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It's obvious that everyone saw the mistakes and Simon – that will never happen again, Klopp said. He never conceded a goal like that so we don't have to make a big deal of it.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
We have to qualify for the Champions League. We have to finish as high as possible, Klopp said.
Sky Sports - 4:19 PM
We have a defending approach, we played 4-5-1 (against Arsenal) and they all have responsibility to defend, said Klopp.
Daily Mail - 3:18 PM
We have to qualify for the Champions League. We have to finish as high as possible, Klopp said.
EPL Talk - 1:10 AM
The problem is that Hendo won't feature at all. He's out, for sure, Klopp told a news conference. That makes the feeling [of the Arsenal game] even worse because we were really OK with injuries. Now it happens at the beginning of this period -- or the middle of the period, whatever...
Soccernet - 10:44 PM
We're on our way and we have to keep the team together and improve and involve other players, said Klopp. That's a job for the future.
Daily Mail - 10:32 PM
This year, I don't think that anyone apart from Manchester City and maybe Manchester United are thinking too much about how they can win the league, said Klopp.
Liverpool FC - 10:30 PM
Simon Mignolet saves these balls 99.9 percent of his full career, but not tonight, Klopp said.
Soccernet - 10:35 AM
Controlling the game is what he means, but that was not the situation, Klopp said.
EPL Talk - 12:35 AM
I was happy and aggressive kind of happy, Klopp said. I've made my apologies already but if the people behind me had to apologise for what they said before then it would take a lot longer. I react sometimes a little bit strange. I threw a bottle on the ground, maybe it's not nice b...
Sky Sports - 12:31 AM
We didn't create any risk for our chances, Klopp told Sky Sports. We were not open, we did not give space away. OK, that's not cool and unfortunately three of them in one game and that gave Arsenal the chance to get back into the game. But my job is to think also about the performa...
Sky Sports - 12:20 AM
We had five minutes where we had obvious, individual problems, Klopp said. It was on all of the Arsenal goals.
Guardian - 12:01 AM
He's right, he is 100 per cent right – controlling a game is what he means, but it was not the situation, it was not that we gave the game away, Klopp told reporters.
Goal.com - 12:01 AM