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LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 9:28 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 8:09 PM
Quote from RedPuppy on Jul 23, 2017 12:56:19 pm 'Photo not really showing the work still needed to do on the periphery, but still a good image. The old g
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 7:36 PM
Quote from bad boy bubby on Jul 18, 2017 02:18:05 pm Stalag 13. For you tommy zee preseason is nearly over
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 5:29 PM
Quote from Ribapuru on Jul 21, 2017 08:35:52 pm This is a terrible signing. I don't know what we were thinking. Bottom of the barrel LB doesn't solve our problems. I wonder why Robertson was so easy to sign /quote
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 1:47 PM
England won u20 world cup and u19 European cup. u21 went out to Germany in the semi on penalties and they went on to win it. 2 and almost 3 trophies for England's youngsters. There is a golden generation on its way.
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 1:23 PM
Quote from bigvYNWA on Yesterday at 02:10:16 am Saw this opening night here as well, absolute belter of a film. To do a war film on such a subject, do it without the visual blood and guts violence that some do, but still t
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 1:11 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 11:00 AM
So this one is not far away, fits in right between the PL Asia competition and the Audi Cup. Looks like Andy and Can will be joining up. news=Robertson and Can to join t
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 10:00 AM
You can check the best action camera on any store. They are small easy to carry and can be use to any venue.
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 8:48 AM
I'm creating a draft league for draft.premierleague.com The League code: 109526-30671
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 3:26 AM
Watched Taboo. I thought it was dark enough, but slow as f**k. If it hadn't have been for Tom Hardy I would have fu**ed it off rapid. Kept thinking it would liven up a bit more after the first couple of episodes (as they typically introduce the charac
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 2:57 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Today at 12:24:20 am no, Moreno stays. He makes Coutinho happy. He can be the most expensive cheerleader. https://twitter.com/empireofthekop/status/889500545639215105
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 2:09 AM
Quote from Swab on Yesterday at 12:54:01 pm It looks very much like Mourinho's favourite "big man up front to hit with a long ball". Genius manager using Dave "Harry" Bassett tactics.
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 1:01 AM
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4726042/Wayne-Rooney-Paul-Pogba-transfers-changed.html After reading that shitty article, it got me wondering. FSG should think outside the box and sign, pewdiepie! Our revenue will probably double or t
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 12:47 AM
So the Dr and River Song got married, Dr regenerates and is now female. Now what?
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 12:44 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Jul 22, 2017 01:03:12 am This thread has been quite quiet recently, everyone but bigv gone t-total? Had a belter the other night, my wife works at a local winery and they have a Fir
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 12:17 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Jul 21, 2017 06:56:00 pm Really enjoyed that. As good an insight into the fan experience of a British GP weekend as I've ever read! Shame about the unsavoury individual you came across but
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 7:28 PM
WTF ! ? Snowman Sakho.
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 5:14 PM
Quote from heimdall on Today at 02:56:39 pm I'm also considering getting Sky Q, I think its supposed to be pretty damned good but it would be good to hear from someone who's got it. We've got it. Just have to
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 3:01 PM
I just read that Neymar gave Barca an ultimatum, if they want him to stay they must sign his "friends" Coutinho and Paulinho. If this happens because of that ballerina Neymar
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 1:40 PM
Is the transfer committee trying to be too cute in negotiations or trying very hard to impress the owners by over negotiate??? When say the asking price is 50mil and say we tried to be too smart and nego in a foolish manner and got the other party frus
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 1:22 PM
I know we have this overwhelming hatred of the Sky TV empire and all it stands for and I know there's a lot of you that do not subscribe to Sky.. and opt for a different choice of cable such as BT or Virgin. However, my geographical location only allow
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 11:25 AM
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 8:56 AM
25th Birthday recently, when we bought him he was a 23 year old with experience he is now 2 years older and no wiser because of the lack of experience. I hope the injuries have made him really hungry for success and hope he has the natural talent so
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 8:44 AM
As you would probably all agree Liverpool have cried out for a consistent Right Back for season after season, now we finally have one in clyne I kind of want something else? I don't know why I just think he's so 'meh'. He doesn't get into the attack
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 7:39 AM
Because we've already embarrassed ourselves here we're now reluctant to bid for the player; unless his agitation allows the Saints to transfer list him. From what I've heard, they'd sooner sell VVD to Chelsea than us for obvious reasons.
