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LFC Reds - Mon Oct 23 1:16 PM
Right then.. Expected result for Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea Great result for Spurs, Arsenal Horrible result for Man Utd Title Man City only team posting credible title winning results so far in the league. Starting to look highly unlikely that Liver
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 14 3:17 AM
Well actually Riba, FIFA rankings mean sh*t. For example, Costa Rica is 20-22 and have been between 15-24 (or something like that) since the last WC, finished the WC 8th and no, Costa Rica was not the 8th bet team in the world as it is not the 22nd now
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 4 2:57 PM
Quote from Danzel on Sep 22, 2017 04:33:37 pm Not necessarily I think. Look at United and Matic / Pogba. Chelsea and Kante / Bakayoko (or last season Matic), Spurs and a combination of Dier / Wanyama / Dembele. Would you
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 1 7:05 PM
May as well just give some young players chance because we not win league we not get top 4 it be city utd Chelsea spurs or even areasnl
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 1 12:07 AM
Turned down by Ox, Barkley and Llorente. Current champions of England rejected by 3 bang average players. Oh dear.
LFC Reds - Thu Aug 31 7:17 PM
Honest question: Which clubs do African players actually aspire to play? I have seen a lot of Chelsea/Arsenal jerseys in Africa. But, are they inclined towards English clubs or Spanish clubs?
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 29 1:41 PM
BBC reporting that he has to 'decide between Liverpool and Chelsea, although no concrete offer has been received from Liverpool'. That'll be a tricky decision then
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 21 10:41 AM
Kenny Dalglish about 6 feet away from me in Costa Tithebarn Street. Starstruck.
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 15 11:58 AM
Quote from Diego LFC on Today at 11:49:14 am Southampton defender Virgil van Dijk, 26, is more likely to join Chelsea or Manchester City than Liverpool, but the Saints will demand a fee of more than £70m. (Yahoo) http
LFC Reds - Mon Aug 14 3:41 AM
Just gonna throw this out there: The Scum have bought the trophy. Lukakau and Matic are a match made in heaven. Add the rest of the squad and they are the team to beat I'm a LFC supporter through and through but this season is only about who's spent th
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 13 11:18 AM
Good post BBB. While I don't want us to become a city or a Chelsea, plastic fuckers that they are, teams which we made fun of and teams which everyone hates because of buying success, I don't want us to become an Arsenal either where top 4 is the sky.
LFC Reds - Sat Aug 12 1:45 AM
Quote from Beerbelly on Today at 12:36:44 am Need to camouflage our best players better. Teams like Chelsea, Citeh and the like never seem ripe for the picking as much as we do. Put a stand-out South American in a tea
LFC Reds - Tue Aug 8 10:47 AM
Ex blue sh*te Graham Stuart in Costa on Tithebarn Street as I type. I've got the holiday blues so I might swill him with his own latte.
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 6 4:11 PM
Ha! 😆😜
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 29 2:23 PM
Quote from LFCexiled on Today at 02:15:40 pm An Inter player has just scored the best back pass own goal ever. Also, I know it's only a friendly but chelsea look absolutely sh*te. Loads of Chav scum constructing
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 27 1:04 AM
Quote from crouchinho on Today at 12:52:52 am I think Chelsea will be the threat again but they've just replaced Costa with Morata and Terry with Rudiger. Probably improvements but no added depth and their only additi
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 1:11 PM
LFC Reds - Sun Jul 9 3:34 AM
LFC Reds - Sat Jul 8 4:16 PM
Quote from ORCHARD RED on Yesterday at 09:54:06 pm Apparently Chelsea have matched Utds bid for Lukaku. Sh*t just got real! The Scum bid somewhere includes the 10 million that Raiola gets . The smell around Mou
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 3 11:55 PM
Terry now gone to Villa then. His reason for dropping down a division was so that he doesn't have the chance of playing against the Chavs. Doh, what happens if they get drawn together in one of the cups? Is he just not going to play? Idiot
LFC Reds - Mon Jul 3 5:58 PM
I'm glad I hardly watch the championship, I won't have to put up with John Terry the f**king 'villan'. Lock up your wife's and daughters midlanders, he's on his f**king way!
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 14 9:23 AM
Opening day fixtures (15:00 BST Kick offs, subject to change) Arsenal v Leicester City Brighton and Hove Albion v Manchester City Chelsea v Burnley Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town Everton v Stoke City Manchester United v West Ham United Newcastle Un
LFC Reds - Tue Jun 13 8:23 PM
Premier League fixture list will be revealed at 9am BST on Wednesday 2017/18 Teams AFC Bournemouth Arsenal Brighton & Hove Albion Burnley Chelsea Crystal Palace Everton Huddersfield Town Leiceste
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 12 9:31 PM
Quote from bad boy bubby on May 10, 2017 10:11:55 pm Since we using Squawka as a source - did you know: they rate Eriksen 3rd behind Hazard & Sanchez Oxlade Chamblerlain? 89th. I cant see what all the noise
LFC Reds - Fri Jun 9 2:22 PM
Quote from AZPatriot on Jun 07, 2017 10:06:08 pm anyway you cut it that is his career stats are 52 goals in 305 matches his numbers for 5 full seasons at Shakhtar are the same as Bayern. Can't defend those sta
LFC Reds - Thu Jun 8 9:16 AM
Actually 100% genuine.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 7 4:18 PM
Quote from Billo on Today at 04:03:16 pm Yes please. Always been a big fan. His goals over the past 8 years 5, 5, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4. Not noticing much progression there.
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 7 3:59 PM
http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/07/liverpool-considering-transfer-move-for-bayern-munich-star-douglas-costa-6692324/ Seen us linked with him from other more credible sources but this is the one I have to hand. Apparently 3rd choice to our winger chase behin
LFC Reds - Wed Jun 7 6:17 AM
Quote from The Real Donavan Ried on Yesterday at 11:00:30 pm Don't understand this Are we not the top bidder? Chelsea's bid is lower right? Money wise are Southampton not shooting themselves in the foot? Some
LFC Reds - Mon Jun 5 2:11 AM
Quote from MIRO on Today at 01:52:55 am Late night rumour Sunday that City have beaten us and Chelsea to VVD's signature . All will be revealed . Rumor where? Last I read a little bit ago we were still in