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LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 11:41 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Today at 11:36:12 pm Marco Bielsa suspended by Lille after poor start to the season. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42090289 This guy is the footballing version of Animal Collect
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 10:04 PM
Quote from HScRed1 on Today at 10:02:13 pm Rodgers doing what he does best in European football. You expecting him to compete with PSG are you?
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 9:05 PM
Quote from fields of anny rd on Yesterday at 10:18:49 pm I liked him today. Looked the 1 defender who stood up to counted in that second half today. I gave him MOTM thought he was really good, even though we c
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 6:13 PM
Imo, he is same circumstances as Lucas was once. Majority LFC fans foolishly think he is way better, and rate himas one of best in the league. Imo, He is part of problem and we have the accept it. It's not just the back 5, but 6 players. Also, I am mo
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 5:43 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Today at 05:40:15 pm Think this was from a week ago or so, Gerrard showing off some batting skills Like to see the aussie
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 5:22 PM
mls limping towards a rematch of last years final, crew 0-0 toronto, seattle beat houston 2-0 in texas.the way the drag the play-offs out is beyond stupid even for yank soccer organizers.i might watch the final assuming it starts at a reasonable time.
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 5:14 PM
Scored a couple and made one on his return for Fulham yesterday.
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 4:32 PM
Niasse done for diving then, still got a point they didn't deserve though.
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 3:38 PM
Been watching some of the early UFC shows lately. Proper barbaric but really entertaining at the same time with some proper mad characters in there. This sport hasn’t half came a long way. Looking back now, you can understand why “cage fighting” was so
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 1:13 PM
Quote from FL Red on Today at 01:10:09 pm I know Moreno has played better, but question needs to be asked maybe Andy IS better and would have put in even better performances than Moreno had he been given the chance
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 11:47 AM
Not the player to have in midfield in a tough CL away leg esp when by his own admission he says his best position is as a wide forward.
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 8:18 AM
Quote from HScRed1 on Today at 08:13:46 am Coutinho again highlighted his limitations in midfield, bypassing his duties by wanting to play as a forward. This part I agree with. He was self-indulgent last nig
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 5:47 AM
Liverpool Entertain FC Bayern at Anfield Sat 24th March 2018. Tickets are Now On Sale. Charity Legends KO 3:00pm. All areas for this game are open.
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 3:11 AM
Looking forward to this. First Test at The Gabba and is live on BT Sport.
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 3:09 AM
Quote from king kenny on Nov 10, 2017 06:29:05 pm Lewis was over hyped. I think Joshua is heading for bigger things. He has it all to prove. Get to f**k, Lennox Lewis was a great fighter and got better under
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 12:32 AM
Quote from JackSparrow on Today at 12:11:08 am Mags and Scotia. Where are you guys? I said a bit in the match thread that I didn't catch the game because of work however I've read the match report, watched h
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 12:14 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 22 12:13 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Yesterday at 11:42:24 pm So are we officially calling this a relapse? I'm officially hoping he gets a very very long term injury which forces Klopp to play anybody other than fu
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 11:10 PM
Quote from what-a-hit-son on Today at 11:06:49 pm Was wanting to say the same but didn't want to look as if I was blindly defending Alby. Yeah Albie wasn't helped by that awful ball from Phil, Coutinho just
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 10:01 PM
I think Henderson receives a lot of over the top criticism in this forum but tonight he was absolutely horrible, no excuses whatsoever
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 10:00 PM
Run out of puff in the second half, poor fella.
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 7:01 PM
Courtesy of a good man over on Rawk img width=40 height=40 https://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/proxy
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 6:46 PM
Unless I can find a stream that works on iPhone I’m out of luck watching this so keep the updates coming. So if we win this we are through right?
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 6:44 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Today at 06:37:41 pm Bumped into him in the kop at the Huddersfield game, was in usual good form. Good stuff mate. Ta for update 👍
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 6:23 PM
Lukaku ordered to pay Beverly Hills PD £340 over noise complaints through parties he held there in the summer.
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 6:23 PM
U23's beat Everton 4-0 on Saturday (Everton are 2nd) and the U19's beat Sevilla 4-0 today in their own ground so, I think we can say they're doing alright?