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 5:44 AM
might not be a glamourous trophy but its good for the lads to start feeling some excitement of winning something. alot of our boys hasnt won anything major so hopefully it propels them to want more cou needs to stay. we cannot be forever building
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 2:05 AM
http://www.arabnews.com/node/1133806/business-economy Doesn't look like China everyone it looks a bit different . This was under the radar LONDON: Amanda Staveley, the financial entrepreneur who has done deals worth
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 24 1:30 AM
Quote from Del Boca Vista on Today at 12:32:56 am so is anyone still dumb enough to think FSG would drop 60, 70, 80mil on a midfielder? silly season and everyone's a sucker! clearly all a PR stunt to get the fans on t
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 10:08 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 9:25 PM
Been impressed with the lad so far, I like how direct he plays, how quickly he cuts inside trying to work an angle for the shot and he moves very quickly with the ball. Some players are fast but not nearly so fast with the ball at their feet, That isn'
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 9:15 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 8:53 PM
Seen Dunkirk this evening. Absolutely stunning film. Make sure and see this on the biggest screen possible with the best sound.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 8:22 PM
Hahaha buzzing off the yank-supporting manc cu*ts on SSN then and their sh*te f**king banners, someone wants to tell the soft cu*ts, Rooney's been fu**ed off back to Everton.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 7:56 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 7:53 PM
England women already 1-0 up against Spain after just two minutes in second group match of Euro 2017 in Holland.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 7:21 PM
Lucas departure means the last link with the Rafa regime has passed. If we look back at his last game in charge against Hull, how did the rest of them that day fare, when they left for pastures new. Reina, Mascherano, Agger, Kyrgiakos, Carragher, Luca
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 7:10 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Yesterday at 07:13:02 pm Someone had so much time on their hands that they decided to watch every episode of The Simpsons (all 600 odd) and charted it's rise and fall in quality. img htt
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 6:14 PM
Just watched the Doc. Incredible. Awesome dude. RIP to the 96
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 6:10 PM
This is absolutely incredible from Spieth considering what happened on 13
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 3:12 PM
Supposedly arriving to my front door on Tuesday after one hell of the shittiest customer service debacles by Vodafone. Great network coverage for me, but f**k me, their employees that I have had dealings with are f**king useless.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 12:56 PM
'Photo not really showing the work still needed to do on the periphery, but still a good image.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 8:12 AM
Quote from MIRO on Yesterday at 11:26:15 pm Robertson ? Hows about we nickname him Roberto after the best left back that has ever played the game. Is that Roberto Byrne you are referring to Skip.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 6:21 AM
Oh my f**king god!! Had a slight bit of toothache through the week but was nothing pain really, went pretty quick. Yesterday though, unless I'm up and doing something it's f**king agony beyond belief!!! Barely slept and the pain is literally near on un
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 1:25 AM
Should not happen now after all that Klopp has said. They can go after Verratti when Neymar is sold.
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 23 1:02 AM
Anything new in the manner we purchase players? Nothing new, same thing all since 8 years ago. Don't worry we're going to see the all too familiar last minute panic buy. Whoever involved in the the negotiations is simply tryng to over impress the own
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 9:15 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 6:38 PM
When you look at City and how they do it, no fuc king messing around. They need full-backs so they go in and get Walker. They bid for Mendy, it gets rejected and then bosh, straight back in with an improved offer and they get their man. Look at Chel
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 5:50 PM
Not trying to get ahead of myself, but this lad has something very Gerrard-esque about him. Hope he'll get a good amount of game time next season, perhaps in cup competitions.
