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LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 10:34 PM
Breaking news: injury prone player gets injured. Out for a month.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 6:09 PM
Quote from kwame30 on Nov 29, 2017 08:52:42 pm http://www.navixsport.com/m/sport.php?id=3313&page=myslksklslkslnslklkk&match=Stoke%20City%20FC%20vs%20Liverpool This is a nice stream Great stream more of the same t
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 4:25 PM
Rematch is on, Toronto at home to Seattle next saturday.Hope to f**k it's better than last years.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 2:57 PM
Juventus vs Napoli tonight, girls!!! A chance to watch our future player, Jorginho in action!!!
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 12:14 PM
Die hard, muppets Christmas carol, elf , blackadders Christmas carol and the father ted christmas special are annual must see at chez fk
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 11:41 AM
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 11:21 AM
Quote from bad boy bubby on Today at 11:15:07 am Bigmick not seen since 17 October when he said: "I'm done". A real pity as the forum always needs posters who put a bit of effort into their posts, offering indivi
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 11:14 AM
Think we need to get some creativity in the Midfield as tough to score against. Gini would be no where near for me especially away and Can should start.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 10:32 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Yesterday at 01:13:04 am Yeah - he's a year or two early for f1. But I have faith he will come good. I think there's a very good driver in there albeit one we've only seen flashes of like
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 7:49 AM
I would imagine Suarez sorry Salah will be back for this along with Coutinho. Brighton certainly like to keep it tight at the back and I imagine these lot will be tougher to crack than Stoke. Will Hendo automatically walk back in place of Can, he hasn'
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 3:34 AM
I have no idea if work permit might be an issue, but we should be seriously going after Arthur, midfielder from Grêmio. What a superb talent. So classy on the ball. I can see him going to a club like Barcelona and being a star. Expect him to make the s
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 1 12:31 AM
Quote from HamannsTheMan on Yesterday at 11:17:29 pm Stays IN the team? No. I'll voice my opinion which I'm entitled and I'll express my disappointment/annoyance that we keep fielding a player who isn't fit to captain our
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 8:32 PM
Nearly cost us? Remind me what would have happened had he stayed on his line?
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 6:29 PM
Yesterday, he played good and tried his best to protect the defense. I think that he has still a chance to sign a contract. I'm don't he will but still has a chance because if not Klopp would not play him. The issue with him is that he is a good player
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 4:30 PM
no mention of the draw with city u-18's tuesday night.City top, we're still unbeaten.Millar scored.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 3:25 PM
Why the f**k is Poland in Pot1??
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 3:21 PM
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 2:59 PM
The Draw for this is tomorrow. It's going to be long, and painful, but will be watching it for sure. Pot one Russia (hosts), Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France Pot two Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England , C
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 2:54 PM
All done & the draw is tomorrow, (Friday). Qualifiers finished as is this thread.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 10:28 AM
Back to his best yesterday. Goal and assist, should have had another goal..
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 10:02 AM
Quote from chats on Yesterday at 11:18:53 pm Sterling doing the business this season. Not really a surprise as it was obvious from his time here the quality he had. City just finding ways to win games at the moment. Can’t
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 4:15 AM
I know they're Manc's but what a band, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBU_N5x4ls&list=RD4PBU_N5x4ls#t=4
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 2:55 AM
Another good game today IMO. Best player of the first half if I’m honest. I called it before he got here that he would be a good player for us and we should go get him. Though it’s only a few games I’m going to go ahead and say “I told ya so”. ( I gott
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 2:18 AM
Quote from what-a-hit-son on Yesterday at 10:56:22 pm That's the Derby fu**ed. Always does us that fat headed yard dog. That'll do for most of that lot's support. Not always, remember Fat Sam going off his barnet
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 1:48 AM
After tonight, anyone else liking the idea of sticking to the 4-2-3-1 rather than the 4-3-3(ish) formation we use? Having two midfielders sit deeper and pick their moments to get forward seemed to look more fluid than having just the one sitting deep a
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 12:39 AM
Another 7 pointer. Love a good 3-0. Only worry is once we get there will we stay there.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 12:35 AM
Quote from fields of anny rd on Nov 25, 2017 07:14:15 am The Aussies have got a nerve by the way. Cant be arsed showing up all tournament and sell out the final. They've had a strange way to show support for their suppose
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 12:07 AM
Quote from Scottbot on Yesterday at 11:37:36 pm On a nice little run in the League right now. The hysteria in this thread after the Chelsea game from a good few was well O.T.T Not 'arf.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 12:03 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 10:41 PM
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 10:06 PM
Though with Salah’s pace and trickery, we had a player who would score the odd goal, but have his fair share of assists. What a revelation. If he keeps this up, all the top teams in Europe will be after him. Breathtaking, just breathtaking 😳
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 7:01 PM
Can't get my head to understand how Can gets game time. Interesting to see how Solanke gets on. What a chance he has!
