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As I said before, he deserves to play, said Conte. He's showing in every game that that he's ready. At the same time, that shows that age is not important. The most important thing is that you show, when I give you the chance to play, you repay me with a great, with a good performa...
Daily Telegraph - 5:24 AM
For Pedro we must be honest to accept Pedro dived. In this case Pedro understood, Conte said.
Sky Sports - 11:40 PM
No, we are working under this aspect to create a strong mentality, Conte said. Not because you have to feel under attack [to win].
Soccernet - 10:46 PM
In every sport you have to fight if you want to reach great achievements, Conte said. I think in England, it's very difficult to win the title, more than in other country.
Goal.com - 10:43 PM
I must be honest, I watched the three situations against Norwich and Willian's situation was very clear – it was a big mistake, Conte said. Then Morata, there is a foul. The player understood the mistake and wanted to stand up quickly and admit it was a mistake. But, sometimes we c...
Guardian - 10:30 PM
For Pedro we must be honest to accept Pedro dived, Conte told reporters on Friday.
EPL Talk - 4:55 PM
I think in every game we have created many chances to score, said Conte.
Sky Sports - 4:34 PM
As you know very well, I don't like to speak about the referee. I like to accept the referee's decision, Conte said. But, if we want to use a new system, I can't accept a big mistake. If you're watching the game and don't see this situation I hope the VAR wasn't a referee because i...
Daily Telegraph - 11:38 AM
We have changed our game for his characteristics, said Conte at the time.
Sky Sports - 6:00 AM
About Pedro, if there is a dive it's right to take a yellow card, said Conte. It's the same for Morata. For sure, I'm not happy for the second yellow card for Morata. The first yellow card was for a doubtful situation – I didn't watch Morata's situation yet – but the second was for...
Guardian - 12:40 AM
I think that we need to improve if we want to use this new system, Conte said. Today in this game there is a very clear situation with Willian.
Sky Sports - 12:36 AM
We need to improve if we want to use this new system, Conte said. In this game there was a situation very clear, with Willian in first-half extra time.
Mirror - 12:04 AM
If you watch the replay you see very clearly it is a penalty, Conte said.
BBC - 12:03 AM