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Klopp told Sky Sports: We need to be consistently good because we are Liverpool.
Soccernet - 8:33 PM
Our scouting department did a ­fantastic job around Mo, said Klopp. They just didn't get out of our ears about him. It was, '100 per cent he is ready, he is ready'. They did a great job, absolutely.
Sky Sports - 11:45 PM
His speed is his speed, it doesn't depend on which league he's in, said Klopp. Of course we had to look at a lot of his games to see about other parts, physicality, being strong enough for challenges.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
Klopp told Sky Sports: I don't know. It's twice deflected and I'm still not sure if it's the hand on the ball.
Sky Sports - 12:03 PM
Obviously he is not flying, said Klopp. He felt really bad about the situation against Everton.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
Daniel, we have to wait [to see] how he improved since yesterday, Klopp said. Joe had a little bit before, that's why we left him out. But he should be OK. Millie and Robbo, a few knocks from the game, should be OK.
Soccernet - 2:06 PM
We had two draws at home. Criticism is completely normal but I thought they were two completely different games, said Klopp.
Sky Sports - 2:00 PM
We have to make sure we have as fit as possible players for the specific game, Klopp said. That's what we did, all the time.
Daily Mail - 1:36 PM