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LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 10:45 PM
4 games running I've nailed the opposition score, just ours I am having trouble with.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 10:22 PM
My first choice definitely.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 10:22 PM
Quote from Magillionare on Today at 09:58:38 pm Still agree? Unfortunately neither are the solution mate.
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 10:07 PM
Quote from KopiteLuke on Today at 10:01:40 pm To be fair to him our players did get a little bit "give it to Coutinho" near the end. Hate to see that personally. I thought he was our best player out there in
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 7:09 PM
Why is Lovren playing?
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 6:25 PM
Are England banned from drinking at the last chance saloon?
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 1:32 PM
A Dutch defense with him and VVD?
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 11:25 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Dec 03, 2017 01:01:54 pm True, but I'm hoping Keita will be a big difference maker next season, and we should also have Lallana back soon (don't know why he wasn't on the bench yesterday). As much
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 10:20 AM
Corey Whelan signs new Liverpool contract Liverpool U23s captain Corey Whelan has signed a new contract with the club. The defender, who celebrated his 20th birthday on Sunday, penned fresh terms with the Reds to extend a stay that began when he
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 6:46 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 6:36 AM
Bascombe and Reddy both putting out articles on potential for an exit in January, can't see behind the paywall but if Joyce has too then we can all guess why. No club serious about improving and getting to an elite level sells their best player in Jan
LFC Reds - Wed Dec 13 6:33 AM
Quote from Court LFC on Yesterday at 06:15:44 pm Belated birthday wishes Billy. All the best! Cheers and thank you.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 10:23 PM
So, I've had a decent rank on fantasy football this season, top 20k of 5mill+. Well tonight I became the definition of unlucky bare with me. 1) Lost Mariappa clean sheet in the 90th min 2) Had a minus point from Mariappa in the 92nd min 3) Lost Court
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 8:37 PM
Chelsea fans singing ' champions of England, you'll never sing that' , huddersfield won the league 31 years before chelsea ever did
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 8:37 PM
Quote from Alfie2510 on Dec 10, 2017 04:29:01 am I just think Klopp is all about mobility and pressing in that central strking position. I’d question how well Luis can fulfill those roles now he’s in his 30s You'
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 7:16 PM
Quote from Danzel on Today at 07:07:08 pm Liverpool injury news: Alberto Moreno could be out for 6 weeks With the left-back missing the derby as he undergoes tests to diagnose the extent of his injury, he
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 6:29 PM
Quote from Scotia on Yesterday at 07:56:48 am On a human level I feel for him because he seems like a decent type. Hopefully January brings a significant upgrade. No need to feel so much for him. He just earned
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 4:54 PM
I have a spare for lower Anny. Less than face value if anyone is interested. Liverpool v WBA.£40.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 3:24 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 2:41 PM
Expecting Salah to get a rest this time around - and I'd say we're going to need him more for the two away games than this homer v West Brom. Coutinho, Firmino, Emre Can, Wijnaldum in Salah, Solanke, Henderson, Milner out. quote author=Court LFC link=
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 1:53 PM
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 12:28 PM
Migs Taa. Lovren. Klavan. Robertson Can. Gini Salah. Coutinho Mané FIRMINOOOOOO
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 12:10 PM
Quote from Jimsouse67 on Today at 12:08:42 pm Just finished watching the documentary 'The Vietnam War' by ken burns ( BBC 4 ) totally absorbing , emotional, revealing & fascinating. Some amazing footage & vintage photog
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 11:44 AM
Quote from KopiteLuke on Dec 10, 2017 11:55:40 pm Again FL, I don't think he had an awful lot of defending to do though if I'm honest. He was decent going forward, not brilliant though and I thought Milner was often takin
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 11:22 AM
Time to get the Derby dissapointment out of the way and what better way than to tw*t Pardew. Not sure what tactics Pardew will deplo but I imagine he will try to get Albion to play a bit of football unlike the dinosaur Pulis. I wonder if Juergen might
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 10:13 AM
Quote from HamannsTheMan on Yesterday at 01:08:07 am Wish list? GK who can command his box and organise his back four. A centre half who can read the game and defend to some extent. A centre midfielder who wont shy awa
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 5:45 AM
2 future Liverpool player, 2 current players, 1 former player all nominees for BBC African player of the year LOL
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 2:36 AM
December 10th 2017. The day that Manchester United started to walk in another club's shadow in their own home city. The end of their era. Its finished its done its the start of the inevitable decline. The worldwide TV audience to see it was imm
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 1:24 AM
FSG - Hello Southampton. Sorry for pissing you off in the summer. We were out of order for meeting with your best player, agreeing personal terms and then announcing the signing before we had even made contact with you. Anyway, we would like to make a
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 1:13 AM
Quote from JD on Yesterday at 12:40:10 pm 14th February and 6th March Liverpool's second leg is the midweek before we go to Old Trafford while United do not play until the following Wednesday. 6th March Liverpool v Porto
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 12:16 AM
With the much maligned Goalie & CB's the boss sure done a job to get us where he has.. Credit him for that..
