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Jack had the full experience today, Allardyce said later. He went out on the pitch with Jags [Phil Jagielka] and he saw everything that went on with the warm-up.
Daily Telegraph - 3:48 PM
Sooner or later he has to find himself from where he used to be, Allardyce said. Sometimes it takes a while to find yourself after, I think, probably a disappointing move that didn't work at United.
Sky Sports - 12:49 PM
He's had a difficult time here and, personally, Luke Garbutt's future is elsewhere, Allardyce said.
Daily Star - 10:34 AM
We completely dominated the game, out-passed the opposition in their half, Allardyce told Sky Sports. Some of our passing went astray but in fairness you can't really blame me for that can you? I don't pass the ball out there, the lads do.
Sky Sports - 6:20 AM
What was wrong with our style today? We completely dominated the game, Allardyce said on Sky Sports.
Goal.com - 1:21 AM
You win fans over by winning football matches and winning them in style, Allardyce said in The Telegraph . You can only do what you do and work as hard as you possibly can with the squad and the players you have got to deliver what you can.
Toffeeweb - 7:03 AM
The director of marketing and communications has clearly slipped up, Allardyce said.
Goal.com - 5:56 PM
From my point of view and the football side point of view, it was a big mistake, said Allardyce.
EPL Talk - 5:45 PM
It hasn't made a difference for me concerning my position, said Allardyce. But I would be extremely disappointed if that was the case. In fact, I would be much more disappointed than 'extremely'.
Sky Sports - 3:43 PM
I think from my point of view and club's view it was a mistake, Allardyce said. It's allowed you to write some beautiful headlines.
Guardian - 3:36 PM
From my point of view, it was a big mistake. It has allowed you [the media] to write some beautiful headlines, Allardyce told a news conference. The chairman has apologised.
Soccernet - 2:53 PM
I do think he should get into the box more, said Allardyce.
Daily Telegraph - 3:35 AM
I see an adverse reaction from every crowd, Allardyce told Everton website.
Goal.com - 12:18 AM
It is simple for me, because there is my eye, during the game, and then there are the stats after the game, said Allardyce. That's the beauty of our matrix and statistics today.
Sky Sports - 11:39 PM
Steve Walsh is doing a lot for next season and the board and myself will come together to make those plans at the end of this season, said Allardyce.. What I have to concentrate on is finishing as strong as we can.
Daily Mail - 11:25 PM
I see an adverse reaction from every crowd, Allardyce told Toffee website.
Goal.com - 8:23 PM
It's the role he wants to play, Allardyce said. Our tactical change was for the benefit of the team.
Soccernet - 4:41 PM
It is simple for me, because there is my eye, during the game, and then there are the stats after the game, said Allardyce. That's the beauty of our matrix and statistics today.
Sky Sports - 3:10 PM
Idrissa is important without the ball in the way he screens the back four, Allardyce told evertonfc.com.
Everton FC Blogs - 12:50 PM
This game is not about how much possession you have, it about what you do in the opposition's box, said Sam Allardyce. Do you defend well in your own box and do you create in the opposition's box? That is what brings the excitement to any match – particularly a derby.
Everton FC - 5:36 PM
Allardyce told talkSPORT: Wayne's disappointment was frustration at the fact of bring an Evertonian through and through.
Mirror - 2:19 PM
In the end, we finished the game stronger than Liverpool and nearly won it, so that, as a manager, is what you have to do, Allardyce said. No matter who is on the field, if you feel you need to change it, you change it.
Soccernet - 1:10 PM
I can agree with you, to a certain degree, that Wayne struggles against the very best opposition, Allardyce said.
Goal.com - 11:44 AM
We tried to take full advantage of that opportunity and failed, said Allardyce. In the end we finished the game extremely well, on the front foot and put them under a lot of pressure, created the opportunities to win the game. Because of the way we finished the game, we are sitting in the...
Daily Telegraph - 11:47 AM
I don't think the players need any extra motivation, said Allardyce. I don't think that is something we can let happen, if at all possible.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
We have got no points but at least we did not fold, said Allardyce.
Soccernet - 2:38 AM
They are far too good for anyone, said Sam Allardyce. Almost unstoppable, stated Pep Guardiola.
Guardian - 11:06 PM
I would have preferred them not to play each other so they could both have got through, said Allardyce.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
You have to admire a top-quality team when, particularly in the first half, they're too good for you, Allardyce said. As hard as the lads tried to cope with the quality they've got, it wasn't something we could cope with.
Toffeeweb - 5:45 AM
Let's hope that is still the same on Saturday night, said Allardyce. He has proven to be one of the top managers. It is always a challenge to pit your wits against some of the best.
Daily Telegraph - 7:35 AM