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LFC Reds - Sun May 6 6:36 PM
Quote from FL Red on Today at 06:34:43 pm I’m one that thinks we shouldn’t even have a motm poll if we lose. I bet voting participation drops whenever we lose.
LFC Reds - Sun May 6 3:49 PM
Good team - let’s get a point and relax for a change
LFC Reds - Sun May 6 3:39 PM
Just the one change - with Clyne replacing Henderson in the starting XI Liv
LFC Reds - Sat May 5 1:46 AM
I've got a ticket to Sunday's game and I can't make it, I've got a flight out of the country that morning. The Champions league schedule changed the premier league date since we advanced in the champions.It's in the away fans section in Stamford Bridge
LFC Reds - Fri May 4 11:29 PM
The rumour I've seen is that this all stems from a bust up he had with Jon Acterberg when he took ages to get Lallana on to the pitch against Chelsea and they ended up scoring. This goes back to November but the story goes Buvac has found himself more
LFC Reds - Thu May 3 9:21 AM
Head firmly on Chelsea now. I want to see us stuff them at the weekend, bring a bit of confidence back in the league - and all important three points, steer away from the Chavs and seal their fate to the Europa League. ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ
LFC Reds - Mon Apr 30 3:54 PM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Today at 02:35:04 pm Nah f**k them. Their new stadium isn't coming anytime soon, their financial resources are slowly becoming more and more irrelevant as the clubs around them gain ever
LFC Reds - Mon Apr 30 1:12 AM
There is little wonder why no English refs are going to the World Cup this some if the Liverpool, Chelsea and City games are anything to go by I hate the Big Headed Little C**t Raheem Stirling, but I hate poor officiating and inconsistency even mo