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I've said it many times, it was incredibly difficult (to leave), Rodgers told the Daily Record .
Daily Star - 5:04 PM
I think if you look when I was in Scotland [with Celtic] we had defensive records as well, Rodgers said.
Mirror - 9:10 AM
I think if you look when I was in Scotland [with Celtic] we had defensive records as well, Rodgers said on Saturday.
Daily Star - 8:50 AM
It was a brilliant goal and from there I thought we took control of the game, said Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers.
EPL Talk - 8:35 PM
We're a little animated at times. I can't say we were yelling how much we love each other, Rodgers said.
Sky Sports - 7:25 PM
There is a fantastic infrastructure here, Rodgers said.
Goal.com - 11:49 AM
You always try to create a culture where anyone can improve, whether it's young or old players, says Rodgers.
Daily Mail - 8:50 AM
There is a fantastic infrastructure here, Rodgers said.
Goal.com - 11:12 PM
We have many outstanding coaches, managers, innovators, said Rodgers. We are not showmen on the side, that's definitely what we are not.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
James is a bit like Philippe Coutinho, they're players who are recognised for their talent, Rodgers told The Athletic .
Goal.com - 3:00 PM
Rodgers told Sky Sports: If you work well, it's a natural consequence of what happens in this game - you'll get linked to other jobs.
Mirror - 12:24 PM
When I first moved into management, I took every session, planned every session, and then everyone fitted around that, Rodgers said.
Daily Express - 11:37 AM
His best years will be here and if you look at him now there are still a few more to go yet, said Rodgers. He's still so sharp, clinical and fit - he'll be 33 in January but he looks after his body.
Daily Mail - 12:03 AM
As a player, in the first week working with him, I could see after two or three days why there was a lot of clamour for him, said Rodgers.
Sky Sports - 4:07 PM
I think Jose made a huge impression on me when I went to Chelsea, Rodgers told Sky Sports News.
Sky Sports - 2:56 PM
Jamie is so thick-skinned and is just one of those boys — that makes him better, said Rodgers.
EPL Talk - 11:20 AM
He's not having to press the whole back four, Rodgers said. Jamie is a guy who would run all day for you, so now he is doing shorter bursts, which he is very good at.
Guardian - 8:59 AM
The team is playing well. We are not getting carried away and I'm not going to trap the players with any sort of pressure, said Rodgers.
EPL Talk - 5:56 PM
He is an incredible player. The offensive players get the credit but he does the dirty work, said Rodgers.
Daily Mail - 3:28 PM
I was very pleased with our work rate. We scored some great goals and were very hungry tonight, Rodgers told the BBC.
Goal.com - 3:51 AM
I'm very pleased to see our work rate, we scored some great goals and we were very hungry tonight, Rodgers told BBC Sport.
BBC - 12:58 AM
It was the perfect performance, Rodgers said. We showed a wonderful demonstration of how to play against 10 men.
Guardian - 11:59 PM
In terms of the intensity in our pressing and circulating the ball in the way we did, I'm very proud of the team, Rodgers told Sky Sports.
Metro - 11:23 PM
We said at half time, keep your speed in the game and we have to punish them, said Rodgers.
EPL Talk - 11:01 PM
I've been fortunate that I've been at Liverpool where I understand the draw of that type of club, Rodgers said.
Metro - 8:02 PM
Jamie has been on this great journey and won the title but he never felt like that was his lot, Rodgers told Sky Sports. He could have sat on it. But he is very hungry and very determined to keep improving and be the best that he can be. He wants to develop his game. That's refreshing.
Daily Express - 6:17 PM
He is as quick as any player that I have worked with over 15 metres, says Rodgers. If we get the space to play him in then we know he is away because that explosion of speed is incredible.
Sky Sports - 9:54 PM
The players have been absolutely brilliant, they've shown a lot of qualities and a real resilience, Rodgers said.
Daily Mail - 4:11 PM
Filip's situation is one I'll look at, Rodgers said back in May.
Daily Express - 2:45 PM
The kid went away with the international team, he took ill, Rodgers told reporters. It was decided it was best for him to leave the camp.
Goal.com - 11:13 PM