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 6:59 PM
img https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 4:32 PM
Quote from crouchinho on Nov 26, 2017 11:05:18 pm It beggars belief Henderson still doesn't know when to push higher up and press or when to sit and anchor the midfield when we don't have the ball. To me it suggests he ca
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 2:33 PM
David Luis maybe available in the January window Mind you He is such a sh*t defender that even Real Madrid are considering a move for him Real Madrid ready to launch January move for David Luiz after he drops down Chelsea pecking order u
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 9:57 AM
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 9:14 AM
So I got talking to a Slovakian lad in my Doctor's waiting room yesterday. Nice, honest lad but he told me a story about how much he loved my town which scared and angered the b'jaysus out of me. 'Peter' was telling me that he had two kids back
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 5:13 AM
https://youtu.be/AbEL_kQNZUE The late, great Manny Steward talking about this current crop of heavyweights. Can’t remember many others making predictions as accurate as these back in early 2012. The bit about Price especially is eye opening. Don’t thin
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 3:58 AM
Quote from AZPatriot on Yesterday at 09:49:00 pm Would expect to see Salah, Moreno and Coutinho rested for the match and Adam starting with Can and Gini midfield; Ox up top with Bobby & Mane, Robertson in the back 4 /b
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 29 3:56 AM
Quote from 7-King Kenny-7 on Yesterday at 11:33:18 pm Or Henderson could have just done his job properly instead of passing the ball to the them and then the whole thing wouldn't have happened in the first place. Just a t
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 9:13 PM
Wheels coming off for Rafa & the barcodes..
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 8:31 PM
Utd 2-0 and with a manager that values defending - game over
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 6:54 PM
Lfctv showing the under 23"s v sparta prague tonight from 7' ings, wlison and woodburn start, brewster on the bench
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 6:15 PM
Quote from HScRed1 on Nov 22, 2017 11:47:14 am Not the player to have in midfield in a tough CL away leg esp when by his own admission he says his best position is as a wide forward. Was thinking about this. Agre
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 3:14 PM
Quote from heimdall on Yesterday at 04:01:51 pm sod's law they get fat sam in just before the derby and they manage to produce one good game The only thing I will say about that sad lot is that at least their ambi
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 5:22 AM
Happy 40th ORCHARD RED. Have a good one mate.
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 5:17 AM
In a red top as the Spion Kop says Home, Away, Home, Away oh-o-oh-oh Score like an Egyptian
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 4:51 AM
Quote from Shabs on Yesterday at 07:02:16 pm I would be concerned if we were 6 points off the relegation zone but were 6 points from 2nd to a team that has spent an obscene amount.. Imagine if we recruited well?
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 3:48 AM
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 3:47 AM
As some one above said, great to loan him out BUT only to the right club. I would want to keep him in the premiership and hopefully loan him to a team where he wouod get a lot of games.
LFC Reds - Tue Nov 28 12:48 AM
I'd be astounded if we see any major signings, unless Coutinho is sold. A few stories of moves from players previously linked. A feable attempt for Van Dijk maybe. A glut of briefed articles on how no signings is a good thing. General PR blitz from own
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 11:18 PM
Rainbow laces !
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 9:54 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 4:24 PM
Liverpool take on Stoke City at the bet365 Stadium on Wednesday evening. A win in a cold night will be great. Come on Reds. Mignolet Gomez Matip Klavan Moreno Henderson Wijnaldum Coutinho Mane Firmino Salah LFC Reds Team Builder
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 2:43 PM
No wonder danny ings gets injured so much
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 1:14 PM
James Milner Foundation's charity Ball or BALLS Liverpool players and their partners turned out in force to support the James Milner Foundation on Sunday evening. Reds stars Adam Lallana, Danny Ings, Simon Mignolet and Milner himself attended a c
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 12:20 PM
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 10:49 AM
Matchday 13 Title City still the team looking phenomenal. They have 7 points more than would have been expected of a title winning side based on games played. They haven't had a particularly easy start to the season opposition wise but it is clearly
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 2:26 AM
Quote from HScRed1 on Yesterday at 03:18:18 pm 4-1 oh dear no chance of Unsworth getting the job. Shame Wrong thread bud.
