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LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 11:05 PM
Barca and Real lost wtf, didn't even know La Liga was on today.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 10:29 PM
The way he's basically giving his back to Hazard and looking at him over his shoulder and giving away that inside path for free makes me want to smash my screen. Then he basically turns and proceeds to run in a straight line with his hands in the air
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 9:44 PM
Moreno and Clyne showing why they rarely play. Clyne with a feeble attempt at stopping Emerson and Moreno overall sh*te. Not good enough, now they go into the weekend with the mental edge over us regardless of what the line up was.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 7:06 PM
After the little bit in the stats thread about Villa, I'd thought I'd rejuvenate this old thread with Villa as the subject. James Milner Ilori Cissokho Berger McMahon Evans Downing Saunders Crouch Heskey Or Carson Ross Staunton Warno
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:41 PM
Fabinho never heard of him one and six in the kop tanner in the boys pen..get off Spellow Lane legit thru the parrrrk 6 o' chips on the way 'ome..
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:30 PM
img https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dn7qq4AXgAI
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:27 PM
Joe Denly has been called up for the Sri Lanka tour. Those who've been on the forum long enough will know I was asking for him to be in the squad about ten years ago. I know he was given a chance in the limited over game around that time but never made
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:18 PM
Liverpool have had two players two sent off in the League cup in the 21st Century. Both players sent off were in games against Chelsea. Both players sent off were English. Both players sent off had spells at Aston Villa. Both players won over 50 caps f
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:09 PM
Quote from CT_LFC on Sep 24, 2018 02:51:38 pm They shouldn't be struggling like this, though. The loss of Salah and Rudiger are probably bigger losses than Nainggolan and Strootman and they did quite well last season. Pas
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:08 PM
I posted earlier I expected far more from him because he was capable of far more than we had seen. He has been outstanding this season and I think maybe Klopp has to got into his head and now he believes he is capable of being a top player.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 5:57 PM
So our number five and arguably our best player of the season thus far is one game away from making his 100th Liverpool appearance. It may very well be in tonight's League Cup tie against Chelsea - if not then I'd back it to be this weekend against Che
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 2:58 PM
Day 6 EPL, VAR Quiz: Fulham v Watford: Incident: Serious Foul Play by Fulham. Decision: Yellow Card. VAR Review? Decision Changed. Red Card given. Cardiff v City : Incident: Serious Foul Play by Cardiff. Decision
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 11:08 AM
We seem to have a quite a few members from other countries so who you guys going for the Ryder Cup?? I'm English through and through so Believe in Blue for me. Don't think we can win though. The Americans look solid this year. Tiger back on form is
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 8:50 AM
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45641867 Seems like the Russian thief is desperate for residency somewhere in Europe.
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 7:26 AM
Yay.. it’s football night! 3-1.. Victory..
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 6:13 AM
Woke up and saw the score from last night and then read about Nourinho stripping Pogba of the captaincy in front of the squad and his comments about Jones The whole club is in meltdown and Harry Wilson is giving them the 5 5times, I love it
LFC Reds - Wed Sep 26 1:22 AM
Quote from dunlop liddell shankly on Yesterday at 09:04:46 pm Do you really wanna talk about realism? Because if you knew anything about this club you'd know we defy realism on a f**king constant basis. Realistically afte
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 11:24 PM
'Foden compared to Iniesta after first Man City goal' reads the BBC Sport headline. Bloody hell. Once again, BBC Sport proving that their pages are written by primary school kids.
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 9:23 PM
Amazing free kick!! Also liking the way Derby play!
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 8:31 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 5:30 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Sep 23, 2018 09:59:33 am I get the feeling new players need to be Klopperised before they can be trusted. They haven't had an effect so far so that all good for further improvement. Looking back to
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 3:05 PM
Jd, if we win with penalties, what happens?