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 1:49 PM
Quote from AussieRed on Yesterday at 11:57:39 pm Trust Hazzard to find form and Kante to comeback just in time for us. Typical Cu*ts!!! Hope Salah and Mane rip them a new one. Cu*ts!! F ing hate them. Yeah, it wil
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 12:38 PM
Only 4 episodes into The Punisher and loving it so far. John Bernthal is fantastic in everything he's in. I've only watched Daredevil out of the Marvel shows. Quit halfway through both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and didn't even bother with Iron Fis
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 12:11 PM
Our U19's match vs Sevilla is on BT sports, 15:00 BST!
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 11:56 AM
Justice league is an absolute joke. From the studio putting pressure on Synder to add a lighter tone to it, to Whedon taking over with his pathetic re-shoots and editing to make it more like Marvel. Should have just let Synder carry on with his dark th
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 5:38 AM
Don’t mean to post again, but does anybody have two spare Bournemouth away tickets, willing to pay full face value, as well as shout you a beer in Liverpool. Cheers
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 21 5:28 AM
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 10:57 PM
Tough game against Utd. Newcastle played well but Mourinho can field Pogba amongst others and that can change the game. It will be interesting to see if they get bought out and he can get a couple more players including a forward, it would make the se
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 10:17 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 9:11 PM
Best wishes to Brad Jones and much respect to the Feyenoord fans. My son lives in Holland and I was due to take a day out in Rotterdam, take a look at the De Kuip staduim. May be on my next trip over.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 5:08 PM
Dead good on Saturday. Didn't have much to do in a defensive sense but when he did he always seemed to be a step ahead of everyone to cut it out. More impressively was his probing balls down the middle. He always looked to get the team on the front foo
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 5:08 PM
He was really bad on Saturday!
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 4:24 PM
Quote from therealjr on Yesterday at 05:44:13 pm When is the wider footballling world going to wake up to the fact that he’s F useless? Hopefully after he goes back to woodison
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 2:02 PM
RIP former Wimbledon champ Jana Novotna who has been taken by cancer. Such sad, tragic news. Clear to see how much she was loved by the tennis world judging by the tributes. An icon.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 12:43 PM
His first on Saturday was a bit like goals JB used to score in his hey day. Absolute quality signing. Quote from Keith Singleton on Nov 18, 2017 07:59:14 pm Somebody noticed at a early stage Certainly looking like ano
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 10:31 AM
Tony Pulis Sacked. Wouldn't surprise me if he went to Wales.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 10:23 AM
Quote from lester76 on Today at 01:14:52 am Talk in the Mirror of Goretzka coming here on a free from Schalke in the summer and Sturidge wanting out in January in order to try and get back into the England team. I ha
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 10:04 AM
Quote from JD on Today at 09:57:30 am Thought we were marginally the better side in the game at home but a rare home defensive wobble and they go away with the point. This should be our toughest game of the 6 group
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 9:57 AM
Thought we were marginally the better side in the game at home but a rare home defensive wobble and they go away with the point. This should be our toughest game of the 6 group games but I don't think Sevilla are the side they were when we played the
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 8:03 AM
Manchester United is one of my favourite because of their game.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 7:56 AM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Jul 13, 2017 01:07:53 am I was thinking back to some of the greatest player that played football in Europe prior to 2000, the likes of Crespo, Batistuta, van Basten, Cruijff, Ronaldo (
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 5:46 AM
Surprised this hasn't already been started We can qualify for the last 16 with a win here, as can they. I'm sure like most of you I think they're due a beating this time, 3rd time lucky? Looking forward to this one, I really do hope we can beat th
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 3:03 AM
Moreno is an example of a player that did grow from within under Klopp. He once was a a raw player, but he developed into a decent defensive footballer with a nice offensive touch. And he's still young.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 1:31 AM
Ryan is one player I certainly want given a chance at Liverpool next season Think there is a good player in there. Like his pace and trickery and also seems to put in a damn good weighted cross.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 1:29 AM
Still feel this fella needs one more loan move at a proper club in order for him to develop properly. Love to see him go out in January, for 6 months, to a team in the Premier League where he can play week in week out at this leagues level of intensit
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 1:27 AM
