafe.net - Sat Jan 27 10:50 PM
How will he fare in his first season? Instant impact making Liverpool serious contenders for top 3 or does he require serious amount of rebuilding? Squad looks awfully fragile when a couple of key players are out so surely this won't be plain sailing for The Normal One?
RedCafe.net - Sat Jan 27 9:46 PM
Right it's that time of year again, let's hope for a classic. Now to make @marukomu happy any serious Liverpool discussion or Liverpool fans chirping up will be come down on hard and threadbans of weird lengths will be handed out RAWK Goes Into Lockdown 2017/20-18 Edition | Very Average Reds
RedCafe.net - Tue Jan 23 12:06 PM
Neymar - £200m + £660K a week (Pre tax) on 5 Year contract = £200m +172m in wages = £372m overall Coutinho - £140m + £240K a week (Pre Tax) on 5 year contract = £200m +63m = £263m Overall Dembele = £135.5m + 220K a week (Pre tax) on 5 year contract = 135.5m + 57m = £192.5m overall...
RedCafe.net - Mon Jan 22 4:19 PM
Lots of rumours that Man City want him this month (rather than the summer). Arsenal want £35m for him. Man City want to spend £20m on him. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/07/manch ansfer-deal-desperate-alexis-sanchez-7211349/ https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/90...
RedCafe.net - Mon Jan 22 10:55 AM
As much as Liverpool fecked up the other day, I was pretty impressed with Watford. I'm a big fan of Marco Silva after the job he done with Hull last season; he really managed to galvanise a predominantly average group of players but ultimately didn't manage to keep them up. He also made some good...