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 2:48 PM
Quick mention on Watford. +1 for the title and +2 for a top four. Good results against Burnley (A) and Spurs (H), but two poor results against Man Utd and Fulham. Which team has the worst results? It's actually none of the bottom 3 in the league. It
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 2:18 PM
Here we go then ( Link to last seasons thread ) Despite Man City blitzing the league last season, we have kept the requirements all the same. In fact, even though Manchester City
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 1:51 PM
Im just as excited as the next guy, but in situations such as these, i would rather just take it one game at a time. The EPL is a tough league and it just takes a slice of luck or an off-day for a result to swing either way. My heart says, we will win
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 1:42 PM
I am more excited than at any time in the previous 20 years about the league. I am hopelessly pessimistic so for me to open a thread means something. We have a perfect start and for me the real stand out win was of course Spurs away. West Ham (H) Pala
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 12:57 PM
If Everton weren't real, we'd have to invent them!! This from one of their deluded lot on WSAG forum is a pearler. Quote from: Some Divvy Bluenose We keep moaning about getting ####ed over by everyone. It’s only gonna keep happening. The players, manager a
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 7:59 AM
Quote from HUYTON RED Moving goalposts to suit your argument!! Maybe if Owen hadn't have been such a shithouse when he left Madrid for Newcastle and listened to Rafa, he could of ended up back at Anfield, but Owen saw his arse, worried about his Eng
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 7:10 AM
I’ve got the trial through EA Access, and it’s playing smoothly. I have 10 hours of gameplay for free then if I’m enjoyong it I’ll buy it and if not give pro evo a go
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 6:12 AM
Just got the notification that this has been delivered to my house. F ing meant to be home all day today but emergency had to be at
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 12:30 AM
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LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 12:28 AM
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LFC Reds - Tue Sep 25 12:26 AM
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LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 11:33 PM
Anyone in the U.S. know if ESPN Plus shows games on demand. They have the League Cup rights but I will only be able to watch it later that evening. Can you see the game on a delay basis or is it live only?
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 10:50 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 9:03 PM
Quote from Magillionare on Jul 30, 2018 05:55:50 pm Shock horror. Never warmed to him all the time he was here. Feckless, arrogant, lazy. Just a few words to describe him. About as missed as a stubbed toe.
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 8:00 PM
I think Mo felt slightly embarrassed winning the best goal award
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 4:03 PM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Sep 22, 2018 03:25:20 pm As a grumpy b ard, not overly keen on this line up and the space we allow the opposition Think Klopp ended up agreeing with you, hence hooking Shaq at half time.
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 2:42 PM
Quote from lfc across the water on Yesterday at 07:42:57 pm They'll always be our rivals. It's only a few weeks since you were saying they would make the top 4, and wondering what all the fuss about their results was abou
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 1:10 PM
Not sure on some injuries so if all fit Becker Clyne Matip Gomez Moreno Fabinho Jones Keita Sturridge Solanke Shaquri
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 12:21 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 12:05 PM
Horrible horrible news. My next door neighbour is close to the end with this awful disease. It is in my opinion the most horrible disease that there is. So sad to hear of someone so young to be diagnosed. My neighbour was diagnosed at 46. Steven must n
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 4:18 AM
Quote from AussieRed on Yesterday at 11:12:42 pm Great header. Now I want to see Joe and VVD do the same, more frequently. I agree. We need more goal threat from our CB's at set pieces.
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 24 4:07 AM
6 down and 32 more to go! We are top so let's enjoy it people 😁 The most important thing for me is that we are genuine challengers for the title.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 11:30 PM
Excellent performance yesterday, should be a starter Wednesday I would think.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 11:18 PM
Motherfucking Sacrilege!!
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 9:24 PM
If there's one guy in the world I want cloned, it's this guy. No one can hold a candle to him or come close to replicating his performances at left back at this club.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 9:05 PM
Damn, I just saw Roma are struggling badly, but it was expected seeing as they sold their best players last 2 seasons.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 7:33 PM
Barca are able to rest, Umtiti, Rakitic, Coutinho and S.Roberto and still have a very strong line up out!
