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For me that's the only way we can go now, Howe told BBC Radio Solent.
BBC - 10:19 AM
There are always two teams in a match and you never have things your own way, Howe said. It is those difficult moments that define you, and we managed to get through them just about OK this year.
Daily Telegraph - 1:41 AM
The biggest challenge for us is to improve the infrastructure of the club, said Howe. We're looking at the training ground and stadium - two huge things for us to really affect long-term change. On the pitch, all I'm going to focus on is continual improvement. It's going to be a bi...
Sky Sports - 7:25 PM
It's going to be a big transfer window for us this summer, we're going to have to be very smart with what we do, said Howe.
talkSport - 12:47 PM
It's an incredible achievement, Howe told Sky Sports. It can never be underestimated.
Sky Sports - 3:39 AM
My aim was to improve on last year to grow the team again to hit new levels, new standards of performance, Howe told a news conference.
Daily Mail - 4:01 PM
The goals we conceded were big mistakes and we got punished for them, Howe told Sky Sports. I am disappointed with how we played.
Sky Sports - 3:52 AM
I expect a much better performance from the team today, Howe said. We're capable of it at home and we've given most teams a game here.
Daily Express - 7:19 PM
I think age is irrelevant. I don't think Gareth will look at the age at all. He'll look at the player, his experience and what he can bring, Howe said.
Sky Sports - 11:52 PM
Stanislas will be out for the season, said Cherries boss Eddie Howe. He picked up a serious knee injury against Watford and has been operated on.
Sky Sports - 6:03 PM
It was a really historic moment for the football club, Howe said. We have never had a full England international play for Bournemouth so I'm sure I speak for many Bournemouth fans in congratulating him.
Sky Sports - 10:11 PM
We appreciate every day being in the Premier League - never take it for granted or think we have a divine right to be here, said Howe. We have to earn that right every single day. They're a group of players who never know when they are beaten and, when you have those characteristics, you ...
Daily Telegraph - 9:08 AM
They are a great group of players who want to win and who never know when they are beaten, Howe said. And when you have those characteristics, you never quit.
Daily Mail - 10:39 PM
They have been playing really well lately and are on a really good unbeaten run, said Howe.
Sky Sports - 11:00 AM
I'm going to protect Asmir, he's an outstanding goalkeeper and he's had a really good season for us, said Howe.
Daily Mail - 6:54 PM
With a change of scene, I think naturally you are able to put that game to the back of your mind, Howe said. But hopefully not too far away because I want the pain of that defeat and how it felt afterwards to inspire the players for the game coming up.
Mirror - 9:10 AM
It's been a good month and I'd like to dedicate the award to everyone associated with the football club, Howe told afcb.co.uk . The highlight was without doubt the Chelsea game, but I don't think we should forget about the result against Arsenal.
Mirror - 10:43 AM
I apologise to them for the performance, Howe said. There's not much else I can say.
Sky Sports - 3:13 AM
I don't know anything about Chelsea and how they work to be honest. That's a very difficult one for me to answer, Howe said. I think everyone knows my focus is always on the next training session. What other people say, whether it is good or bad, I try not to give it much relevance.
Sky Sports - 6:55 PM
I think he's going to be in the mix, Howe said. He's catching the headlines and doing the business in such a tough and demanding league. Let's wait and see. I am reluctant to put any pressure on Gareth Southgate. I don't want to say anything he wouldn't want me to say. I'm just del...
Sky Sports - 12:00 PM
He is turning into an integral part of the team, Howe said. When we signed him, we felt there was a lot of work and development to do, but a very talented starting point.
Daily Telegraph - 12:32 PM
We can't buy the ready-made players that are established and doing well in the Premier League because they are out of our price bracket, said Howe.
Daily Express - 10:30 PM
He's turning into an integral part of the team, said boss Eddie Howe.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
Would we have come back earlier in the season? I am not so sure, said Howe. But the fact that we are in the middle of this run and producing the performances that we have done, I think it is in the back of the mind that we can do this.
Daily Telegraph - 10:48 PM
We really had to dig deep and we have done that a lot, so that is a good sign for us, said Howe. We struggled to get into the game at the start, we didn't find rhythm.
BBC - 5:09 PM
Every game is so different and in this division, every game is so difficult, said Howe.
Sky Sports - 7:16 PM
We just need to make sure there are no negative effects after the Chelsea game and just positives, said manager Eddie Howe. I think it was one of the best team performances.
Sky Sports - 10:40 AM
This is the best because of the performance, said Howe. When we won here in our first season in the Premier League it was an historic performance, but it was backs were against the wall. It's a huge moment for us this season. The best performance that we've had at this level and th...
Daily Telegraph - 6:38 AM
I don't know, that's not something I'm really dealing with, said Howe.
Sky Sports - 10:05 PM
That's something we will look at towards the end of the window. I wouldn't close it off and say no but I wouldn't say yes, either, Howe told the Echo . We will make a decision taking into account the state of our squad at that time.
Goal.com - 8:26 PM