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RedCafe.net - Fri Dec 22 7:26 PM
So, this is about having a particular opinion about a player/club/game who turned out completely wrong. My cases: 1. Thought that Matic wouldn't be a good fit. To be precise I thought he would be ok but only by having Herrera beside him who will compensate for his running in the midfield and we w...
RedCafe.net - Wed Dec 20 10:31 PM
Numbers: 1. Arsenal 2. Man City 3. Bristol City 4. Chelsea Edit: Chelsea v Arsenal Man City v Bristol City Ties are two legs, so Bristol will be home second leg.
RedCafe.net - Wed Dec 20 8:32 AM
Hazard being lined up for january according to The Expresss and the Sun, even mentioned on a chelsea site. Yes please if true Eden Hazard
RedCafe.net - Tue Dec 19 8:20 PM
Today Arsenal vs West Ham Leicester City vs Man City Tomorrow Bristol City vs Man Utd Chelsea vs Bournemouth
RedCafe.net - Tue Dec 19 4:42 PM
Everyone on the cafe is aware how good Weigl is. Basically he's a Carrick clone. It's no news that our midfield is light without the likes of Matic and Pogba. Matic has been playing practically every game and with fatigue setting in, his performances may start to go downhill. We need to ensure to...
RedCafe.net - Tue Dec 19 8:22 AM
Some nice snippets on how our leader opperates with his management skills. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11176960/mnf-what-made-jose-so-special John Terry gives a fascinating insight into Jose Mourinho's management style, and what made him so special at Chelsea. Terry played under...
RedCafe.net - Mon Dec 18 8:11 PM
Leaving Chelsea at the end of the season http://www.chelseafc.com/news/lates ve-chelsea.html?extcmp=SOCIA_FB_ENG_STATEMENT Apologies if a thread already exists