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 12 12:10 AM
Quote from Magillionare on Yesterday at 05:11:11 pm I've never once said Henderson is world class. I think he's a very solid player who does his job well. His job is to win the ball back and give it on. The term 'recyclin
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 10:30 PM
They're still sh*te.
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 4:37 PM
In the event of Masch being available, would you have him back at Anfield?
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 4:01 PM
What's the reason for why we can't change our predictions before kickoff? Suppose we make a certain prediction, and then the lineup is announced, and we find out that Coutinho, Mane, Firmino etc have all been dropped or something. Wouldn't that affect
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 2:25 PM
HILLSBOROUGH: I think Hillsborough shined a lot on corruption, class, rotten politics, sh*t journalism and police corruption. 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team beating the Red Machine. It came at a very depressed, sad time in the US. Mass unemployment, gas
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 11:30 AM
Interesting hypothesis :- Did Klopp field an understrength team yesterday to lure Sam into a false sense of security - and then we absolutely batter him in the Cup
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 7:18 AM
65395 Its my birthday
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 10:15 PM
Best thing I've seen today was somebody tweeting that Lukaku plays like he is wearing a pair of jeans.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 9:59 PM
He was brilliant today. Was my personal MOTM (although Salah for his individual skill takes the wide majority). Impresses me every time he plays, and if this form continues expect Moreno to have no assurances upon his return.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 9:59 PM
Quote from Dadorious on Today at 04:32:16 pm Another dumb selfish c**t. Some of you must have the shortest memories on record - making Alzheimer patients look like freaking Gary Kasparov. It was a bad decisio
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 9:54 PM
Liked him a lot today. Had a number of good touches in the box. In the end he will be judged on goals scored, I get it, but he is going to be a very good player for us.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 6:14 PM
His goal today, his efforts on the right today with Gomez behind him was a true pleasure for the time they were on the field together. World class levels of perfection on that side today. A great performance in tandem with Joe.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 5:12 PM
Shouldn't be at our club this has gone on long enough
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 4:41 PM
Quote from mcarz on Today at 04:39:22 pm What's annoying is I bet they were rested with the midweek game in mind. He's done it backwards and it's wrong Thinking the same mate.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 4:40 PM
Rotation my arse he had to bring on his "rested players" and now has to play them against West Brom in the week, why not play your strongest team and if you get a comfatable lead take them off, frustrating
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 1:32 PM
What Coutinho’s record like coming off the bench in terms of goals and assists?
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 10:27 AM
Billy1 Happy birthday mate have a wonderful day my friend YNWA
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 6:45 AM
Quote from Breeding-Reds-In-The-434 on Nov 25, 2017 08:13:03 pm He has eroded so harshly that it is sad. Forget is he good enough to be captain, at this point he isn’t good enough to in the starting 11. His DM skills suck
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 5:51 AM
Serious question; How good could this lad be?
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 4:30 AM
How is young Ryan doing? Liked the look of him in preseason and certainly one I would love to see being given a chance in our red shirt in the future.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 4:03 AM
Quote from Court LFC on Dec 08, 2017 10:29:44 pm Willing to weigh in on this one, considering there are so many spouting vile obsecenties about Henderson - if he's not the right man to do it, well who is? Admittedly he h
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 3:28 AM
Quote from nelioneil on Yesterday at 12:06:52 pm My concern about Juventus is that they are smart and are actually defensively solid, and breaking down will be very difficult. They have been finalists in 2 of the last 3
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 3:01 AM
An early goal for us and i fear for them.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 2:15 AM
Quote from Alfie2510 on Today at 02:07:40 am Dortmund are having a horror time just now would be remiss not to be monitoring Pulisic closely Strange one that, they started the season at the top and had a de
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 1:27 AM
Quote from Arlen Correa on Dec 08, 2017 11:35:49 pm Suarez is really awful for months now. Had a knee injury too. But was already in bad form before that. I'm not disagreeing with you here mate because Suarez has
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 12:25 AM
Toronto win the MPS cup for 2017. Can't say much about the game, only seen the last 20 minutes of it.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 9 11:25 PM
You guys have short memories. It wasn't that long ago that Sturridge had a better goal to game ratio than Firmino. Since then, Sturridge hardly had any game time and Firmino has been played endlessly. The team has been much improved, and naturally Firm
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 9 4:27 PM
Another loss for Dortmund looks like there might be a manager looking for a new job soon.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 9 1:21 PM
Up the facking ammers, beat dem facking rent boy cants
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 9 12:09 AM
Quote from Court LFC on Yesterday at 09:54:20 pm I've been gone for about 5 years, and I still can't believe a million has not yet been reached. 65347 65440 Long way to go.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:30 PM
2 X Liverpool Vs Everton Derby Game tickets on the half Way Line, Main stand M6 Hospitality Seats next to each other in Premier Chemistry Lounge back up on the anfield hospitality site. Can't make the game Cost price obviously https://hospitality .l
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:27 PM
Quote from Court LFC on Today at 11:13:41 pm Diego Simeone Fud Patrol, Fud Patrol :f
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:10 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:10 PM
I have got to say, having fallen out of love with football games (and sometimes football in general) buying PES 2018 a few months a go was one of best decisions I have made, as far as gaming is concerned. Got to say you can play some absolutely stunnin
