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The biggest blow for the mood in the dressing room is the injury to Ox, said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.
EPL Talk - 11:35 PM
There would have been work for us to do when we win 5-0 because Roma would have tried everything to strike back anyway, so that's not a big difference., said Klopp. What I learn tonight is that we can win the second game as well, even when it will be different.
Soccernet - 11:33 PM
It's probably a really bad injury, Klopp told BT Sport. If you can say that already before the scan then it's never good news.
BBC - 11:01 PM
The biggest problem that we have today 100 percent is that we lost Oxlade-Chamberlain, who played brilliant as long he was in, Klopp said . Thank God Gini [Wijnaldum] played as well, fantastic.
Soccernet - 10:46 PM
I don't have to tell the fans anything, they already know it, said Jurgen Klopp beforehand. They have more experience than me.
Sky Sports - 10:43 PM
We had all these runs behind, it changed the game completely and they couldn't cope with that. We scored these goals and could have scored more, Klopp said.
EPL Talk - 10:35 PM
Long term perfect performance for pretty much 80 minutes or so, Klopp told BT Sport.
Daily Star - 10:16 PM
Klopp told BT Sport: Oxlade, it's probably a really bad injury.
Liverpool FC - 10:15 PM
Is there something with Alex Ferguson, Man United, said Klopp.
Daily Express - 6:18 PM
Nobody thought after the first result that they can have the kind of comeback against Barcelona because it's not usually possible, said Klopp.
Daily Express - 2:34 PM
They play Saturday and Sunday will be a meeting about that, Klopp said.
Mirror - 11:12 AM
Players change clubs, managers change clubs - I had it with Dortmund two years ago already, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 10:36 AM
In the stadium, do it again — and better, said Klopp. Out of the stadium, please show the respect we have to show.
Daily Mail - 9:34 AM
The team is a really enthusiastic team. In a good moment, they jump and that's really good to see, said Klopp. But against Manchester City we dealt with some difficult circumstances in the two halves here and there on a high level.
Daily Express - 12:43 AM
You have a reputation in world football for being world class, said Klopp. Passion.
Daily Telegraph - 11:30 PM
Is there something with Alex Ferguson, Man United, said Klopp.
Sky Sports - 11:20 PM
Italian defenders are famous for not having friendly games, Klopp said. So I think Mo will feel very early in the game that they are not his team‑mates any more.
Guardian - 10:34 PM
It is great but he knows the season is not over. A lot of things to come but I'm sure a nice boost, said Klopp.
Daily Express - 10:34 PM
They create a few of the most special atmospheres in world football, Klopp said. In the stadium, I don't know exactly if the atmosphere can be better than it was against Manchester City, but if it's possible let's try.
Sky Sports - 7:50 PM
In the stadium do it again and better, Klopp said. Outside the stadium, please show the respect we have to show.
Mirror - 7:16 PM
I think Mo will know pretty soon that they are not his team-mates any more, said Klopp. Italian defenders are famous for not having friendly games. But he can strike back in football terms.
BBC - 6:34 PM
In the stadium do it again and better. Outside the stadium, please show the respect we have to show, said Klopp on Monday.
EPL Talk - 4:40 PM
Everybody knows how wonderful Rome is, but not all the people know how wonderful Liverpool is, Klopp said. But we can show how wonderful Liverpool people are and the city and the spirit of the club. We can show that in 20 minutes before the game and then the whole world knows it. I...
Soccernet - 4:19 PM
It feels quite special because you know a lot more about the other team than you would usually know, said Klopp.
Sky Sports - 3:33 PM
Klopp told reporters: In the stadium do it again, even better, outside the stadium show the respect we have to show.
Daily Express - 2:59 PM
There are some really difficult things in Liverpool, Klopp told The Guardian . The whole Liverpool family is not happy with not winning big trophies since whenever – so you always find a reason.
Daily Mail - 1:50 PM
It's been a fantastic ride but we still have games to go, Klopp said. But please grab the trophy and come home.
BBC - 11:19 PM
I don't have to tell them that was not good enough, we can do better, Klopp said. It is Roma and it will be a completely different game.
Guardian - 10:59 PM
Roma have set-pieces as well but they don't play only set-pieces, Klopp said. Their boys play sometimes on the ground and then you can play football.
Daily Mail - 10:53 PM