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 12:20 AM
Quote from FATKOPITE10 on Yesterday at 07:27:24 pm The words luiz and defend don't belong in the same sentence Like him or not he is a good defender, personally I don't
LFC Reds - Mon Nov 27 12:04 AM
Willian claiming his cross was a shot Said it was a "beautiful" goal that he intended.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 11:19 PM
Throw the bank at Adrien Rabiot. But we won't make any big signings anyway. So meh.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 10:18 PM
Probably best thing for him as he is going to improve by playing with the U23's BTW I still insist he is better than Milner as a CM https://twitter.com/LivEchoLFC/status/934899089778626560
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 8:38 PM
Mark Bowden’s new one about the battle for Hue 1968 is pretty good, not nearly as exciting as Blackhawk, but he gives a lot of coverge to the Vietnamese viewpoint so its well balanced.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 4:28 PM
Jesus Everton are attrotious ;D Championship beckons ;D
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 3:34 PM
I've been one of his biggest defenders since he arrived but this season it has become painfully obvious that injuries have ruined his box-to-box abilities. He doesn't have the range of passing or tactical awareness to play deep like Stevie did. He is j
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 2:51 PM
Very dull race to finish off the 2017 season. Bottas supreme though - race win, fastest lap and pole position. Perfect. Very happy for Hulk taking 6th and ensuring a few dollars more for the Renault outfit after overtaking Toro Rosso in the standing -
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 2:26 PM
Not for me anymore, i'd be happy if we sold him in January. I think Klopp should seriously consider giving Solanke the nod over him now.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 1:37 PM
Can't believe it's been a year. Makes me feel things all over again and wanna get back there as soon as possible. I miss you Anfield, Liverpool and all you great people I had the pleasure of meeting there.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 12:42 PM
Well mine is for CB and probably on everyone else's, VVD. I think if the money is right, Coutinho will be gone to Barca in January and if a tasty enough bid comes in I think Sturridge will be gone aswell. So replacements would be either Lemar or Draxle
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 10:14 AM
So bizarre he managed to get the full 90mins yesterday, was horrific and some think Henderson is so bad
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 10:13 AM
Is there any truth in the rumour that Danny Ings could be included in the VVD deal.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 9:47 AM
On the Sunday Brunch, Channel 4, this morning, I assume, to promote this. Programme has started and is on until midday.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 8:41 AM
This Sunday (26th November) a special commemorative plaque, paying tribute to the survivors of the 1989 disaster who assisted in the rescue of fans, will be unveiled at Central Station. Before Anne lost her battle to cancer in 2013, she made a bu
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 4:38 AM
Just went and saw elbow at the wiltern in Los Angeles and once again, they were utterly brilliant Such a fun night out. Brilliant in concert
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 3:17 AM
Quote from lester76 on Today at 03:12:39 am I actually thought he played fairly well today and really wxhaust d himself by his high work rate to break up chelsea’s Movement. He certainly isn’t playing as well as he w
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 2:25 AM
Good win, 2 for Wilson and one for woodburn
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 1:52 AM
Root gone for 51, this match definitely going down the shi**er for England now.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 12:13 AM
Goal number 15. More than anyone has managed since Suarez left and it's only November. Not sure why he held back on his celebration, was only at the Chavs for 5 minutes and he got treated like sh*t by Jose there.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 12:03 AM
Not sure how accurate it is and I've not had chance to check but in the commentary today, they said that in our last 3 league games we've faced 1 shot on target vs West Ham which was a goal. Standard practice if that's true.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 26 12:02 AM
On other note were people think we end up fhish in league end of season
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 7:47 PM
Damn, that was a good game from the Ox. A very Bobby Firmino performance, did the dirty work today. One of the best performances by a midfielder this season To bad Klopp will sit him for a month outside of the last 3 minutes of a game here and th
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 7:35 PM
Oh god, how is that not his fault? It was slow as f**k, plenty of time to react. https://twitter.com/GoodyCraig/status/934504991741669376
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 4:42 PM
Unbelievable! How can Bobby have been benched for this - with Danny in his place? Has he taken a knock?
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 3:54 PM
Ah the booo's ring out around Newcastle!
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 12:05 PM
65 116
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 11:23 AM
Messi has signed a new contract and his buyout clause is 700 million.Make it happen FSG you tight bas**rds
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 10:28 AM
Joe Gomez interview: They said Neymar would nutmeg me. It helped as it made me wary Liverpool’s emerging star tells the story of his brilliant shackling of the Brazilian By Paul Joyce Gomez is making strides a
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 7:14 AM
That was some game of rugby league just there. Tonga from 20 nil down with 6 minites to go, almost (maybe should have) won it on the hooter. Great game.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 7:12 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Nov 23, 2017 10:44:48 pm I put 3-1 against Sevilla. After they scored their first, I immediately realised it wouldn't end that way. Well, at least I got 1 point I think it's the first time I've
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 6:29 AM
Quote from heimdall on Nov 23, 2017 04:26:28 pm OK you love Moreno, irrespective of what he does, we get it, we reserve the right to disagree with you though. What's this we sh*t tory boy?
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 4:21 AM
Quote from Boston not la on Nov 23, 2017 10:17:07 pm There was a great one at Goodison tonight. Weekly shows as well, occasionally in other cities. Bloody brilliant gig that Don't get to many c
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 2:02 AM
Quote from MIRO on Nov 23, 2017 08:24:19 pm chuck in Moreno he can go home. And pay for him to go deck cargo on a submarine.
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 1:07 AM
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 12:46 AM
Quote from paulow63 on Yesterday at 08:42:39 pm Don't really care what's been said before, got nothing against the Mancs or Keith either, alls I know is that every time we've had a 3-3 draw in the European Champions Leagu
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 25 12:24 AM
Heard this watching Mindhunter on Netflix the other night and thought "Holy F**k, I'd completely forgotten how good it is" youtu.be/l-pdOg2xMeM