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 11:59 AM
Quote from bigmick on May 15, 2017 10:22:36 am RTB number 3: "Much more direct!". "We told the boys at half time, much more direct please!" and I think in that moment, at that after match interview, Jürgen began to "get"
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 10:31 AM
Can Milner laugh? https://www.facebook.com/LiverpoolFC/videos/10155792039892573/
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 9:50 AM
Quote from Danzel on Jul 13, 2017 04:23:02 pm I think it's a mistake to not invest in defense to be honest. Everyone will have the likes of Kane, Sanchez, Alli, Coutinho, Jesus, in their team. The difference in points
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 1:34 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Today at 12:04:39 am They aren't strong enough as a club to be taking a 20-30mill hit on a player and lose him for a release clause in a years time. Just bad business that. For wh
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 1:34 AM
Quote from red_kaiser on Today at 01:18:52 am Yeah because this current team is sh*t and cant win to save their lives. To be honest, I think they are in for a good season with Pellegrino. I didn't rate him as
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 1:05 AM
62 971
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 22 1:03 AM
This thread has been quite quiet recently, everyone but bigv gone t-total?
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 11:54 PM
Bare with me here. I was on my phone sending a message and then when I was done I still had it in one hand. Anyway, about 30 seconds later I went to pick my phone up, thinking it was next me. Now, I was sat on the bed when this was happening like. I co
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 7:13 PM
Quote from Vicks86 on Today at 06:51:00 pm Arsenal have been offered the chance to sign Rafinha from Barcelona, according to Sky sources Ox exit? Don't think arsenal are interested
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 6:37 PM
Spent the weekend in Silverstone and Woodlands Camping. Was a wild one 😂 https://motorsport.ie/2017/07/21/flying-the-flag-silverstoneuk-f1/
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 4:40 PM
Never really rated him and didn't look as if he had what it takes. Think he will find his level with Hull though, good deal all round.
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 4:31 PM
Welcome to the greatest club in the world kid. You're gonna make us all proud and dish out the humble pie to a few along the way
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 4:25 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Today at 04:23:22 pm Save to say this can be locked up as he has now moved to Hull. Best of luck Kevin. Yep, best of luck mate.
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 4:00 PM
Welcome home Andy. img https://d3j2s6hdd6a7rg.cloudfront.net/v2/uploads/media/default/0001/45/thumb_44641_default_news_size_5.jpeg /
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 7:01 AM
Karma in action. We'll see what a £100m bid does to test our resolve, and Phil's. It really all depends on Phil, if he wants out then I guess it'll be down to how much we can get, sadly that's modern football int'it? Also sadly, it doesn't appear to be
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 6:41 AM
Paul Joyce - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/barcas-72m-coutinho-bid-q0h7n2jrn Liverpool insisted last night that Philippe Coutinho was not for sale at any price after Barcelona bid £72 million for the Brazil playmaker. The Catalan gian
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 2:04 AM
20th July Roger Hunt's Birthday .
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 1:41 AM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Jul 19, 2017 04:49:45 am Been watching that as well. Yeah deffo a few racy scenes with her in the first season. Still think Tommy is funny as f**k in it. Tommy only gets better mate and
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 1:26 AM
Got to be good for us and other clubs with a contingent of players. Especially as it appears likely that Klopp is going to base his attacking game on high speed breakaways with Mane and Salah. Shouting in Germanic from the touchline to Bobby "Y
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 1:26 AM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Yesterday at 08:42:23 pm From what I've read think we're flying directly to Germany then back to the UK after the Audi Cup tournament. Thanks. That makes more sense to me if I have the ti
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 1:26 AM
Quote from 5timesacharm on Today at 12:38:47 am On the bright side we can then bid £150 million for Keita. Let's see them turn that bid down Sell to buy? Sssh!! Don't give them any ideas mate, I'm a
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 21 12:17 AM
70 million bid from Barcelona turned down allegedly
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 11:42 PM
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/07/20/africa-cup-nations-moved-summer-boost-premier-league-clubs/ Apparently the African cup of nations is moving to the summer which is great news for us with regards to Mane and also Salah
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 11:25 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 10:37 PM
RIP Chester Kinhell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHtwZ07N1ic
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 7:00 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 4:28 PM
AFCON now will be played in the month of June/July, which means we won't lose Mane, Salah or Matip every 2 years.
