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LFC Reds - Sun Feb 11 10:06 PM
9 points ahead of Arsenal, effectively 10 points with our goal difference. Would be a serious collapse now for us to not finish as a minimum inside the top five. Would be first two consecutive top five finishes/top four finishes for 9 years.
LFC Reds - Sun Feb 11 8:22 PM
Poor today unfortunately - can't let the game go past him so easily. Still over-hitting too many passes. Great goal against City, but has faded since. Hopefully will improve and can have an impact for the games that are left.
LFC Reds - Sat Feb 10 1:35 PM
F**k off Spurs and f**k you Arsenal for being sh*t.
LFC Reds - Wed Feb 7 12:01 AM
Looking for a strong attacking line up V Soton and now I want Arsenal to batter those cheating b ard Spurs. I've really got the hump with Pochettino now he was 5th last season if it's only 5th this time..I hope he gets the boot. Bugger off to R
LFC Reds - Mon Feb 5 2:58 PM
Quote from srslfc on Yesterday at 02:19:01 pm We definitely need a Wilshere style player in our midfield but I've never been totally convinced by Wilshere. Creative midfield player? Defintley. Jack Wikshere? Not for me.
LFC Reds - Mon Feb 5 9:27 AM
Should have been taken off 5mins after being brought on yesterday. Absolutely diabolical.