Thought he played pretty damn well at the weekend. Considering the amount of sh*t he has received, I reckon he is quite a strong fella, and personally am damn pleased for him. Can’t have been mentally easy to come back into the team, play with the su
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 1:22 AM
Where the heck is he!? Is he injured? Did he go out on loan?? Surely he can’t be that bad? Always like Lazar. Think he should get a haircut and perhaps try out a new name because other wise it seems like he never gonna get another chance at Anfield.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 1:18 AM
Quote from crouchinho on Today at 12:47:43 am Fancy blokes on the internet telling someone how to be a parent. He chose to play, played well and he has a new born healthy son. I bet he and his family are pretty f**kin
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 12:38 AM
Get yourself down to Hot Water Comedy Club on Seel Street for a good laugh. It's mad though cos one of the lads who owns it (Paul Blair) was in the same school as me. Going back years now like, he must of been four or five years above me but he was one
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 20 12:16 AM
Been to three comedy shows this month, will make it a fourth next week. Tonight was the best of the bunch so far. Richard Herring's Oh Frig I'm 50 was brilliant and I highly recommend anyone who is even vaguely aware of him, try and go and see the show
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 7:52 PM
just watched the everton game, damn that third goal was class.Yan Dhanda's wasn't to shabby either.Good to hear Grabara played in the Polish u-21 team.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 4:32 PM
Slightly different from the film discussion thread, maybe merged into topic. Found this channel recently, showing many old films, from the 40's 50's 60's etc. Obviously mainly in black & white. Westerns, classics such as Laurel & Hardy are shown. Also
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 3:16 PM
https://www.facebook.com/FootballFightsBIGHits/videos/495496944165984/ I have it on good authority that Jürgen is about to upgrage our goalkeeping situation - have a look at the link
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 2:12 PM
Up to episode 9 of the Punisher, and I must say, it ranks up there with The Defenders and Daredevil 1 & 2. Only irk I have is that it isn't as violent as I thought it'd be!!
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 1:22 PM
Hearing that after his sacking that robert mmugabe is favourite for the everton job
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 10:26 AM
Morata is their new Costa they'd be struggling for goals without him.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 9:38 AM
Watched Justice League last night Hmmm.. Could of & should have been much much better Disappointed Stay behind for the after credit scenes after both sets of credits finish..
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 7:07 AM
Was my first trip to Anfield since the development finished. Sat in the new top tier. Was well weird! So high up, was like watching a game at Wembley. Cracking view though. Was also weird seeing elevators at Anfield!
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 3:59 AM
One goal conceded in six Premier League games at Anfield this season following the Southampton game. And the Saints became the second team this season who failed to land a single shot on target against us at home. So as bad as the defence has looked th
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 3:05 AM
I f**king love the silence in this thread. Can't wait until we lose and it's all Hendo's fault again and we can all come out and play the who's the moron game again.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 2:26 AM
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 19 12:04 AM
He is such a pest for the other team. His dirty work gets unnoticed by many (not in here) but he is CRIMINALLY underrated. Solid game again
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 11:33 PM
Today was my first spot on correct score - feeling pretty chuffed
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 7:44 PM
Quote from what-a-hit-son on Today at 07:35:35 pm https://twitter.com/Jondanagan/status/931949096767762432 Boss, that. Quality, well in all those involved. YNWA Brad.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 5:41 PM
Quote from PurpleMonkey on Nov 14, 2017 07:04:10 pm Was watching France vs Wales, and the difference between Mbappe and Woodburn is huge, and both around the same age too. I think Woodburn should go out on loan and play
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 5:20 PM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Today at 05:15:35 pm Lovren and klavan are the new hansen and lawrenson More like Barry Chuckle and Hansen haha
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 4:57 PM
How amazing has he been? If he had one less goal to his name, was a striker as opposed to a winger and was a white Englishman called Harry Kane then the shitrags would be wanking themselves silly over him.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 4:54 PM
I've been one of his harshest critics on here but I must say that he's been improving tremendously game after game. Looks to be full of confident now. Well done Moreno.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 4:05 PM
Quote from heimdall on Nov 15, 2017 02:12:01 pm Don't we have TAA who can play at RB? We do but it could get awkward in terms of cover for Trent if Gomez gets injured playing at CB on a frequent basis.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 2:30 PM
Have a great day aussie mate !
