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Daily Telegraph - Sat Sep 30 12:29 AM
Telegraph.co.uk Is Jeremy Corbyn right? He said in Brighton this week that 2017 “may be the year when politics finally caught up with the crash of 2008”. Ever since the fall of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, this column has repeated the mantra that Everything Is and more »
Daily Telegraph - Fri Sep 29 12:04 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Jeremy Corbyn may have held centre stage at Labour's Brighton Love-In yesterday, embracing not just his adoring multitudes in the conference hall but the entire country. But, even as he spoke, repeatedly stressing - through his use of the word "WE and more »
Daily Telegraph - Thu Sep 28 12:14 AM
Telegraph.co.uk At one point in his lengthy speech to the Labour faithful in Brighton on Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn said politics today was “like being stuck in a time-warp”. He can say that again. His speech was straight out of the Eighties' Left-wing playbook. If and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Sep 27 4:41 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed a rave reception in Brighton for his conference address. The Labour leader couldn't help being struck by the "quite infectious" enthusiasm among his supporters. "Let's make sure the whole country is infected with the same thing", and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Sep 27 3:36 PM
Telegraph.co.uk What has happened to the Labour Party? This has been asked by many members at conference in Brighton this week. How does the question: “Holocaust: yes or no?” get asked at a fringe meeting chaired by a party delegate who hours earlier had spoken and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Sep 27 2:50 PM
Telegraph.co.uk Once upon a time, Labour held a big jamboree at which it unveiled its party leader to the nation as its "next Prime Minister". That 1992 rally in Sheffield is now a textbook example of hubris, as voters decided in response to surprise the pollsters and more »
Daily Telegraph - Wed Sep 27 12:59 AM
Telegraph.co.uk No one will be able to say, should the nightmare of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government ever become awful reality, that they weren't warned. This week, at the Labour Party Conference, a succession of senior figures took to the stage to offer a powerful and more »