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It was a very intense 14 days for the boys, very intense from all parts – physical and mental, Klopp told Liverpoolfc.com. It was really hard.
Liverpool FC - 10:30 AM
It's that thing, will he leave or whatever. I don't think about it, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 10:34 PM
The boys were searching for Mo a bit too much, but it is a win-win situation, said Klopp.
Daily Telegraph - 11:26 PM
The boys were searching for him a bit too much, Klopp said.
Daily Express - 10:40 PM
There is still work to do but what a season so far. Last year we were all excited about [signing him] and there was a point we were convinced, said Klopp. There is this last question if you don't play in England you can't say yes because it is more physical, but there was a point when we ...
Daily Star - 10:31 PM
It's all about him and all about us, how we finish the season, Klopp said of Salah. It's completely normal that a boy in that situation wants to be top of the scoring list, the Golden Boot.
Sky Sports - 9:58 PM
Yes, it's extraordinary. He knows that, Klopp told a news conference. You see the boys sometimes searching for him a little too much.
Soccernet - 9:27 PM
I would love if it was because of a knock rather than a strain or tear or whatever, said Klopp. He felt something but I didn't speak to him afterwards, I only saw that he was limping. I have no clue.
BBC - 9:19 PM
What a week for Trent Alexander-Arnold, Klopp told BT Sport.
Metro - 8:29 PM
I didn't see the knock. I would love if it would be because of a 'knock' [rather than] a strain or tear or whatever. I have no clue, said Klopp.
Liverpool FC - 8:14 PM
The boys did fantastic. It was a brilliant game, said Klopp.
Daily Star - 8:03 PM
I will watch them for sure, because it's destiny, said Klopp. If any German goes to Bern in Switzerland he cannot avoid thinking about the 1954 ['Miracle of Bern'] World Cup final.
Daily Express - 11:11 AM
I will watch them for sure because it is destiny (to go back), said Klopp.
Daily Telegraph - 10:31 AM
I know that Mo feels very comfortable here, and he knows that our style of play suits him very well, so I am not worried about a transfer, Klopp told Bild.
Sport Review - 6:09 AM