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 2:06 PM
Quote from MIRO on Today at 02:01:47 pm Had been looking for his thread . Under the formal name of Benjamin. Surprised no posts since May . Thought he did very well in the Palace game. Got himself into some good p
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 12:10 PM
Virgil van Dijk has told Southampton he wishes to join Liverpool, as he bids to force through a move to Anfield. (Joseph Musker, Di Marzio)
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 10:19 AM
Quote from clint_call01 on Today at 10:16:11 am :lmao
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 5:07 AM
Quote from FL Red on Today at 12:07:04 am If we bid that and if they accept it, I'll be gobsmacked. Can't believe we would bid that much for a player and can't believe they'll accept it after all the posturing they've
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 4:47 AM
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 4:18 AM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Today at 12:28:38 am It's called a joke, chill the f**k out, it's still only pre-season ffs. img http://i2.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article6843576.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/Boreham-Wood-v-Nor
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 2:28 AM
Salah has the speed Solanke has the style. World of difference in what we paid for each but methinks Solanke will be the buy of the season. Well spotted LFC . Good scouting there.
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 2:25 AM
Watched him in the Hong Kong game v Palace. He had some good movement and touches and there lies the quandry. Is he going to start a few games and then go injured on us again? How is his motivation his mental state does he want or need to pro
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 1:59 AM
Quote from Eddieo on Yesterday at 06:31:16 pm Doom and gloom for me is averaging 6th in the League Right now I'm not confident we will get either Keita or VVD. To be brutally honest I don't expect either one to be wearing
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 20 1:34 AM
Let's hope he turns out to be that shrewd signing that VVD from Celtic and Keita from RBS could have been.
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 9:44 PM
Softshite pick's his PL 5-a-side team!! https://twitter.com/Chris78Williams/status/887668587078586369
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 6:25 PM
If you play an Ed Sheeran song backwards you'll hear a message from Satan. Worse still, if you play it forwards you'll hear Ed Sheeran.
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 5:58 PM
Quote from Robby The Z on Yesterday at 07:03:27 pm So is the team flying back to UK for training and then going to Germany for these matches, or will they fly directly from China to Germany for training camp? A
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 3:17 PM
Good to see with both our away kits we're keeping the orange lodge and catlick loons happy!!
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 1:30 PM
Quote from Mickred on Today at 01:27:11 pm Din't see that Don't worry. There a thread for all current players and some ex-players (most recent).
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 12:10 PM
http://firstsrowsports.tv/ On First Row v Palace at half one .
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 10:37 AM
Are there anyone interested to play togga draft PL https://www.lfcreds.com/reds/index.php/topic, 48997.0.html
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 9:56 AM
I don't understand the thread. What's the point of the thread titled 'Should the Transfer Window close before the leage starts' when we don't actually sign anyone! It doesn't make ay difference when the transfer window closes to us as we d
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 9:29 AM
Quote from Keny on Jul 15, 2017 09:34:53 pm Not sure if this is the right place for this match between England and Scotland. Thought it was the Liverpool team in the first couple minutes. Nice to see Gerrard, Owen, Jame
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 7:17 AM
https://twitter.com/_pauljoyce/status/887554861419679745 Out of nowhere.
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 5:44 AM
Quote from mcarz on Yesterday at 02:02:11 pm That's some assumption from you there that you couldn't possibly know is true. That's why I said " I think"
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 5:12 AM
Quote from crouchinho on Today at 12:33:05 am Or we're not shorter up front because Bobby has shifted up top. And he fits our system. So are we really weaker? Bobby isn't consistent, isn't prolific, isn't cl
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 4:49 AM
Quote from AussieRed on Jul 16, 2017 11:35:45 pm Binged watched 3 seasons of Power. Brilliant and the lead actress who plays Angela Valdez is so f**king hot. Been watching that as well. Yeah deffo a few racy scen
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 4:45 AM
Quote from Ribapuru on Jul 12, 2017 06:31:15 pm John Barnes will have better stuff to do than read crap like that. I am sure what they must be referring to is when Kenny backed Suarez with the t-shirt stunt. I don't think
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 3:51 AM
Quote from RedPuppy on Jul 15, 2017 12:20:41 pm Clearly see the new shop. https://www.instagram.com/mykaskew/ via skyscrappercity Just after the albert!
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 1:05 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 10:39:33 pm Bin off Migs, bring back Pepe and Karius will benefit as a result, as well as the team in general. One of the biggest problems with our team is that the defence clearly