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 2:03 PM
Gomez man of the match against Brazil - can’t get a game ahead of klavan or lovren
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 1:37 PM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Nov 06, 2017 03:17:00 pm He’s been sh*t in front of goal this season. No doubt he will still win the Ballon d’Or though, because Portugal qualified. Messi should have it in the bag this year
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 1:14 PM
Arsenal 1 up
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 12:10 PM
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 11:39 AM
Would still like Ward to get a shot between the sticks. But maybe he's still injured? Getting tired of seeing Mig's mug.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 11:38 AM
Likely won't have too many more games watching him in a red shirt so make them count please Phil.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 10:14 AM
Fowler knows how to put pics up using the phone but my Insta is: klprice1015 if anybody is that nosey.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 8:43 AM
Heads up - Kenny's on 'Breakfast' this morning and 'Football Focus' later.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 1:24 AM
Quote from Keith Singleton on Yesterday at 04:42:31 pm Think he might score tomorrow For Liverpool, well done Keith.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 18 12:41 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Yesterday at 06:31:20 pm About what? So strange to see the likes of Italy and Netherlands missing out, but great that countries such as Peru, Iceland, Panama, Egypt etc have qualified for the fi
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 10:08 PM
u-23 play everton tomorrow 1 v 2, should of played the game after the first team at Anfield but it's at Tranmere.u-18's are at middlesboro early.
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 10:01 PM
The storage reservoir near St Paul's church in Woolton is the highest point above sea level in the city of Liverpool at 90 metres. It was in nearby St Peter's Hall that Lennon first met McCartney.. img https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 9:10 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 8:44 PM
The archaic rules of the football association not allowing the televising of 3pm kick offs on a Saturday. We televise footie at any other f**king time, so why not at 3pm? Absolutely ridiculous.
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 6:32 PM
I've watched quite a bit of Portuguese football of late and I think we would find it hard to find a better goalkeeper than Sporting's Rui Patrício. Definitely an improvement on our two options at the moment.
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 5:35 PM
Quote from heimdall on Yesterday at 11:10:08 am Another is don't play them, come on Jürgen its not rocket surgery ffs! Or brain science haha
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 3:51 PM
The Punisher, all episodes on Netflix tonight. Sorry, (the) Mrs, but a binge watching is called for. I'll surface on Sunday
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 3:30 PM
https://twitter.com/davidicke/status/931518077459685376?s=17 Mmm
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 10:49 AM
LFC Reds - Fri Nov 17 3:02 AM
Quote from HScRed1 on Yesterday at 06:38:29 pm I don't think we need to start Mane if he came back with a twinge and he was certainly not fit against the Hammers, he will be needed against Chavs and Sevilla so bring him o
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 16 11:11 PM
Here we go again. https://twitter.com/livecholfc/status/931295081969209344
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 16 9:45 PM
Quote from bmck on Today at 09:43:33 pm http://www.espn.co.uk/football/arsenal/story/3272422/santi-cazorlas-injury-is-the-worst-i-have-known-arsene-wenger Wouldn't wish it on anyone hope he comes back and plays ag
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 16 6:11 PM
Quote from RedPuppy on Yesterday at 04:16:05 pm At least we can have delusions, unlike the other Home Nations who have well sour grapes really. Steady RP. We’ll drink anything up here mate
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 16 2:38 PM
Great interview in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/nov/16/alberto-moreno-interview-attack-changed-liverpool?CMP=share_btn_tw
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 16 8:33 AM
Quote from JD on Yesterday at 12:45:13 pm Kept Neymar quiet - was tracking him further up the pitch as well but always had an eye on getting back into that defensive three. Agree with the comment above - if Clyne was fit
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 16 5:25 AM
The last jigsaw is in place. Peru, last team to qualify.