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:00 PM
Sh*te these, up the reds.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 10:10 PM
Could be our future No1 a huge talent. https://twitter.com/livecholfc/status/939243191760572416
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 10:03 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 8:18 PM
Saw Jürgen was speaking about this again today. Guess you could argue, well, what else is he going to say about it in public to journos. But still think Hendo's doing what Jürgen wants him to and don't think the manager has anyone else in mind to take
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 7:43 PM
11 o'clock tomorrow morning live on lfv tv the under 18's are playing the mancs
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 5:00 PM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 07:14:50 pm I don’t know why he thinks Barca will be so special. He’s an amazing player but he’s no Suarez or Messi. I'd take Coutinho over current Suarez every day of th
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 2:29 PM
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 1:48 PM
Last chance today: Emre Can gives away a jeans jacket he designed himself - and it only exists twice. You can place your bid for a good cause - all proceeds go to the German children's aid organisation "Ein Herz für Kinder": url=https://www.unitedchar
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 12:42 PM
After graduating from University last year i found myself a graduate role within a marketing research company of who i have been with for over 6 months now, just about. (Hence why i am not as active on here no more) Yesterday, i was given a new job ti
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 12:33 PM
The Store is selling the ladies top. Nicely done.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 10:41 AM
It can be revealed that the league will make 200 of its 380 matches a year available, 42 more than at present, with three rounds of midweek and one of Bank Holiday games accounting for all but two of the additional fixtures. 3 midweeks whe
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 10:40 AM
Premier League announcement due today on plans for 2019 and beyond. Expected that not only will the number of televised games be increased - probably so that for the first time more than 50% of games are televised in the UK but also the introduction of
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 10:21 AM
Yes looks like Hendo will start but the big call will be whether to go with the fab4 with Hendo Can in Midfield or leave out one of the Fab4. Out of the Fab4 Mane could be the one to miss out although, on current form it's hard to leave anyone of the F
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 8:26 AM
Tekken style. We can knock every opponent. I think we will get Juventus, I want Basel.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 7:49 AM
Let's face it the only chance the Ev have a chance to win at Anfield is in a snowball fight, early warning of heavy snow for Sunday from the Met Office. It would be a sight Fat Sam with a pint of wine in one hand snow ball in the other standing on the
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 5:42 AM
Wonder if Klopp gives another keeper a chance in the FA cup? Is it time for ward? Also, does Ings finally get his chance? Such a shame that we have to face Everton obviously we will win BUT playing an even smaller team may well have guaranteed a few
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 12:54 AM
Quote from nelioneil on Yesterday at 07:31:00 pm Was anyone impressed with Quincy Promes at all? Would he be a good replacement for Sturridge if he goes? He got ushered out wide and kept his head down a lot when
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 12:08 AM
I'm bowled over that we're back in the Champions League knockout rounds, amongst the elite in Europe once more after all this time. This is what going home feels like! And all thanks to this man. We needed a big personality and a great manager to haul
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 11:16 PM
Short sub appearance from Danny last night but immediately showed his class yet again, and tore up the stereotypes. Lazy, selfish can't play in our forward line no chance! An effective team player with a hand in two of the goals last night. Grea
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 11:05 PM
How the hell has Ronaldo won the Ballon D'or? He's been crap for half the year. Messi has blown him away since the season started. https://twitter.com/messi10stats/status/938877321167196160
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 10:29 PM
Quote from HScRed1 on Today at 10:26:12 pm Standard Lucas https://twitter.com/mark_jones86/status/938889723187286016 Definitely would have liked us to have kept him in the summer.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 8:34 PM
Any news on him? He was playing well apart from two Seville games. Hope it is nothing serious.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 4:38 PM
Interesting listening to TAW player and an interview with the fella that runs the Hull equivalent; in that he says he's not surprised at all that Robertson has not gotten a lot of games so far. In a nutshell if you tell him to bomb forward he will do
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 3:51 PM
https://twitter.com/ejaz_k/status/938036701301272576 Harsh! but fair?!
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 1:41 PM
Anyone else feel Mane is a totally different player on the right side? Not that he's poor on the left, but he is an absolute monster on the right.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 9:34 AM
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 8:36 AM
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 5:53 AM
we must keep Can and Coutinho at all costs. If we add Keita and a good CB / GK in the summer we could push for the title!
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 5:18 AM
Shout out to Ragnar gets no praise thought he was super solid at the back there.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 3:53 AM
Anyone going to mention the third round cup draw
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 12:25 AM
Quote from Harrisimo on Today at 12:19:41 am Roy Keane, nark that he is, makes the point that we haven't really beaten anybody yet. Obviously we are all flushed with success but does he have a fair point. Klopp can't
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 12:21 AM
Beeeaaaaasssssttttttttt! He's so f**king good. And now a lot more people are appreciating that.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 7 12:03 AM
Watched 'Wind River' last night. Hard subject matter, but great film. Written and directed by the writer of Sicario and Hell or High Water, two of my favourite films from recent years. Trailer below if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg7Zkn