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 6:54 PM
Grujic subbed out injured ankle yesterday.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 6:14 PM
Cant remember the "expert pundits" talking about our Goalkeeper or our defence so they talk about Mo playing just a bit below par but still scoring 3 in 6 more or less the same as last season.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 6:08 PM
Finished my 10k in 1:05:45. Pretty pleased with that time. Next up is my half marathon next weekend.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 4:51 PM
Are we making this the defacto Scottish Premiership thread as well? Rangers winning 5-1 against St Johnstone (a plucky side in recent years thanks to Tommy Wright's effective management there) on the same day Celtic have lost to Steve Clarke's Kilmarno
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 3:57 PM
I watched the Canelo 3G fight again. Already knowing the outcome I could see if the judges screwed up or got it right. Many said that Canelo took 1, 2, 6, 8. 3G Took 3-5, 7, 9-12. I think Canelo took 1-4. 3G didnt press at all. Canelo landed numerous powe
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 3:35 PM
With Jordan Henderson just a few games of short of breaking into the top 11 Premier League appearances for Liverpool, I took a look at what our side would look like if it just consisted of our top appearance makers over the past 25 years. GK - Reina (
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 1:44 PM
Quote from Ribapuru on Today at 01:38:14 pm I'd do that too, but he's a slight doubt for this game according to physioroom. What about Nathaniel Phillips? I heard he was good in pre season. It would be good to rest Go
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 1:01 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 9:44 AM
https://youtu.be/x7w4CkXBhkE https://youtu.be/jRsqG5E_SgQ https://youtu.be/29qnadqi7A0
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 9:43 AM
Any news on the injury? Will be much needed next weekend. Love this guy; the calmest CD we've had since Hansen.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 7:56 AM
Watching 10 mins of highlights as I missed this match due to being half way across the Australian outback driving from the northeast coast to Adelaide on our first road trip, in an 18 yr old White Toyota Tarago (Previa in the U.K.) with 329, 000 Km on t
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 5:43 AM
Quote from bazspeedman on Sep 20, 2018 10:40:25 am Yea I appreciate he tried to expand on the predator universe and copied the music and a few signature shots and lines from the original. But my god was Black way off the m
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 3:42 AM
Put Sturridge in the team vs PSG goal and good performance Put Matip and Shaqiri in vs Saints. Matip goal and clean sheet, Shaqiri 2 assists. Just the rotation and depth we have been lacking in years.
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 1:19 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Today at 12:39:32 am laugh all you want but I didn't say anything. It was a pure attempt to bully, troll and provoke. I think mods will have to act this time. Forum rules. 1.4 BULLYING OR ABU
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 23 1:07 AM
Quote from waltonl4 on Yesterday at 09:42:00 pm According to official UEFA rankings Liverpool FC are back in top position in the list of European Clubs after their fine start to the European campaign this season. The UEFA
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 11:32 PM
Did somebody forget to remind you lot?
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 11:18 PM
Every weekend I usually flick through Livescores' app to see how our loan players get on. Sadly, like today, it seems young Ben is usually an unused substitute. What a waste of time for him and us. Should recall him and tell Sheffield United to do one
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 8:56 PM
Quote from Magillionare on Sep 19, 2018 10:18:52 pm These '5th Official' people they have are the worst inclusion to football in the 21st century, and I truly mean that. Utter pointless and I've never seen one get somethi
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 7:06 PM
Quote from Rohan on Today at 06:57:47 pm Perfect at this stage. I would now go for Chelsea, Alisson Clyne Matip (Gomez/Van Dijk) Moreno Keita Fabinho (Milner/Hendo) Shaqiri Sturridge Brewster Still a pretty solid te
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 6:12 PM
Spurs getting a really soft penalty Kane scores
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 5:21 PM
Been a bit of a forgotten man for a while now but he was excellent today. Ok, it was Southampton but he was so clean in defence today and I liked what I saw in how he worked with Gomez (who was excellent when he came on). A good header as well to score
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 4:55 PM
Quote from PurpleMonkey on Today at 04:55:12 pm Keith, what's the score vs Wolves? Can you keep me updated. your talking about the massive mid table clash ?
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 4:55 PM
Robertson MOTM, such a consistent player. Massive shout out to Gomez who made a case as well playing only 30 minutes.
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 2:04 PM
Good options on the bench
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 2:04 PM
Versus Southampton Liverpool 3 Southampton 0 Been on a 17 hr flight
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 1:19 PM
How does Watford have 15 points? Lol! Nothing special about them!
