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Our players questioned themselves a little bit after a few draws but we have responded, said Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.
Yahoo! Eurosport - 7:54 PM
I have to speak to medical people, but you can only assess it really after 48 hours, said Wenger. You have to let it bleed and after, usually they have an MRI scan 48 hours later to see how big the damage is.
BBC - 7:17 PM
Even when he looks dead, he is still alive and always finds the resources to do something special when you win the ball back, Wenger said.
Daily Mail - 6:43 PM
Debuchy thinks it is a severe one, but don't go too far yet. I have to speak to the medical people, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 6:10 PM
My view is that we should have had a penalty on Sanchez. And that the penalty was a very soft one, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 6:07 PM
Yes overall [in the second-half] I think we got better during the game but Bournemouth played well, Wenger told Sky Sports.
Daily Express - 5:47 PM
When you see the heart he puts into his job and the quality of his commitment and you see how he is now in the dressing room we are all devastated, Wenger told Sky Sports.
Daily Express - 5:45 PM
Debuchy thinks it is a severe one, but don't go too far yet. I have to speak to the medical people, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 5:36 PM
He thinks it's a severe one, Wenger said. I have to speak to the medical people. Usually they have an MRI 48 hours later when the bleeding is over to see how big the damage is.
Soccernet - 5:28 PM
He's a bit young, maybe, to leave a job in a club to go straight away to the national team, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 1:53 PM
I'm very happy with Granit's commitment. I think he's developing well, Wenger said. He hasn't maybe started enough since the start of the season but he is adapting to a different league, a different way of playing. Overall I'm happy because every day he's focused on working hard an...
Mirror - 7:44 AM
If Jack comes back to his right level, he will play for us, Wenger told reporters. If he wants to go somewhere else, you have to respect that as well. The word loyalty is not even the right word. He's always said he's an Arsenal man. So that's the best way to show that.
Soccernet - 11:55 PM
In November, you see the first signs of players who need a little breather, especially in areas where you fight and run a lot, said Wenger. I try to combine both to give players fresh legs and also get around the fact that Santi's not there.
Mirror - 10:55 PM
He can show his loyalty, like Steven Gerrard did, said Wenger. We want to give Jack a new contract because we believe his will play for Arsenal again, not to protect our value.
Daily Mail - 10:31 PM
He needs to adapt to the way we play and the tactical pace of the English game, Wenger said. I am confident he will do very well.
Guardian - 10:29 PM
I'm very happy with Granit's commitment. I think he's developing well, Wenger said.
Mirror - 6:00 PM
That's exactly what he needed - to have regular football, maybe not every three days but every week at the start, said Wenger.
BBC - 5:38 PM
I leave him to deal with his manager, said Wenger. Every week I ask, 'How did he play?' I read the reports and when I can see highlights or watch him on television, I will watch him.
Daily Telegraph - 3:44 PM
I believe we have to find our game back, Wenger said. We didn't lose but if you do not create, that will not last.
Soccernet - 3:41 PM
That's normal when you're committed to a club. When you sign for a club, you're committed to a project and you have to do well in that season, Wenger said. You can't say you want your own team to lose the game.
Soccernet - 3:21 PM
I leave him to talk to his manager, Wenger said. When I can watch him, I do watch him.
Daily Express - 3:11 PM
I'm happy that he hasn't had any injuries, said Arsène Wenger.
Guardian - 2:59 PM
I ask every week how did he play but I haven't spoken to him, said Wenger. I am happy that he has had no injuries since he left us.
Mirror - 2:29 PM
Cazorla and Bellerin are still out, Wenger said. We have nobody coming back. Lucas was in training for the first time again today, he might be in contention for Wednesday (EFL Cup), but one training session is not enough to play on Sunday.
Mirror - 2:02 PM
Hector is out for four weeks, Wenger said. He got injured in the last ten seconds against Spurs after a very strong tackle by Danny Rose.
Daily Express - 11:44 AM