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We were unlucky but I was proud of the players' performance because they gave their best in this situation, Puel told the BBC.
Goal.com - 8:57 PM
It was difficult with a lot of emotion around the game, during the game and after the game, said Leicester boss Claude Puel.
EPL Talk - 6:20 PM
I would have no problem if it happened again, the only thing would be a second yellow card, said Puel. He can take off his shirt if he scores, I have no problem with this. I wouldn't be happy if it was a second yellow card, of course, and the team was down to 10.
Sky Sports - 2:49 AM
The gesture of Demarai when he scored was fantastic and it was the emotion without thinking, said Puel. He was happy for his chairman.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
The players have shown great maturity, it is like a family. It is important to honour our chairman and play a good game, said Puel. We will manage the moment step by step but I feel in my players' focus and soul.
Metro - 8:00 PM
We cannot make a lot of training sessions but we have a good energy, said Puel.
Mirror - 6:44 PM
We know our fans, they are fantastic… there were 3, 000 of them at our last game in Cardiff, it was a fantastic reunion with the fans, Puel said.
EPL Talk - 1:45 AM
It was a full week about different things, Puel said. The first thing of course was our journey to Vichai's funeral.
Daily Mail - 4:04 PM
It was a long journey but it was very important for us to support Vichai's family and honour our chairman, Puel said on Thursday. We tried to work a little of Wednesday and had a light training session today, the same tomorrow.
EPL Talk - 3:50 PM
We had to be professional and so the ref also had to be professional, said Claude Puel after the game.
Soccernet - 11:52 PM
We played like professionals and it was important for the referee to be professional too, Puel told reporters. He knows the rules and it was important for Demarai to take this yellow card. It was the one time I accepted a yellow card from my player. It was very emotional.
Goal.com - 12:24 PM
We played like professionals and it was important for the referee to be professional too, Puel said.
BBC - 11:43 PM
It was a matter to keep our self-control, said Puel. If we play on just emotion we will not win.
Daily Telegraph - 7:27 PM
Playing football has not been at the front of our mind, Puel said. But this weekend and all matches thereafter we will play to honour the man who did so much for us.
Daily Telegraph - 2:45 AM
I don't want to use this event to find solidarity, to win games and use the difficult moment just for football, Puel said.
Sky Sports - 1:49 AM
It was a success, but he will not be available normally for four months, Puel told the press .
Soccernet - 2:58 PM
When I saw all this sorrow, I am devastated, but I have responsibility to move us forward together, Puel said. My message is that the game is not important, the result is not important, our desire to give the best on the pitch to honour our chairman is the most important thing.
Daily Telegraph - 2:20 PM
I don't want to give all the details of course, Puel said. Just for Kasper. Kasper, like other players, are devastated. All my squad have a lot of sadness and upset.
Mirror - 5:13 PM
This has been without doubt one of the hardest weeks in the history of this football club, Puel said on Thursday.
EPL Talk - 4:15 PM
I don't want to give all the details of course, Puel said. Just for Kasper.
Mirror - 3:30 PM
We have a lot of responsibility to continue our work, Puel said. We have to fight together to honour him.
Daily Express - 3:23 PM
It is a tragedy for the club, Puel told France Info.
Mirror - 2:10 PM
Puel told France Info: It is a tragedy for the club.
Daily Star - 11:50 AM
Puel told France Info: It is a tragedy for the club.
Daily Express - 11:36 AM
When I was a player or when I was a manager in France I managed and played a lot of international games - Champions League games, Europa League, Puel said. It's important to have the ambition and I hope for the club to find this competition again.
Sky Sports - 4:56 AM
He finished with 20 goals last season and it was normal, Puel said. He is getting more shots statistically.
Daily Mail - 10:26 PM
I didn't understand why the referee didn't give a penalty, said Puel. It was a penalty and a second yellow card and sending off.
Daily Mail - 12:38 AM
Puel told the BBC : He was ill he could not come back on the pitch.
Metro - 10:46 PM
He is a complete player with good transition with the ball and without the ball, Puel said. He works all the time and he has kept his clinical edge and I am not surprised about his quality and his good work with Arsenal .
Guardian - 7:43 PM
He cried out and could not move, Puel said, smiling. The physio had to take him to see another person in the gym.
Daily Mail - 9:10 AM