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 11:12 AM
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 7:11 AM
We need a money model to lead the game like COUTINHO !!
LFC Reds - Sat Sep 22 12:09 AM
Just seen the clip from today's press conference where he gets asked whether Salah is having a bit of a slump. "What was it he scored last year" Reporter responds saying 6 in 6 and so far it's 2 in 6, Klopp's response: "yeah wow what a crisis!!" Absolu
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 9:59 PM
Under 23's lost 4 nil away to the arse.bobby adekanye carried off on a stretcher
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 9:25 PM
The club got Jürgen doing a foreigner in Kirkby now!!
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 7:59 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Today at 07:50:20 pm is he fit again or is he on the sick list again. I think jurgen rates him highly but not if he lets him down being injured all the time. Come on Adam get your finger out /q
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 5:55 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 5:02 PM
Quote from Shabs Chelsea where he did a 6 month stint saw him lift the UEFA Cup & qualify for CL spot when they looked like imploding.. They didn't. They looked like they would go out of the European Cup at the group phase, and the owner act
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 3:41 PM
https://twitter.com/lfccompshd/status/1043111599245078529?s=21 What a top player he is. Surely has the potential to be the best centre back in the world?!
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 1:20 PM
The wind!!
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 12:27 PM
Quote from Scotia on Sep 02, 2018 09:12:26 am Have a good one Si - make it count 👍 Make it count we did mate. What a trip and we done so much I don't want to bore everyone with it all. Seen the usual Manhatten
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 8:19 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Yesterday at 05:37:01 pm I'm not sure he can escape from going to jail if found guilty. In the past players in Spain averted jail with tax, but this isn't Spain or tax It's uncharted territory. D
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 7:47 AM
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 1:36 AM
Quote from waltonl4 on Yesterday at 08:23:35 pm you could form a group with the other forum idiot. Look at Walton. Debating skills ☒ Unoriginal insults ☑
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 1:27 AM
Quote from Lallana in Pyjamas on Yesterday at 11:24:00 pm He has a known severe issue with his knee - it would be madness to spend £50 mil on someone who has spent a long time out with a very bad knee injury and still has
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 21 12:09 AM
McGregor v Nurmagomedov. I love Conor. I think hes the best striker in MMA but I dont think he can counter Khabibs ground game. Khabib is an animal on the ground. His jiu jitsu is technically flawless and he uses bits of Sambo and Pancrase which is so
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 10:41 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 8:00 PM
Quote from king kenny on Sep 03, 2018 01:42:27 am Clubs would respect the competition more if UEFA gave it own competition a little more respect. It took them decades to allocate 1 CL place and even that is halfheartedly
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 6:26 PM
Quote from waltonl4 on Today at 06:21:52 pm Seeing Stevie on the line just looks wierd Sitting here watching the match with my arl fella, he literally just said "why doesn't steve throw a pair of boots on, he's
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 5:08 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 4:45 PM
He’s not been missed in the slightest and whilst having a far from comfortable start in Italy, you can’t be saying stuff like this https://mobile.twitter.com/dw_sports/status/1042713093950844928/photo/1
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 11:48 AM
I watched the replay of the game and we have indeed beaten a very good side and along the way conceded 2 goals is no shame at all. It is not easy to contain a strikeforce that is worth 400 mil. So, I don;t expect myself to say anything negative about t
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 8:36 AM
Salah looks a bit jaded but he is also receiving extra care from other teams now thus creating space for our other players to bang them in which they have been doing. Personally I think Mo needs to play a bit wider and be given the ball earlier, he see
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 2:56 AM
Started watching the first six episodes of Start Up which has Adam Brody in and Martin Freeman as a bent FBI agent. Set in Miami and features money laundering, shagging and gang violence.
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 2:47 AM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Yesterday at 11:54:02 pm OK, yes he did a good job as a filling LB, but I always felt he lacked something in his game, now i am write this it as come to me I always felt that he was
LFC Reds - Thu Sep 20 1:27 AM
Can see Fekir will definitely add an extra bit of quality when he arrives in January Quote from waltonl4 on Yesterday at 11:25:54 pm whats the odds Ladyboy has his red rescinded he is the poster child for the CL /quo